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A Day of Surprises.

Dave Marsden was returning from a successful business trip in Asia and had managed to get an early flight to land at JFK Airport a day early. He had been away for almost two weeks and was anxious to see his wife and daughter.
It was about seven in the evening when he parked his Lexus in the drive and he was mildly surprised that his wife's car was missing. Letting himself into the house, he could hear the television was on in the lounge, and he went quietly to the door.

The first thing that he noticed was that the television was showing a porno tape, and a few seconds later he saw the young girl lying on the sofa.

Debbie Seagraves was a neighbour from two houses down the street, that he and his wife Karen used regularly to baby-sit their 9-year-old daughter Becky. Debbie was 14 years old and stood 5 foot 5 inches tall. She had a 34A-22-32 figure and normally wore a tee shirt and skirt. He had always admired her long legs and her small, firm butt and he'd even caught the occasional glimpse of her panties that caused his cock to twitch. She had straight brown hair that hung over her shoulders and striking green eyes. Although she would not be considered a classic beauty, she was however very pretty with a long oval face and high cheekbones and her young firm body was a horny teenagers dream.

Dave's mouth hung open in amazement as he saw her sprawled full length on the sofa with her eyes glued to the television. She had already pulled off her tee shirt and thrown it on the floor and as Dave watched, she pulled up her sports bra until it was around her neck. She pinched her nipples on her small tits and the teats quickly stiffened and hardened. She sucked her breath in through her teeth as she squeezed hard and her thighs ground together.

Dave knew that he should go back in the hall and make some noise to announce his presence, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the girl's young body. His eyes flicked to the TV screen where one woman had her head buried between another female's legs, and when he looked back to the sofa, Debbie had scooped up a vibrator form the floor and switched it on with a practised flick of her thumb. His heart was hammering in his chest and his prick tented the front of his trousers as Debbie parted her legs and ran the tip of the dildo over her panty covered sex.

She stopped stimulating herself for a few seconds to pull her skirt over her butt and down her thighs. She pulled one long leg through the waistband and spread her legs again. She had never taken her eyes off the television and as she again rubbed the buzzing sex toy over the outside on her panties, Dave was sure he could see a small but growing wet stain form in the crotch. She groaned as the vibrator touched her throbbing clit and she held it tight on her hard bud for a few seconds before she drew it away and almost ripped the wet panties from her body. Both her skirt and her panties were now hanging from one of her ankles and she splayed her long legs apart again.

The sound of the moans from the television drowned out the zip of Dave's trousers as he pulled it down and drew out his hard cock. It was bigger than average, measuring nine and a half inches from root to tip and was over two an a half in diameter. It was one of the things that his wife found most attractive about him. She had always been highly sexed even when they started going together in high school, and her hungry cunt craved a large cock.

He gazed for the first time at Debbie's naked sex. The pink slit was slightly open and her outer lips were glistening with her juices. She was shaven between her legs with just a small triangle of pubic hair at the top of her slit.

Debbie slid the rubber fuck toy into her wet cunt and began masturbating. She moaned, savouring in the feeling of the pulsating shaft hammering in and out of her dripping hole. She stroked her clit with one hand as she continued ramming the dildo into her slimy cunt, and even standing in the open doorway, Dave could smell the musky scent of her young sex. She coated her fingers with her slime, touched it to her lips for a moment, and then smeared it onto her straining nipples.

"Oh god, yeah," she moaned as she stared at the television screen. "Fuck, I need to cum."

The vibrations from the dildo travelled down to stimulate her clit, and she felt an orgasm approaching. Her breathing got quicker and she cried out, fucking herself faster with the dildo. That hot, tingling pain right before an orgasm spread throughout her crotch, and she pushed the dildo into her hole as far as it would go. Her cunt muscles clamped down on the toy as she cried out in climax.
It was never Dave's intention to let the young girl know that he had been watching her and he had planned to go quietly back in the hall.

For some reason however, his eyes were drawn to the TV screen and he blurted out, "Fucking hell!"

Debbie's eyes had been closed in ecstasy as her cum raced through her and they suddenly flew open at the unexpected sound.

"Oh hi, Mr Marsden," she said with some embarrassment. "We didn't expect you back until tomorrow."

