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Cl hookup

So I posted this ad on CL looking for a married woman. Got a hot and this woman says she needs it today. We exchanged pics and she was pretty good looking. She says her office on the other side of town is vacant and would like to meet up during her lunchtime. So I go...she is pretty good looking and petite - 4'9. We are both a little nervous, so I just go and strt making out with her. Im rubbing my hands all over her, she starts to rub my cock which is getting hard. I take all her clothes off her and continue kissing her lips, neck and shoulders. I reach down to find the wettest pussy I have ever touched. I rub it for a minute, then pic her up and put her on the nearest table. I start licking her sweet wet tiny pussy...she comes pretty quick all over my face...a bit of a gusher..I take my clothes off and kiss her so she can taste herself..haha. She starts rubbing my cock, I put the rubber on and start fucking her on the table...its not the right height, so I ask her to ride me, which she does...a tiny girl riding you is awesome! She has fantastic tits which I rub a bit. I tell her I want to fuck her from behind so she gets up and goes to her knees... she has a great tiny body...she tells me I need to hurry cause she needs to get back to I pump her as hard as I can until im ready...I like to cume in mish while having the option of kissing so we move to mish and I go til I come. She gets some paper towels to dry her wet self off, we get dressed and I give her a hug and was a great lunch

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