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Han Valen Production office stow aways

Another show, another rigging call. The glamorous life of a big rock show usually begins at 6 AM in the morning putting the rigging in place that holds those massive sound and lighting systems in the air.

This day was starting out like any other. I got to the Arena around 5:15 AM so I could let in the caterers and stagehands. I got the guard to open to door and he went back on his cart to his office. I grabbed my briefcase and headed to the production office. When I got there I opened the door and there was a young girl sitting the desk. She kind of startled me. I asked if I could help her, to which she replied she wanted to meet the band. I told her it would be 12 hours before the band got here and at least 2 hours before the actual band crew would start to wander in and she would have to go. She had a different plan. She stood up opened her blouse and said she could suck an olive through a straw. I had a pretty good idea of where this was going, so I closed the door, un zipped my pants and took her for a test drive. she was great, not only could she take my ample shaft down her throat, she could get her tongue wrapped around my balls and nearly get it up to my dark hole. She was not k**ding, she was good. Just as I was unloading deep into her mouth, there was a knock on the door and the band crew had arrived. I quickly got zipped up and opened the door, greeted my old friend and presented him with the catch of the day.

That young woman spent most of the day on the crew busses. She called a couple of her friends to join her and I am told it was one of the bests ports on the tour. they all got to watch from side stage and after the show got to party some more.

There is a lot of good people the work hard to put on great shows for the people. It is nice when some show their appreciation.

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