The reason for his outburst was that he has suddenly realised that the girl in the porno film was Debbie, and as he turned towards her, he couldn't think of anything to say. He noticed that although she looked a bit embarrassed, she made no move to cover her body from his gaze, nor did she remove the dildo that was still embedded in her cunt.

"That's you," he eventually said, pointing at the screen.

She smiled slightly and nodded her agreement before saying, "That's a nice cock. Your wife certainly didn't exaggerate."

It took a few seconds for her words to penetrate his brain and he replied, "My wife told you about my cock? Why the hell would she do that?"

By way of an answer, Debbie pointed to the TV screen, and, as Dave looked at it, the camera pulled back to reveal the woman that Debbie had been licking out. He gasped at his wife's naked body on the screen and was conscious of Debbie getting to her knees on the sofa and reaching out for his shaft. She grasped the hard prick and pulled him forward a few steps and into her hot mouth.

He was in a complete daze. His wife appeared to be completely relaxed with the camera and was lying back with her legs open displaying her sopping cunt and as he glanced back at Debbie, it was to see his cock disappear into the f******n year olds mouth. He couldn't help but groan as her soft tissue closed around the head of his shaft and the tip of her tongue flicked around his piss hole. Her hand came up to gently cup his balls as she swallowed him into her throat. No one this young, should be so good at giving head, and he couldn't tear his eyes away as inch by inch she swallowed him until her lips reached the root of his prick and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Her head began bobbing back and forth as the muscles of her throat worked on his prick and her tongue flicked over his shaft.
His brain felt like it was on fire and he knew that he had to have this young girl. Unfastening his trouser belt and clip, he allowed them to fall to his ankles and he pulled open his shirt and dropped it to the floor. Easing his hips back, he gasped, "Fuck, you're too good at that Debbie. I don't want to cum in your mouth."

Thick strands of her throat slime clung to his cock as she pulled her face back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Wow," she said with a huge grin. "That was the biggest prick I've ever swallowed." She raised her fingers to where her neck joined her body and enthused, "God, it was all the way down to here."

He grinned back at her as he walked around to the front of the sofa and he reached down and gently slid the dildo out of her cunt. As he raised the fuck toy to his nose, Debbie lay back down on the sofa and spread her legs apart. Pulling her cunt lips open with both hands, she said huskily, "I hope your planning to replace that with your prick."
He sc****d some of her cunt cream off the surface of the vibrator and sucked it into his mouth before getting down on top of her body. She was so wet and slimy that his long cock slipped easily up her fuck hole, and her long legs wrapped around his waist and her ankles dug into his butt, pulling every last inch of his shaft into her tight tube.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "Pound my cunt hard."

He began screwing her with long slow strokes but he knew that he wasn't going to be able to last long. The sounds of his wife fucking her brains out on the television screen behind him, combined with being inside the tightest cunt he'd had in a long time, was bringing him closer and closer to climax. The experienced young girl realised what was happening and she closed her eyes and slipped her hand between their bodies to finger her clit. She pressed the hard bud into her pubic bone and rubbed furiously. The delicious tingling began in her clit and radiated into her cunt as the intensity increased.

"Oh fuck, keep doing me," she groaned rubbing her clit even harder. "I'm going to cum."

This was exactly what Dave wanted to hear as his spunk was beginning to boil, and he gritted his teeth and fucked her faster.
"Fuck, I'm creaming," the young girl gasped as her body shuddered and convulsed.

He could feel her already tight cunt clench around his shaft and his balls were suddenly bathed in the hot cream that sprayed out of her hole.
She was still deep in her orgasm when Dave jetted his thick spunk up her fuck hole causing her to jump and writhe about on his prick.

It took quite a while for them to recover, and Dave eventually pulled his slimy, and now soft cock out of her cunt and slumped down beside her on the sofa.

"Good fuck," Debbie said as she started to pick up her discarded clothes. "I love the way your cock stretched my tight pussy."

He could only smile at her as she got dressed and came over to kiss him.

"Now that you're back, I guess I can be going home Dave," she said, using his christian name for the first time.

He sat up and replied, "I guess so. Where's my wife and daughter by the way?"

"Your wife's at the school for a PTA meeting, and Becky's in her room upstairs doing homework," she informed him.

He stared and gasped, "You mean my daughter has been upstairs all the time that we've been down here, doing... well. You know, while we've been..."

