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Opertunity i cant throw away

HI this is my first attempt at a story

Well im a 32 yr old divorcee, ive dressed up in panties and nylons for as long as i can remember. I've also been curious to my sexuality for years but done nothing about it, dont get me wrong i love nothing more than eating pussy, i do it for hours. Now its time to explore my bi curious side.

I;ve been on here a lot hoping someone would turn up, well finally its happening ive been asked if id be the first to fuck his ass. I didnt have to think twice and instanyly said yes. He said he would like to see me dressed up for him so i'll put on a little thong and some stockings and he is doing the same for me, i hope he wears his leggings as his ass looks so hot in them.

Remember im new to all of this but ive got a cracking imagination and this is what id like to do, nerves in these situations are a pain in the ass so im just going to have him arrive at my house, me dressed to please him answer the door take him in close the door and plant a big kiss right on his lips using my tongue to explore his mouth while i grab a handful of his tight ass. He drops to his knees pulls my hard cock out of my thong and wraps his warm lips around the head of my cock then starts sucking like theres no tomorrow, but fuck it feels so good. Me being me whating to suck on his cock to as im missing out so i pull down his leggings just enough to get my lips around his meaty shaft, us in 69 position sucking each other for a good while.

I take my cock out of his mouth as i feel like exploding working my pierced tongue along his shaft down to his balls and reach his little hole sliding my tongue deep getting him all excited and wet ready for my thick 8 inch cock, before i do i cover my dick and his ass in lube, i edge my cock in to his ass slowly holding the head just in so he relaxes, i gradually get so my balls are against his when i thrust deep in his ass. Picking up pace getting faster, pulling my dick all the way out so i can see his stretched asshole, without warning i slide all the way in pumping harder and harder till we both cum together.

What happens after that i just dont know so ill write another and tell you

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