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Morning has broken pt3 Milf and gilf

After the recent sex I have had with the girlfriends mum and s****rs I was getting quite adicted to playing away from home, I continued fucking the youngest s****r and her mate on a regular basis and the odd time with the eldest one but that wasnt much fun as many cocks had been in her pussy.

The weekend came and myself and Jenny visited her parents brian took jenny out and I stayed to chat to Yvoone Jenny's mum as soon as they went out the door I had Yvonnes Knickers off toungeing her sweet pussy she was a horny bitch and talked dirty that turned me on more she orgasmed and the jucies poured out of her slit. She suggested she rode my cock as it was o good the old man doing it as he had a small cock and wanted a huge orgasm.

As I sat on the sofa she stripped to reveal stockings and suspenders and nothing else she grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto it moaning as she slid down saying it felt good to have thick cock in her as we fucked her mobile rang she picked it up and answered it, it was her hubby asking if all was ok she said o yes no problems here have to go speak later as she put the phone down I cum and so did she. She admitted that fucking me whilst speaking to her old man really turned her on.

As we sat naked in the living room she started to suck my cock and was enjoying the full length when the door bell went she put on her dress and answered it, she spoke for a few mins and re entered the room it was her best friend next door and came in as well I was totaly naked and katherine saw my huge cock and licked her lips.

Yvonne said she had told Katherine about my cock and asked if I would let her suck it I nodded my head and Katherine came over and started to lick and suck it I have to admit it was nice I started to help Katherine out of her clothes to see her nipples where pierced as well as her clit, I started to rub her pussy and it was soaken wet.

Katherine was 50 and a grandma but a fit looking one as well, I stood up and bent her over and slid my hugecock in her she sighed and said it felt good and had never had a huge cock before, as we fucked Yvonne sat infront of Katherine and Katherine started to lick Yvonnes pussy I started to fuck her harder ss I was getting more turned on as she done it.

All of a sudden Yvoone screamed out and cum and so did Katherine I carried on fucking this gilf's pussy harder and harder the pussy muscles where getting tighter and I pumped huge amouts of cum into this warm hole. Katherine fell on the sofa saying she had never been fucked like that and suggested I should do it for money as I was good.

I laughed and said I would do her and Yvonne for free if she got a few that wanted it they said deal and we got dressed. As we sat on the sofa Yvonne started to kiss me and got her tits out, they where nice and big with big dark nipples and so did Katherine they took it in turns to suck my cock and rub it and I played with their tits I cum in Katherines mouth and Yvoone sucked it dry.

Katherine said she had to go as she had only popped round for 10 mins for a chat and had been here 2 or three hours and her old man would be wondering where she was she gave me her mobile and left. Yvonne said she was still horny and wouldnt mind a good licking we went to the bedroon and I licked her sweet supple pussy nibbling her clit untill she squirted like a fountain, I left her spread legged and went to the bathroom and then down stairs.

About 10 mins later she came down and said her pussy was so tender everytime she walked she was cumming I got up and slid my hand up her dress and finger fucked her several times and she was cumming every time she begged me to stopas her hubby and daughter would be home any miniute, she looked down and there was a puddle of jucies on the floor where she had cum that much.

As we cleared up and sat down we spoke about that day and she said she had never had sex like it and couldnt wait for more with that the 2 arrived home and we sat talking,about 3 days later I got a call from Katherine asking if I wanted a afternoon of sex I said ok and fucked her all afternoon and got 3 numbers from friends that wanted nsa sex and was willing to pay good money for good sex.

I was on my way home after katherines and Jenny's youngest s****r asked if I ws free the next day as she would like to chat when I turned up she was there with another few friends and they where all as hot as each other and we went to bed and fucked stupid. Too this day it still goes on and enjoying every min of it and the girls enjoy every inch of my 10" cock as well.

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