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Jersey Bar- The Series

Well, this is my first post and what better way to get inspiration then your real life.

One night I was really depressed and didn't want to go out, but because of my recent unemployment I thought I really needed to get out of my apartment. My close male friends Stewie and Vince lived on the Shore right by all the bars you may see on a popular tv show, but I wasn't in a wild mood and neither where my friends. Actually, the only reason Stewie wanted to go out was because he was having a lady friend meet us out.

This women 22 year old had curly blond short hair, thin and short, but she isn't the reason I am writing this blog post. See, we all went to this dive bar with karaoke, really local bar with a heck of a lot of guys, not a place a straight male was going to pick up girls. So, I just got a beer and chatted with my other friend Vince. Will only 5 mins in the bar, a sexy as hell women came to sit next to me. She has short sthright blond hair, blue eyes, thin build, 6 feet tall, and nice fake tits. Well, I thought I hit the powerball because she started hiting on me!

Well, we were talking about what I did for a living and then things got werid. She talked aliens, space, her farm she lived on, etc. I just let her talk and only just added shit to the convo to keep her talking. She liked me because she thoght I was ""smart:" Well after a lot of beers I took her to my friends place a few blocks aross the street because I wasn't going to go to her "farm" someplace in Jersey, lol. Well the issue was, he didn't have a spare room, so if anything was going to happen at my friends place, it would have to be in his living room apartment. Well, I first took her to the balcony to look at the "stars" and we started making out on the floor.. Her lips tasted like chapstick, and i loved holding her head.

Part II Soon.

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