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Best Laid Plans.

“Yea, yea, okay,” Ian said into the telephone, “But you can tell Coach from me
that he’s a bastard!”

“Tell him yourself,” the voice at the other end of the telephone replied with
a laugh. “I'm not quite ready to commit suicide.”

They said their goodbyes and Ian dropped the receiver back into the cradle,
muttering, “Shit. SHIT!”

It had promised to be a good night. His parents were out with friends and
wouldn't be back until the early hours of the morning, and his s****r Jill
was spending time with her new boyfriend. With the prospect of having the
house all to himself, Ian had managed to get a hold of a porno DVD that was
doing the rounds at his school and he invited a couple of his buddies around
to watch it. He had even braved going into a liquor store with his fake ID and
had bought two six packs of beer. His plans were going so well until the phone
call from his friend to inform him that the basketball Coach had called the
whole team together for extra practice before the big game. It was just his
luck that his two buddies were in the team and they had phoned to cancel on him.

Ian Rankin was 15 years old with tall, athletic build. Standing five foot ten
nine inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, he was more into running that team
sports and represented the school in both the 400 and 800 metre races.

He picked up the DVD from the coffee table and threw himself down on the sofa
with a dejected look on his face. Turning the case over in his hands, he
looked at the screen shots on the back cover for about the twentieth time and
felt the bl**d flow into his young cock.

“What the hell,” he said to himself. “No reason that I should miss out
on the film.”

Jumping to his feet, he put the disc into the player and settled back down on the
sofa with the remote in his hand.

The opening credits had just finished when the door to the living room opened
and he got such a shock that his body jerked as if he’d been shot and the remote
fell out of his hand and onto the floor.

“Jill,” he exclaimed, trying frantically to get to the remote, and more
importantly, to the OFF button.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded, in a desperate attempt to
stall for time and to try and keep her attention from the TV screen.

“I live here., cretin,” she snapped at him, obviously in a foul mood.

As she threw herself down on the opposite end of the sofa, she hissed, “I
can't believe that bastard blew me off for some fucking basketball

She was so absorbed in her own anger that she didn't even notice her b*****r
pressing the OFF button on the DVD remote and he breathed a sigh of relief as
the reason for Jill’s anger became clear to him. Her latest boyfriend was Toby
Price who was also in the basketball team. The unexpected practice had ruined
Jill’s evening as much as it had ruined his and he almost groaned in

Jill was 13 months older than her b*****r and was in her final year at
school. Inheriting her mothers good looks, Jill was five foot seven inches
tall with a 34B-23-33 figure. Even her b*****r had to concede that she
was beautiful and he watched her toss her long blonde hair about as she
continued her rant.

“I mean, its only a fucking basketball game,” she said, “Who the fuck cares
if they win or lose!”

Ian shook his head ruefully, although he sensibly remained quiet. Jill had
no time for sport and considered the whole concept to be a waste of time.
She glanced across at her b*****r, expecting him to argue with her, and
raised an eyebrow when he didn't. Suspicious of his silence, she looked
closer and then noticed the remote control in his hands.

“So what have you been up to?” she mused, just as her eyes fell on the DVD
box on the coffee table.

Ian gulped when he saw the direction her eyes were looking and they both
lunged for the box. Because Jill was slightly closer, she beat him to it
by a fraction of a second, and sat back on the sofa with the box firmly
clutched in her hand.

“Anal Queen,” she said slowly, reading the title. As she turned it over
to look at the back she continued, “I don't think I know that one Ian.
Who’s in it? Meg Ryan? Cameron Diaz?”

“Give it back,” he replied, trying to snatch it out of her hands.

She laughed at him as she held it out of his reach and taunted him, “Seems
like my little b*****r is growing up and watching porno. Can you get a
hard-on yet?”

Ian blushed furiously at his s****r and he made a powerful lunge to grab
the box.. Jill had actually anticipated his action and she let him pull
it from her fingers while her other hand snaked out unnoticed and took
the remote out of his hand. Before he even realised what was happening,
Jill pressed the PLAY button and the machine whirled for a couple of seconds
before resuming the playback.

The film had just started and was showing a scene of a beautiful girl in her
mid-twenties, sitting at a bar. A handsome man of around the same age got up
from his table and began talking to her. Although it was a slow beginning, Ian
knew that it wouldn't stay that way for long and he made a grab for the remote
but Jill laughed and pushed it down between the arm of the sofa and her leg.
“So this is what you get up to when you’re alone,” she said with her gaze
fixed on the television. “Do you jack off when you’re watching it?”
“Shut up,” Ian snapped. “Just shut up and switch it off!”