"Fucking," Debbie said emphasising every syllable of the word.

"Yeah," Dave confirmed with obvious reluctance, "Fucking."

Debbie giggled as she nodded her head and slipped out of the room. A couple of seconds later he heard the front door close.

He was just beginning to feel guilty about what he had done when he saw his wife again on the TV. Karen's cunt was soaked from a recent cum and she was pushing Debbie down on the floor and diving down between the young girl's legs. All feelings of guilt left him as quick as they had arrived, and he rewound the tape, went upstairs to see his daughter, and then came back into the living room and settled down to wait for Karen's return.

Karin came into the living room just after 9 o'clock having seen Dave's Lexus in the drive and threw herself into his arms. They kissed passionately and she was slightly out of breath when she pulled her face away and said, "I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow. God I've missed you."

She was wearing a midnight blue business suit with a white blouse below. Her skirt stopped two inches above her knees and her fitted jacked was buttoned with the blouse collar over the jacket.

They kissed again and then Dave said, "I managed to get an early flight. I missed you too."

"So, how did your trip go? And more importantly, did you bring me back a present?" she asked with a smile.

"I brought you back two presents," he said, grinning as she raised both her eyebrows. "One of them is wrapped up and lying on our bed and the other one you can unwrap down here." As he finished speaking, he took her hand and placed it on the bulge in the front of his trousers. She gave him a hug and playfully squeezed his still growing prick and said throatily, "Was it me you missed, or just my body?"

Stepping back, she unbuttoned her jacket, slipped it from her shoulders and threw it onto the sofa. As she stepped back into his arms, Dave's arms rubbed over her back confirming that she wasn't wearing a bra. His fingers moved around to her front, feeling the nipples harden below his palm, and she groaned into his mouth.
She pulled back slightly and as she squatted down, she deftly unfastened his belt and unzipped his trousers. As they dropped to his ankles, she stared at the large bulge in the front of his boxer shorts and hooked her fingers into the waistband. She always got a thrill when his long cock sprang free and this was no exception. She fisted him for a few seconds and then opened her mouth and bent forward.
Dave had purposely not washed his prick since it had been buried up young Debbie's fuck hole, and as she bent forward, Karen's nostrils filled with the unmistakable smell of cunt.
She rocked back on her heels and looked up and into her husband's face. Before she could say anything, Dave reached out for the remote control and pressed the play button. Her eyes were drawn to the TV screen as it lit up and her eyes grew wide and she glanced back at him.

As he pulled her unresisting face back towards his shaft, he said, "You've tasted this cunt juice before darling. I fucked Debbie a couple of hours ago."

A growl of pure a****l pleasure came from Karen's throat and she licked eagerly at the cunt cream that had dried on his shaft. After making sure that it was completely clean, she slurped his prick deep in her throat and he suddenly realised who had taught Debbie her deep throat action.
Her throat slid up and down his cock and his eyes flicked between her hot lips and the image of her squirming in ecstasy on the TV. It was such a horny situation that his shaft began to twitch and he groaned, "Fuck, I'm going to shoot."

Karen pulled her throat back and opened her mouth wide as she took him in her fist and jacked him off. The first powerful spurt hit her in the back of her throat followed by another three jets. As the f***e of his cum lessened, she stuck out her tongue to catch the last drips.
She slurped the slime around her mouth, pushing it between her teeth a few times before swallowing his load and releasing his softening prick.

As he sat back down on the sofa, she got to her feet and stood in front of him waiting for him to speak.
After a long moment, he sighed and asked, "So, how long has this being going on?"

She shrugged her shoulders and replied, "About two years I guess. Debbie really is a horny little bitch and it was her who seduced me."

"Against you will, of course," he said with a small smile.

"Not exactly," she replied with the same smile. "I seem to recall that I didn't take much persuading."

He didn't say anything in response to this, so she continued, "We fuck just about every time you're away, and just over a year ago, she started to bring Andy with her."

"Who's Andy?" he almost shouted and before she could reply, he realised the answer. "Oh fuck. You mean her little b*****r, don't you? Jesus Karen, he's only thirteen."

"Yeah, but he's got a great cock. It's a lot thinner that yours but nice and long. He shoots a good lot of spunk too."
"Oh god, I don't believe this," he said quietly.

