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An Angel in the Dark -2

Angel had fallen on all fours when her knees got too weak after coming so often
Angel had her arms locked at her back by my plush handcuffs and seemed to soften
Angel felt that I had got hard and softly moaned in her expectation of my hot rod
Angel felt it pressing between her love lips while I grabbed her hips, totally hot

Angel had taken her hot inspiration from a short sexy clip here, my dirty dear
Angel had sent me the link to that tasty tale which made her so soppy in her slit
Angel looked a lot like the slender sexy foxy victim she liked to get, cute slut
Angel loved to fantasize that something so hot would happen to her, not only here

Angel had taken the train to my town to try to get her ultimate sexy experience
Angel had hot daring dirty dreams during the short ride to the Central Station
Angel wondered where her surrender to me might lead to - serve in long obedience?
Angel wondered whether she would really dare to ring my bell for some humilation?

Angel had a sweet smile on her face in the bus to my door, we started so innocently
Angel had told me how she sometimes goes out and offers a great guy a hot handjob
Angel even offered here that the man might want to capture that on cam indecently
Angel even offered me to film herself fingering under the shower she so longed for

Angel had more memories of me, her mind at top speed, like shortly before you die
Angel had liked my idea to write her hot sexy experiences and people would like it
Angel wondered whether she would want to acknowlegde dirtiest dreams her Dark side
Angel wanted to find out how far she dares to go in sexploring she would love it

Angel had been waiting for this moment to be taken by a man she never ever saw before
Angel had been wanton from the moment she entered my hut, longs me to enter her fore
Angel was all at my will, willing be taken by me and receive my rod wherever I please
Angel was on all fours waiting for my proper penetration to take her holes at my ease

Angel had such a sexy slit as her earlier coming had made both holes hot and wet
Angel had such a sexy big clit - I refused to enter her and first lick a bit at it
Angel was too weak to resist my sexy sucking around her hot hill licking her clit
Angel was lost in the deep Dark, her eyes closed she saw fireworks explode in red

Angel had no idea that serving as a sex-slave in hell would feel so heavenly hot
Angel had only hopes that this tasty tease to take her would last for long hours
Angel forgot where she was and how often she had come already, not enough she got
Angel forgot for what she got to me - she now only wanted the future to be ours

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