On the screen, the girl has swung her legs off the barstool and was leading
the man by the hand out of the rear door and into the parking lot. As soon
as the door had closed, the girl dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants.

“Jesus, she’s a fast worker,” Jill said, as the girl pulled the man’s hard
cock free and sucked the tip into her mouth.

Jill looked over at her b*****r who’s face was scarlet with embarrassment. He
was mortified that his s****r was in the room beside him while a porno film
was playing and she didn't make it any easier for min when she asked, “Does
that turn you on little b*****r? Have you ever had someone give you head?”

There was no answer he cold give that would have resulted in more teasing and
even when she added, “I’ll bet one of your buddies has sucked you off! Which
one was it? Alan? Pete?” he just remained silent.

Jill looked back at the screen and watched the girl spit onto the mans prick
and spread her saliva over the shaft. Any part of it that wasn't wet, she
licked until it was and Jill nodded her head slowly.

“She’s good,” she said. “You can't take a dry cock into your throat. Its got
to be really slick.”

Ian’s eyes widened as he listened to what his s****r as saying. He had never
considered that she as sexually active but it would appear that she was. He
looked across at her as she watched the television and could see that her
nipples were hard beneath the tee shirt she was wearing. Her legs were drawn
up beneath her with both knees pointing away from him, but he could still see
a good portion of her bare and tanned thigh.

His hands were in his lap, trying to hide the growing bulge inside his pants
and both he and Jill watched the girl on the screen deep throat the man.
Whoever was holding the camera was down low and moved in close and the
outline of the cock was clearly visible as it slid into the girls throat.
“Shit, that's deep,” Jill said.

Ian found that his embarrassment had disappeared and was replaced by arousal.
Without taking his eyes from the screen, he replied, “Yea. I’ll bet that feels

Jill looked over at her b*****r for a long moment before she nodded her
head in agreement and said, "Yea“"

Although Ian didn't turn his head to look at his s****r, he was aware of
her look and although his lips didn’t move, he smiled inside when she
responded to him.

The girl’s throat was sliding faster and faster over the man’s prick and her
fist was wrapped around the base, jacking him at the same time. The camera
panned up to show the man’s face and from the way his eyes were closed and
his teeth were gritted, he was close to climax.

“He’s going to blow,” Ian said softly and Jill nodded her agreement and
said, “She’s going to get a mouthful.”

The girl obviously knew that too because she pulled her face back and jacked
him furiously as she looked up and into his face saying, “Give it to me
baby. Give me your cum.”

“Yes, give it to her,” Jill echoed and sat up straighter and moved her eyes
closer to the screen.

The girl had her mouth wide open and her lips only a few millimetres away
from the man’s piss hole when he began to shoot. The man on the screen
groaned loudly, and Ian could have sworn that he heard his s****r groan
at the same time.

Jet after jet of thick spunk sprayed into the girl’s mouth and she waited
until he had finished before letting the camera focus on the load of slime
in her mouth. Closing her lips, she swallowed hard and then laughed as she
opened her mouth again to reveal that it was empty.

Getting to her feet, she left the recovering man leaning against the wall
as she walked over to her car in the parking lot and drove off.

Both Ian and Jill were breathing heavily by the time the scene ended and
they sat quietly for a few moments. On the television, the shot had cut
to the same girl driving her convertible along the highway with her long
hair streaming behind her in the wind. Ian had just started to think that
the girls hair was very similar to his s****rs when the next shot was of
the car parked up at the side of a deserted road. The girl had the hood up
and there were clouds of steam rising out of the engine. Right on cue, a
jogger stopped to help and within seconds he was leading the stranded girl
to his house.

The film was obviously moving into the next scene and Ian looked over at
his s****r and said, "You want a beer?”

“First porno and now beer,” Jill replied. “You are full of surprises tonight
little b*****r.”

Then in a quieter and friendlier voice, she continued, “Yea. I’d like
a beer.”

He got up and went into the kitchen and returned with a six pack. He was
surprised to find that Jill had stopped the film in his absence to make
sure that he didn't miss anything and she now pressed the PLAY button
again. As the girl in the movie phoned the emergency service for a tow
truck, Ian peeled off a beer bottle and handed it to his s****r. As she
took it, she saw the large bulge in the front of Ian’s pants but she didn't
comment on it and he resumed his seat and put the remaining beer on the
seat between them after helping himself to a bottle.

While she was telling the operator the location of her car, the man was standing
behind her nuzzling her neck. When she didn't object, his hands encircled her
waist and them moved up to cup her tits. With a loud moan, the girl finished
the call and turned around to melt into his arms.