"Oh you should darling," she said pleasantly. "In fact, I can prove it to you."

Her skirt wasn't short, but it was tight, and she had to use both hands to pull it over her hips and up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties and her shaven outer cunt lips were glistening. She stood with her legs apart and used both hands to pull her slit open.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Ssssush," she said. "Just wait."

He didn't have to wait long, for the next second, a thin trickle of spunk ran out of her cunt and dripped onto the carpet. His cock sprang erect as he gasped, "God, you dirty bitch. When did he fuck you?"

"I gave him a lift back from the school. We stopped in the park and he nailed my butt to the back seat. I came buckets before he flooded in my hole."

Dave was in a daze and she flopped into the sofa and spread her legs wide. "So are you totally disgusted with your slut wife?" she asked with a gleam in her eye, "Or do you want some sloppy seconds?"

His trousers were still around his ankles and he stood up and kicked them off. As he approached her she ripped open her blouse and kneaded her tits.

Dave took his weight on his hands placed on either side of her body. They both looked down at where the tip of his cock nudged against her slimy fuck hole and he slowly pushed his hips forward and penetrated her body. The further his cock slid up her fuck hole, the more spunk as f***ed out to run down over her asshole and pool beneath her butt. They both sighed together when his long cock was fully inside her and his pubic hair pressed against her shaven outer lips. The stale spunk was still oozing out of her hole and it covered Dave's pubic hair and was pulled into long thin strands as he pulled out, to congeal into globs again as he pushed back in.

Karen had always kept her body in shape and that included her cunt. Even after her recent fuck with Andy, her fuck hole was tight and her hot flesh gripped her husband like a fist. The long slow thrusts that he started with increased to a faster rhythm, and Karen began moaning softly and nibbling on her bottom lip. Her arms encircled his neck and she looked into his face.

"Fuck your slut wife hard baby," she gasped. "Fill my cunt with another load of spunk."

His thrusts became faster and faster. He had already cum twice within the last two hours and knew that he could last for a while yet.

Karen's fingers were busy with her clit as she watched his cock pound in and out of her hole. She loved the way her outer lips clung to his shaft and her cunt muscles clenched round him trying to milk the semen out of his body. The tingling between her legs had reached the most delicious level and her eyes started to close and her head shook from side to side. Dave knew the signs of her approaching climax and her moans became quicker and louder.

"Oh god I'm going to cum," she gasped with one hand on her clit and the other twisting savagely at her hard nipple. "Fuck me hard baby. Make me cream."

Her orgasm exploded inside her and she shrieked as she convulsed and shuddered. Dave smiled down at his wife's out of control body and he slowed his strokes and savoured the wonderful feeling of her cream as it sprayed hotly against his balls.

She slowly recovered and her eyes fluttered open, "God, that was nice baby," she purred.

As he gradually speeded up his thrusts again, she lifted her legs to the side and he moved his arms, one at a time, to let her d**** her ankles over his shoulders. She was almost folded in half as she leaned back and lifted her butt from the sofa to give him maximum penetration.

Although her climax had receded, it was still lingering in the sensitive nerve endings between her legs and was soon building again as she was fucked.

She could feel her next cum get closer and she bent her upper body to the side and pushed her hand around her butt and into her ass crack. Her asshole was covered with a mixture of her juices and spunk and her finger easily slipped into her bowels.

Dave could now feel his spunk beginning to boil and his thrusts became quicker and more urgent. Karen massaged her shitter as her husbands shaft rasped over her throbbing clit and she had just started to cum when his thick white load jetted out of his piss hole and splattered into her cervix.

Her whole body spasmed as her front hole was filled, and her cunt clenched around Dave's spurting prick and her asshole clenched tightly around her finger.

He eased himself off her body a few minutes later and collapsed down beside her. When their breathing and heart rates had returned to a more normal rate, she asked tentatively, "So are you alright with this? Do you still want to fuck Debbie's young cunt and watch me take Andy's cock?"

He opened his eyes and suddenly smiled, "Fucking right I do."

They were both laughing when Karen said, "That's great honey. Becky will be so pleased."

"Becky," he repeated as his smile disappeared. "What the fuck has our twelve year old daughter got to do with this?" As the realisation suddenly hit him, he groaned and said, "You don't mean that you and her........."