Porno never has much of a story line and in the next shot, they were both
sprawled over a huge double bed. The girls blouse was undone and one of her
tits was pulled out of her bra and her skirt was pushed up to her waist. The
camera zoomed in to the tiny triangle of her thong panties that covered her
slit, just as the man pushed his hand into the waistband and fingered her
hole. Still in close up, the television screen was filled with the image
of the girl’s shaven sex and Jill said breathlessly, “Nice pussy.”

Ian’s mouth was dry and he didn't trust himself to reply. His heart
lurched however when Jill turned towards him and asked, “Do you call
it a pussy, or do you prefer cunt?”

He had to swallow hard before he stammered, “C...C...Cunt. I prefer

“Okay,” Jill said brightly and then nodded towards the television
and continued, “Don't you think she has a nice cunt?”

“God yes,” he agreed as Jill dropped her empty beer bottle on the floor
and reached out for another.

On screen, the man broke away from the girl and pulled his tee shirt over
his head before reaching out for the waistband of her panties and pulling
them down. As soon as her ankles were clear, she opened her legs wide and
he started tonguing her cunt

The girl moaned and this time Ian was positive that Jill was moaning too.
Looking over, his s****r had the leg nearest him bent at the knee and her
knee was now pointing straight up to the ceiling. Her skirt and risen up
her thigh and Ian was sure that her hand was between her leg. Ian’s heart
was beating wildly and his young cock was as hard as an iron bar. He had
fantasised many times about his s****rs body as he lay on his bed, jacking
off, and now she was sitting less than four feet away from him and she was
rubbing at her aroused cunt

Even before the man’s mouth had touched the girl’s slit, the lights showed
that she was wet and Jill said quietly, “God, she’s juicy.”

“She knows she’s about to get fucked,” Ian replied. He was stating the
obvious but he could tell that Jill was getting off on commenting on
the action, and he was enjoying it too.

“Yea,” Jill agreed. “I wish he’d hurry up and get his clothes off. I
want to see his cock.”

They were both staring at the screen and watching the man sucking and
licking the girl’s cunt. She was moaning loudly at his touch and she cried
out when he pushed two fingers deep into her fuck tube and began fingering
her hard and fast. As the girl’s butt arched off the bed, Jill
whispered, “He’s going to make her cum. You can see she’s close.”

The camera panned up to show the porno model’s flushed face just as her
eyes fluttered closed and her mouth opened. She started panting and
screeching as the camera moved down her body to focus on her cunt. The
man’s fingers were flashing in and out of her hole and there was a sudden
increase in the sloshing and squelching noises coming from her body.
“She’s creaming,” Jill said hoarsely, and as if to confirm what she had
said, the girl gasped, “I'm cumming. Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming.”

Ian glanced back over at his s****r and watched her hand move slowly between
her legs. From where he was sitting, he couldn't see Jill’s fingers or even
her panties, and he didn't want to move forward and look in case it would
spoil the mood.

On screen, the man pulled his fingers out of the girl’s cunt and let her slump
back down on the bed, breathing heavily. His two fingers were thickly coated
with her girl slime and he sniffed them before pushing them into his mouth.

“God, I’ll bet she tastes good,” Jill moaned. “I wish I could taste her.”

Ian just didn't know how to reply to that. The thought of his s****r sucking
on another girl’s cunt almost made him cum in his pants, and for about the
thousandth time in his young life, he yearned to know what cunt juice tasted
like. Although he didn't know what his s****rs cunt tasted like, he knew its
smell. Many times he had raked through the dirty laundry basket and masturbated
with a pair of Jill’s soiled panties over his nose.

Ian was almost a virgin. The truth was that he wasn't sure if he had fucked
a girl or not!. It was at a party last year, just before Christmas, that he
had met a girl called Stacy. She had been drinking before she arrived at the
party and was pretty d***k by the time Ian met her. After a quick fumble on
the sofa, she had let him take her upstairs and get his hand into her panties.
Nearly at the stage of passing out from too much alcohol, she was leaning
with her back against a wall to stop herself falling down, while Ian pulled
his cock out and pushed it between her legs. He came very quickly, and after
he had finished, he let her collapse onto the floor with her panties around
her thighs. Afterwards, he wasn't sure if his cock had actually been in her
cunt or just between her legs. Although he boasted to all his friends that
he had fucked Stacey, he secretly believed that he hadn't.

The porn actress relaxed on the bed with a smile on her face as the man got
up and pulled off his pants. His hard cock was a good eight inches long and
the camera zoomed in to capture every detail on the shaft.

“God, that's nice,” Jill said. “Long, and thick enough to stretch her pretty
pink little cunt.”