He left the sentence unfinished and Karen pointed to the TV screen that was still showing the porn. "Who do you think is working the camera?" she asked.

Dave sat stunned as she continued, "Our little girl is a slut honey, just like her mother, and she's been wanting your cock up her p*****n pussy for years. We just didn't know how you would react so I wouldn't let her seduce you."

His voice was hollow as he asked, "Is she still a virgin?"

"God no," she replied. "Young Andy's been screwing her for months."

He shook his head and whispered, "I can't believe any of this."

Without another word, Karen got to her feet and left the room with slime dribbling down the inside of both her legs. She returned a few moments later with a small pair of black cotton panties in her hand.

"Recognise these?" she asked.

He nodded his head and replied, "Yeah, they're Becky's"

She slowly turned them inside out as she said, "I picked them out of the laundry basket."

Bringing them close to his face, he could clearly see the dried white spunk stains in the gusset and he groaned.

She dropped down to sit beside him and patted his led affectionately. "Its alright honey. I don't mind that you want to fuck our daughter."

"I don't!" he responded indignantly.

"Dave," she said very slowly and deliberately. "I am walking about with a load of your spunk up my cunt and another load in my stomach. There is also a young girl living two doors down the street who also has a load of your spunk up her fuck hole. All this has happened within the last two hours, and yet you're sitting beside me with this."

Her fingers pointed at his crotch and as he looked down he could see that he was as hard as a rock.

"Now, don't try and tell me that you're not thinking about screwing Becky," she said softly.

He buried his face in his hands at her words and groaned, "Oh fuck, I'm a pervert."

"Of course you are baby," she said soothingly. "We all are. Welcome to the club."

He sat up slowly and looked at her. "You're sure that Becky wants this?" he asked.

"Wants it," Karen echoed. "She'll be lying on her back begging you to fuck her when she finds out."

"And you're okay with this?" he continued.

"Only if I can watch," she grinned, "And suck your cum out of her pussy when you're finished."

As she was speaking, she lifted her daughter's panties up to her nose and inhaled deeply and then passed them to Dave to do the same.

The next morning was Saturday, and Karen pushed open the door of Becky's bedroom. She was lying beneath her Barbie duvet and her long blonde hair fanned out over the pillow. As Karen walked over to the bed, the p*****n girl opened her eyes slowly and closed them again as she pushed her arms straight above her head and yawned as she stretched.

"Hi mom," she said through the yawn.

"'Morning sl**pyhead," Karen replied and sat down on the side of the bed. Karen was wearing only wearing a long tee shirt and she knew that her daughter always slept nude.

"I've got a surprise for you Becky," she said and smiled as her daughter sat up and squirmed her butt backwards until her back rested on the headboard.

The covers dropped away from her chest and Karen gazed and the buds of her tits that were just beginning to form.

"What surprise," Becky demanded with her eyes shinning.

The little girl carefully watched her mother's hand as it disappeared below her tee shirt and came back out with the first two fingers covered in spunk. Becky grinned as Karen pushed her slimy fingers into her daughters mouth and as the c***d licked them clean she replied, "The surprise is that not only are you tasting your daddy's cum, but he knows that you're tasting it."

It took a few seconds for the c***d's brain to process this information and she suddenly pulled her mother's fingers out of her mouth and exclaimed, "You mean that he knows that we fuck each other?"

"Honey," Karen responded, "Not only does he know that we fuck each other, but he also knows about Debbie and Andy. He fucked Debbie downstairs last night."

The little girl's eyes were aglow with lust as she asked, "What about me. Will he fuck me now?"

She clapped her hands in delight as Karen nodded her head and said, "Come on through to our bedroom."

Becky threw the bed covers away and bounded to her feet. "Give me a minute," she said as she ran into her bathroom to grab her hairbrush and toothbrush.

Karen was back under the covers in her own bed when Becky came through the door. Seeing only her mother, she looked questioningly at her and Mandy nodded to the bathroom door.

Becky nodded her understanding and got into the bed. As Karen wrapped her arms around her little daughter, she said, "You smell good."

She could smell the toothpaste from her freshly brushed teeth and also the heavy musky scent of the girl's cunt. As they cuddled, Becky gently kneaded her mother's tits and rolled her sensitive nipples expertly between her little fingers, whilst Karen's fingers ran over the soft swollen flesh of the c***d's sex and found the outer lips slick with her juice.