The girl snuggled down on the bed and made herself comfortable as she
lifted her feet into the air and opened her legs.

“She really wants it, doesn't she?” Ian said.

“Uh huh,” his s****r agreed. “She’s desperate for it. She wants that cock
up her cunt.”

When Ian glanced over at his s****r, he could see that Jill’s hand was moving
faster between her legs and her skirt had ridden up a little bit more so
that he could now see the side of her panties. They were a pale lemon
colour and he groaned silently and pushed his hand into the waistband of
his pants and gently jacked on his hard prick.

Jill was concentrating on the television screen and she held her bottom lip
between her teeth as she watched the man get back onto the bed and between
the girl’s legs. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the girl’s
glistening slit and Jill muttered, “Push it in. Fuck her.”

As if he had heard the teenager, the man thrust his hips forward and slid
his shaft up the porn actresses fuck tube.

The girl groaned loudly and so did Jill. As the man began fucking the girl,
Ian said, “She’s taken it all. His cocks right inside her cunt.”

Jill looked over at her b*****r and nodded her agreement. She lowered her
eyes to watch the front of her b*****rs pants rise and fall as the boy
jerked on his prick and then looked into his face and smiled.

She dropped the empty beer bottle from the hand that wasn't between her legs
and took another one. She had to use both hands to unscrew the top and Ian
stared at the fingers that had been between her legs. He was sure that he
could smell her cunt on them and he would have loved to pull them to his
nose and inhale her scent but he was afraid to do it.

Jill could see where he was looking and just to confirm it, she moved her
hand from side to side and his eyes never left her fingers. To tease him
further, she brought her fingers to her nose and breathed in deeply.
The crotch of her panties was soaking with her juices and her fingers smelt
strongly of her cunt as she breathed in the fragrance. Looking straight
into his face she grinned and took a swallow of beer before dropping her
hand back between her legs.
Now there was no pretence from either of them. They both knew that the other
was masturbating and that aroused them even further.
On screen, the man and the woman were fucking their brains out. He pounded
her with long and fast strokes and she was moaning continually and tossing
her head from side to side.

Ian’s wrist was quite cramped as it was trapped between his stomach and the
waistband of his pants. To give him more room, he popped the button on the
waistband and pulled down the zip. Jill was trying to watch the television
and her b*****r at the same time, but when his zip came down, that got her
full attention. His hand and his cock were still hidden from her view,
inside his underwear, but she could see from the outline beneath the material
that her little b*****r had parts that weren’t so little. He knew she was
watching and he moved his hand smoothly up and down his shaft, pushing small
drops of pre-cum out of his piss hole that added to the size of the wet stain
in his underwear.

After a few seconds, he looked across at her and then dropped his eyes to her
hand before returning them to her face. She knew exactly what he wanted and she
squirmed around in the seat until she was facing him and opened her legs. The
crotch of her panties was so wet that the material was plastered to her skin
and he could see every curve of her cunt beneath and the wisps of her soft
blond pubic hair that were visible at the leg holes. As he watched, she began
rubbing herself again, pushing the material into her hole.

They watched each other jerk off and then glanced at the film just in time
to see the girl roll over onto her stomach and then raise herself up onto her
hands and knees. The man fingered her cunt, covering his finger with her slime
before he pulled it out and slid it into her asshole.

“Oooohhh yes,” the girl moaned. “In the ass baby. Fuck me in the ass.”

Jill found that she was holding her breath as she watched the man remove his
finger and press the head of his cock against the girl’s shit hole.

“God, that's dirty,” Jill said, with her voice full of lust.

“Yea,” Ian agreed, “But it’s so good.”

Nodding her head, Jill looked at him as she pushed her hand into the waistband
of her panties. As the man in the film pushed his cock into the girl’s asshole,
Jill curled two of her fingers and slid them into her dripping cunt. As she
fingered herself, her curled hand opened up the leg holes of her panties and
Ian was able to see more of her pubic hair and even the occasional glimpse
of the outer lips of her slit.

In response to her display, Ian pulled down the front of his underwear and
pulled out his cock. Jill’s eyes went wide when she saw the size of her
b*****r’s prick. It was every bit as big as the one currently pounding up the
porno actress’s asshole and Jill gasped, “Jesus! Did you ever grow up.”
He grinned at her as he gently fisted his shaft and the pre-cum was running
down the surface and had covered his hand. Jill couldn't take her eyes from
her b*****r’s cock and she drained her bottle of beer in a single swallow and
placed it on its side between her legs. With the fingers of one hand still
jammed up her cunt, she pulled the soaking crotch of her panties to the side
with her other hand and lewdly displayed her fuck hole. Ian could see the
pink interior of her cunt as her fingers slid in and out and he stopped
breathing when Jill lifted the empty beer bottle. He couldn't believe what
he was seeing as she rubbed the neck of the bottle up and down her slit
before removing her fingers and pushing the bottle up her cunt.

Gripping the base firmly, she moved it up and down her fuck tube and moaned
with pleasure, as she was stretched open. She was just beginning to get that
familiar rush between her legs when she opened her eyes to look at her
b*****r. Ian was jacking himself furiously as he watched his s****r
masturbate and he was so aroused that his spunk was already starting to
boil inside his tight balls.

“Jesus, are you going to cum?” Jill asked quickly.

Ian could only nod his head, and Jill immediately pulled the bottle out of her
cunt and she moved rapidly across the sofa and then knelt at his feet. Ian
thought that she just wanted to be close to see him spurt his load, but she
pulled his hand away and lowered her open mouth over his cock. The young boy
was amazed that Jill would suck his prick and it took him over the top. She
had just managed to get the head to the back of her throat when Ian
gasped, “I'm cumming Jill. Fuck I'm cumming.”

When the first powerful spurt hit the back of her throat, she gripped the
base of his shaft in her hot hand and jerked him off until she had milked him
dry. When the last drop had been sucked out of his balls, Jill sat back on her
heels and opened her mouth, just like the girl in the film had done. Her mouth
was full of her b*****rs thick slim and she grinned as she closed her mouth and
swallowed. Opening her lips again, she laughed at Ian’s expression while
showing him that her mouth was empty.

“Jesus!” Ian whispered in awe. His s****r had just sucked him off and
swallowed his spunk. “Jesus!” he said again.

“I can be just as dirty as that slut in the film,” she said proudly. “Do you
like me being dirty?”

“God yea,” Ian replied hoarsely. “I love it. I never knew that you could be
like that.”

“There’s a lot you don't know about me.” Jill said enigmatically. “But you’ll

She got to her feet and rubbed herself between her legs. Her panties weren’t
sitting right and one of her red and swollen cunt lips was hanging out the
side of her underwear. Ian found the sight incredibly erotic and although he
had just orgasmed, he was still hard and horny.

The situation was completely out of his control but he thought he had a chance
to fulfil one of his fantasies and he looked at his s****r and said, “I want
to taste your cunt. Please let me suck you!”

Jill laughed and at the same time shivered with lust and she nodded her head
but said, “In a minute. I’ve d***k too much beer and I really need to pee.”
She skipped off towards the door and Ian whirled around in his seat and
shouted after her, “Can I watch. I want to see you pee.”

Jill stopped in her tracks and she looked at him.

“I can be dirty too,” he said. “I want to watch you pee and taste your piss.”

Jill swallowed hard and she nodded her head. “Okay,” she said softly. “Come
and watch.”

She led him upstairs to the bathroom and skimmed down her soaked panties and l
eft them on the floor. Turning to face him, so he wouldn't miss anything, she
then pulled her tee shirt over her head and reached behind her back to unclip
her bra. For the first time, Ian’s eyes feasted on his s****rs perfect tits,
and he licked his lips at the sight. Her nipples were tight and hard and her
firm breasts gave a delightful jiggle as she reached around to unzip her
skirt. As it slid down to her ankles, she stepped out of it and slowly
twirled round under her b*****r’s lustful gaze.

When she made to sit down on the toilet, Ian cried, “Not like that. I won’t be
able to see anything.”

Looking around the room, she smiled and stepped into the bath. Standing with
her legs open, she watched Ian kneel down at the side of the bath before she
asked, “Ready?”

He looked straight into her cunt and inhaled her fragrance before nodding
his head.

As desperate as she was to pee she had never done it before with someone
watching and she had to close her eyes in concentration. When that didn't
work, she pushed down and a thin trickle of her piss ran out of her hole.
As it dripped down between her feet, Ian caught a drip on his finger and
sucked it into his mouth. Jill laughed and pushed down again. This time
it was more like a squirt of piss that came out and Ian moved his face
forward and glued his lips over her slit.