A small moan escaped Becky's throat as her mother's finger slid up and down her wet slit, sliding further and further in.

The bathroom door opened and Dave came into the bedroom. Becky's back was to her father and she didn't turn around but felt him get into the bed beside her. She was lying between her parents and she spread her legs apart to give her mother better access and turned her face round to Dave.

"Hi daddy," she said, as her arm snaked around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto hers. She gave him a most un-daughterly like kiss, mashing their lips together and slipping her tongue past his teeth and into his mouth. As she pushed her saliva into his mouth, she could feel his long cock begin to harden and press into her butt. She shivered with lust and tried to capture his shaft with her ass crack, but she couldn't get in the right position without dislodging her mothers probing finger.

The little girl finally broke the kiss and her innocent looking eyes looked expectantly into his face as her quiet voice asked, "Are you going to fuck me now? Please fuck me daddy."

His cock twitched and he groaned as she spoke and he replied, "I'd love to fuck you darling, but only if that's what you really want."

Her eyes shone and she nodded enthusiastically as her mother pulled her finger out of her tight hole and threw the bedcovers onto the floor. Becky rolled onto her back between them and raised her arms above her head to display her body. Both Karen and Dave supported themselves on one elbow as they lay on their sides beside their little girl. This was the first time in many years that Dave was able to study his daughter's body, and his cock began to leak pre cum as his eyes drank in her lithe form.

She was 4 foot 8 inches tall with blonde hair that hung half way down her back when she was standing. Her little round face with her rosy pink cheeks grinned at him invitingly and she opened her legs as his eyes travelled down her body. Her soft skin was completely flawless and only slightly raised at her tits. By contrast, her nipples were rock hard and standing straight out from her body and he licked his dry lips in anticipation of sucking on them. His gaze continued downwards and stopped on her deep slit that was glistening with her juices. Her pubes were swollen with lust but her body was too young to have formed her outer cunt lips and, as she spread her legs further apart, he could just see the pink flesh inside.

Karen pushed her finger across Becky's body and under her husband's nose. He inhaled the scent of his daughter's cunt that clung to her hand and gasped as Becky's hand fell to his crotch, and her little fist curled around his shaft. As her fist slid up to the end of his prick, the sticky pre cum coated her fingers and she lifted her hand to her face and licked them clean. At the same time, Karen slipped her finger back up the c***d's cunt and scooped out some juice. She offered it to her husband and Dave eagerly slurped the slime into his mouth.

When Karen stuck her finger back into Becky's fuck hole, the c***d bucked her hips onto it and moaned softly. At the same time, her hand dropped back onto her father's solid cock and jerked him off.
Karen could feel the hot juice inside her daughter's hole and she got to her feet and then kneeled between the c***d's parted legs. Her mouth covered Becky's slit as her tongue wormed inside her tight cunt and lapped at the sweet juice. Becky's moans were becoming louder and her breathing quickened as her mother stimulated her.

Dave watched the p*****n girl begin to twitch and shudder on the bed as her eyes closed and her head tossed from side to side. He bent his head forward and licked around her rock hard nipple before sucking the teat into his mouth. Karen moved her lips up slightly and her tongue stroked Becky's little clit and sent her over the top.

"Fuck, I'm going to cream," was all she managed to gasp before her body convulsed and her back arched off the bed.

A river of pre cum was pouring out of Dave's prick as he sat up to watch his daughter orgasm and he muttered, "Oh fuck, that's so hot."

The little girl was still shuddering as Karen sat up and smiled at her husband. The lower part of her face was covered in her daughters cum and her eyes shone as she whispered, "She's ready. Fuck her now."

Becky's hand had fallen away from Dave's cock and Karen moved off the bed as he kneeled between the girl's legs. She was slowly recovering from her climax and she looked down as her father's prick rubbed up and down her wet slit. Karen reached over to spit on Dave's shaft and rubbed her saliva all over the surface. She held her daughters cunt apart and looked expectantly at her husband.

Dave's heart was hammering in his chest and his breathing came in short gasps as he watched the tip of his cock penetrate the little girls cunt. He managed to get about two inches into her before he felt any resistance.