Her taste exploded in his mouth and it was every bit as exquisite as he
hoped it would be. The tangy salty taste of her piss excited him, but
underneath was the sweet flavour of her girl juice that drove him wild.
Jill could feel her b*****rs tongue push into her cunt and she pushed
down again. Another squirt of her piss shot out of her urethra and into
her cunt tube, but not a single drop got past Ian’s mouth. He greedily
drank down her urine and continued licking. More relaxed now, Jill’s muscle
at the entrance to her bladder loosened its grip and she began to pee
normally. Ian couldn't swallow as quickly as she was peeing so he let the
yellow piss splatter against his chin as he fastened his mouth over Jill’s
throbbing clit and lashed it with his tongue. The teenage girl suddenly
stiffened as her clit fired jolt after jolt of pleasure into her brain
and she climaxed wildly. She was shaking so much that her piss splattered
all over the bath and she had to lean forward and grip Ian’s shoulders for
support. Crying out her cum, the deluge of piss that was running down the
inside of her legs stopped to be replaced with thin strands of girl cum
that dripped out of her spasming cunt and ran down her leg.

When she managed to recover, Ian was sitting back on his heels. He had removed
his tee shirt that was soaked with piss and he had used the only dry section
that had been on his back to wipe his face and mouth.

When he realised that Jill was looking at him, he smiled and said, “I can be
a dirty bastard too.”

His s****r smiled as she stepped out of the bath and pulled a towel off the
rail to dry her legs and feet.

“How dirty can you be?” she asked.

“How dirty do you want me to be,” Ian replied as he got to his feet with his
hard cock sticking straight out from his body.

“Very dirty,” Jill replied, looking hungrily at his prick. “I want you to fuck

He licked his lips and suddenly found that his throat was very dry. It was
out in the open at last. After everything else they had done, he supposed
that it was the next natural step, but somehow he had always thought that
Jill would have stopped short of actually letting him fuck her, but now
she was asking for it.

“Yea,” he managed to say. “I’d love to fuck you.”

She took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom. It was the one room
in the house that he had never entered before. Until today, Jill and Ian had
a pact that neither of them would enter the others bedroom for any reason. As
he looked around, it was a typical girl’s room with posters on the wall and
light pink frilly type sheets on the bed.

Imitating the girl in the film, Jill got onto her bed, raised her feet in the
air and opened her legs wide. Her cunt was gaping open and her entire crotch
was plastered with her slime. Crawling between her legs, Ian gazed down at
the horny sight of his s****rs open fuck hole and shuffled forward.
Jill was soaking wet but also very tight and as he pushed his cock into her
cunt, it was like being held in a velvet vice.

Jill could feel her cunt walls stretch open and it was the most wonderful
feeling in the world. Dildos and fingers were good, but nothing compared to
a thick throbbing prick being pushed up her fuck hole. Within a few seconds,
Ian was fully embedded in his s****r’s hole and he remained motionless for a
few seconds as they both savoured the sensation.

Slowly he pulled back until just the tip remained inside her and then just as
slowly, sank back in. Again and again he repeated the action and every time
he did so, he got a little faster. Jill was moaning and her eyes were glazed
and dreamy as she was fucked. The familiar rush was building up nicely
between her legs and she tried as hard as she could to prolong her cum. As
phenomenal as an orgasm was, the build up to it was equally exquisite and
she never wanted it to end.

Ian was glad that Jill had sucked him off downstairs or he would never have
been able to last. He concentrated now of giving Jill as much pleasure as he
could and tilted his hips so that his shaft slid over her burning clit as
he fucked her.

Ian continued pistoning in and out of his s****rs cunt until Jill simply
couldn't stand it any longer and she finally gave up trying to hold off her
orgasm. The intensity of the tingling deep in her cunt and radiating out from
her clit continued to build and she relaxed back on the bed with her back
arched. She knew that she was about to cum and she moved her feet further
apart to allow Ian an extra few millimetres of penetration and waited for
the inevitable. When it happened, she didn't even bother trying to stifle
her cries of pleasure. One of the good things about there being no one in
the house was that she was free to scream and buck her hips hard against
her b*****rs thrusting cock.

“Fuck me you bastard,” she cried as she tossed her head from side to
side. “Fuck my cunt and fill me with spunk.”

Throwing her head back with the intensity of the pleasure radiating from her
crotch, Jill’s cries became a high keening sound as wave after wave of ecstasy
flashed through her flesh. The tendons in her neck stretched tight as steel
cables as her body froze in place while waves of incredibly intense pleasure
washed over her; and Ian’s cock continued pounding her cunt and mashing his
pubic bone against her engorged clit.

Her cunt was spasming and clenching around the thick cock that was filling it
so full. She was at the height of her climax when she became dimly aware that
Ian had stopped moving. No sooner had the realisation penetrated her brain,
that her b*****r moaned loudly and an incredible heat and wetness began
filling her hole. The young boy’s teeth were gritted and his eyes were
screwed shut as he began pumping his thick spunk deep in her cunt. Spasms
of intense pleasure continued to course through her body in time with the
waves of hot slime erupting from the end of Ian' cock and she cried, “Yes!
Yes!” every time she felt a jet of spunk pump into her fuck tube.

It seemed as though Ian was going to cum forever but the spurts of slime
finally slowed and then stopped. Jill took a few deep breaths to steady her
breathing and Ian held his cock inside his s****rs body until it began to
soften and he pulled it free with a plop.

As he lay back on the bed with his cock covered in a mixture of his cum and
Jill's juices, his s****r watched him through half closed eyes and then got
onto her hands and knees. Crawling over to him, she carefully and gently
sucked his cock into her mouth and washed it clean with her tongue.

“Awesome,” Ian whispered as he watched his s****r. “Fucking awesome!”

When they eventually went back downstairs to the living room, Ian took the
porn DVD out of the machine and cleared away the beer, while Jill opened all
the windows to air the room and get rid of the smell of sex. The silences
between then were embarrassingly long, but when they did catch each other’s
eye, they both smiled. After giving the room a spray of air freshener and
cleaning out the bathroom, they retired for the night, each to their own

Ian was still wide awake when he heard his fathers car pull into the drive. He
glanced at his glowing clock on the bedside table to see that it was nearly
half past one in the morning. His cock was rock hard and throbbing and he
just couldn't get the image of fucking his s****r out of his mind. Jill’s
soiled and still wet panties were over his nose as he slowly stroked his
cock, and the only difference now was that she knew that he had her dirty
underwear. He had already cum once into a wad of toilet paper that was screwed
into a ball at the side of his bed but he was still hard.

He could hear his parents moving about downstairs and by the time they came
upstairs to bed, Ian had drifted off to sl**p with his hand still around his
erect prick as he dreamed of his s****r’s body.

He had no idea what time it was when he woke up after feeling the bedsprings
move. As Jill snuggled her naked body beside him, she whispered, “I thought
they’d never go to bed.”

As she spoke her hand reached down to grip his hard cock and she threw one
of her legs over his thigh and rubbed her cunt over his skin. He could feel
the heat from her sex and the trails of slime that she was leaving as she
moved, and he grinned as he said, “I was dreaming about you. Am I still

“Sussshh,” Jill warned in a whisper. “I'm not sure if they’re asl**p yet.”

He could feel one of her tits press into his side and he gently cupped her
other breast and then sc****d his finger over her nipple. It was as hard as
a cherry stone as she gasped even although it was only a light touch. Without
another word, she squirmed over his body until she was lying on top of him
and she spread her legs with her knees in either side of his legs. He could
feel the warm wetness of her cunt against his shaft and she raised her hips
and looked down at him. The bedroom was in darkness but the moon was bright
enough to shine through the window and let her see her b*****rs face.
With a very quiet moan, she lowered her hips and her gaping fuck hole seemed
to suck him into her tube. She was amazingly wet inside, and he could feel
the overflow of her juices begin to saturate his pubic hair as it trickled
out of her now stuffed cunt. She threw back the covers and the scent of
her arousal filled his nose and increased his own desire.

“I’ve been playing with myself for ages,” she whispered into his ear. “I'm
soaking wet.”

“I know,” Ian replied with a quiet chuckle. “I can smell your cunt already.”

His hand was still kneading her tit as she started sliding her cunt up and
down his shaft and she brought her mouth close to his ear again.
“I’ve spread lots of cunt cream all over my asshole and loosened it up with
my fingers. I want you to fuck me in the ass like that girl in the film,”

she whispered in an almost pleading voice. Moving her head up so that she
could see her b*****r’s face, she continued, “ Fuck my asshole Ian. I want
your cum in my ass.”

Ian’s heart jumped into his throat when he heard what Jill wanted, and at
the same time his cock twitched inside her cunt. She laughed when she felt
it and bounced her cunt a little faster. Every time she raised her cunt there
was a loud slurping noise and when she sank down onto his cock again, there
was a an even louder rasping noise. They were both giggling as they fucked
and both shushing the other to be quiet.

Eventually Jill collapsed on top of Ian in a fit of the giggles from the
obscene noises coming from her cunt and she had to clamp her hand over her
mouth to muffle the noise. When she had recovered, she eased her fuck tube
off Ian’s shaft and got onto her hands and knees. She looked over shoulder
and chewed on her bottom lip as her b*****r got behind her and gripped his
cock in his fist.

This had all seemed so easy when she was lying on her bed, pushing two fingers
into her asshole and spreading her cunt slime around her shit tube. As she
stared at the size of Ian’s cock as it approached her virgin asshole however,
it didn't seem quite so simple.