He didn't want to hurt her, but, as he looked up into her face, she hissed, "More. Fill me full of your cock daddy."

He grasped her hips and sat back on his heels, pulling her body with him. Settling into a comfortable position, he pulled her hole onto his cock.

Karen was standing on the floor watching her daughter getting fucked with one foot on the bed and two fingers jammed deep inside her dripping fuck hole. She moaned as Becky cried out, "More daddy. I need more. Fill me full of cock."

Dave had a full six inches inside his little girl's body when Becky dug her heels into his back and thrust her hips forward. She screamed as the rest of the shaft was driven up her hole and her father's coarse pubic hair mashed against her bald pubic mound.

Dave kept still for a few seconds savouring the feel of the tight flesh around his shaft and to let the girl recover. Becky's eyes were closed and her chest heaved as the sensations radiated out of her crotch. The sharpness of the pain from being stretched so far open, mixed with the delicious pleasure of being so full of prick, made her sigh with happiness.

Karen's eyes were riveted to the point where their two bodies were joined. Her husband's thick cock was stretching the little girl's cunt walls so far apart that it was almost beyond belief. The c***d's stomach was swollen outwards and Karen could clearly see the outline of Dave's prick that was firmly embedded in Becky's tight fuck tube.

"Oh god, that looks so hot," Karen managed to gasp before she suddenly climaxed and sprayed her hot cream all over her fingers and down the inside of her legs.

Becky opened her eyes as her mother climaxed and she sat up from the waist and threw her arms around her father's neck pulling her body against his.

"Fuck me," she whispered in his ear. "Fuck me hard."

He grasped her butt cheeks and slid her body up and down his shaft. Slowly at first and then speeding up to a more normal rhythm. Becky's head fell onto his shoulder and she was moaning continually as he shafted her.
Karen had recovered from her cum and she knelt down on the floor at the side of the bed. One hand rubbed over one of Becky's rock hard nipples whilst her other hand delved between the girl's ass cheeks and massaged her puckered shit hole. The cunt juice was running out of Becky's front hole and her mother spread some of the slime over her asshole before pushing her finger inside. Becky orgasmed immediately and her head snapped back and she cried out hoarsely.

Dave felt the cunt cream flow out of her hole and bathe his balls and he speeded up his thrusts. Little Becky was deep in climax and when her mother squeezed hard on her nipple, she shuddered again and gasped for air.

Dave couldn't last much longer. The little girl's hole was very tight, even with all the slime she was producing, and her spasming cunt was milking his prick.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," he gasped as he shafted her as fast as he could.

"Cum you bastard," Karen shouted. "Fill her hot cunt with your spunk. Fill her so full that it comes out of her mouth."

Dave groaned as he spurted his thick sperm against her cervix causing her to cry out again and convulse. Karen's index finger was buried up to the knuckle in her daughters shit hole and she could feel Dave's cock jerk as he jetted his load into the young girl.

His eyes were screwed tightly shut as he emptied his balls into her cunt and it took a few long moments before his breathing returned to normal and his teeth unclenched.

Becky was still twitching and convulsing as her mother drew her finger out of her asshole and Dave unwrapped her arms from around his neck and lowered her gently onto the bed. As soon as his prick came out of her cunt with an audible plop, Karen swooped in and glued her mouth over Becky's slimy sex.
The c***d gasped loudly and began thrashing about on the bed as Karen sucked the spunk out of her fuck hole. Becky's arms were flailing about and her back was arched off the bed as she climaxed again and her mother drank her daughter's juice and her husbands cum in delight.

A while later, they were lying on the bed enjoying the afterglow of good sex when Becky sighed and said, "When will you be able to fuck me again Daddy."

It was her mother who answered, "Not just now honey. Daddy's got to save up his strength for tonight."

"Tonight?" Dave replied. "What's happening tonight?"

"We're going out," Karen replied.

Dave had on idea what she was talking about and he sat up on the bed and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Nowhere," Karen answered with a grin, "But I'm going to phone Debbie's mother and tell her that we're going out, and that we need Debbie to baby-sit. Debbie will bring Andy with her and we'll have a little party."

"You mean an orgy," Becky said, clapping her hands and grinning.

Karen grinned back at her and said, "That's exactly what I mean honey."

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