Before she could carry that thought any further, the tip of her b*****rs prick
nudged against her back hole for a second, and then the pressure increased. Her
shit hole was covered with her fuck sauce and Ian’s shaft was also coated with
the slime, but it took a considerable effort to penetrate her asshole. As the
pressure and pain increased, Jill dropped her head down and pressed her face
into the bedcovers to stifle her cries. Her hands were balled into fists that
gripped the covers so tight that her knuckles were white.

As Ian continued to push, Jill’s asshole was pushed into her body, and just as
she was about to stop him hurting her any more, her asshole was f***ed open
and Ian’s cock popped inside her bowels.

Having got the first couple of inches into her back hole, Ian stopped and
waited until his s****r had recovered. The stinging pain felt like a red-hot
poker was up her ass, and she groaned into the covers and the upper part of
her body squirmed and writhed.

Gradually however the pain began to ease as her ass expanded to take
Ian’s shaft, and she was able to lift herself back onto her hands and knees.
She looked over her shoulder and although she was still breathing fast, she
nodded her head and whispered, “I'm okay. Keep going.”
Gripping her hips, Ian began pushing again, but now found it much easier and
he buried his prick until his pubic hair was pressed into the crack of his
s****r’s ass.

It didn't take long before Ian was rhythmically sliding his cock in and out
of the tight ring of Jill’s shit hole, accompanied by her groans of excited
pleasure at having her virgin ass fucked for the first time. The pain had
diminished to a dull ache but the feeling of having her bowels so full was
delicious and she rocked her hips backwards to match Ian’s thrusts as she
pushed her hand between her legs and into her saturated cunt.

Ian wanted to pound his s****r’s asshole hard and fast but he was afraid
that it would make too much noise. He had to content himself with fucking
her with short strokes so that his stomach wouldn't slap against her ass.
As he slid in and out, he pulled Jill’s butt cheeks apart and he could
dimly make out her anal ring stretched tightly around his cock.

Jill was rubbing her burning clit furiously as her fuck juice dripped out
onto the bedcovers. Her palm was covered with her slime and the powerful
smell of her cunt seemed to be getting stronger. It invaded her nostrils
and propelled her arousal to a higher and higher state. Coupled with her
fingers rubbing over her clit, it was bringing her very close and her
breathing became laboured and shallow.

“I'm going to cum,” she hissed in a whisper, but Ian was so absorbed in
fucking her up the ass, that he never even heard. Only when she began
shuddering and convulsing did he realise that Jill was creaming and he
grinned as he continued pounding on her back hole.

She was incredibly tight, despite all of the lubricating slime, and now
that she was deep in orgasm, Ian felt free to spurt his load. Increasing the
speed of his thrusts, he could feel the additional friction having its effect
and his slime was boiling inside his balls. Gritting his teeth, he savoured
that amazing feeling that radiated out from his prick in those few seconds
before he came. Another few thrusts and his spunk was jetting up his cock
and spraying out of his piss hole.

Still orgasming, Jill groaned as she felt the hot slime splatter into her
bowels for the first time in her young life and she held her ass motionless
until Ian had emptied his load into her body.

When they had both recovered, Jill went down on him and tasted her own
asshole when she licked him clean and kissed him deeply before she went
quietly back to her own room.

The next morning, Ian woke early and replayed all the previous days events in
his mind. As soon as he remembered his s****rs lean and tight body, his cock
became hard, but he was unsure how Jill would react in the cold light of day.
He hoped that it wouldn't just be a one off fuck, and his heart sank when he
began to think that it probably was. The more he thought about it, the more
convinced he became, but his daydreaming was cut short when his bedroom
door opened a crack and Jill poked her head in.

“Mom and Dad are going to the Mall today for supplies and then going to
visit Grandma,” she whispered. “Tell them that you want to stay here.”

“Why,” he said, sitting up in the bed.

The covers fell away and Jill licked her lips at the sight of her b*****rs
solid cock as she answered, “So we can fuck out brains out. There’s still
lots I want to try.”

She made to pull her head back from the door and then looked carefully at
her b*****r and asked quietly, “You do still want to fuck me, don't you?”
“Shit, yea,” he replied immediately, nodding his head enthusiastically.
“Good,” Jill said in a relieved voice, “Because I’ve brought you something to
keep you hot until we can get rid of Mom and Dad.
She threw something at him and before he caught it, she has closed the door
and he could hear her footsteps go downstairs. He plucked the ball of material
out of the air and unfolded it to reveal a pair of Jill’s panties. The horny
teenager had obviously cum in them because the crotch was soaking wet and
slimy. Sucking the sloppy mess into his mouth, he settled back on the bed
and started to jerk himself off.

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