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This was just one of those days when there was nothing to do. In fact, it was just what you would normally call boring. And to top it off, there was no power. The power had been cut off early in the morning, and the day being very, very hot, it being the summer holidays, 19 year old Jennifer, or Jenny, if you will, had absolutely nothing to do.

Usually during the holidays Jen would wake up late in the afternoons, and watch TV. But of course, the TV required electricity, the lack of which was a problem. And, her mother had gone off to the big city for some shopping, and would only return till tomorrow. Jen lived in a small town in Arkansas, and as such, big supplies had to be bought from the city. Her elder b*****r, Steve, now 20 years old, was at home with her. He didn't really had a job, which was largely due to the reason that he "preferred to die of hunger than to do trivial non-rewarding jobs". You see, he was one of those macho types who claimed that their veins ran adrenaline instead of bl**d, and that they were the "real" men, driving their shiny cars and engaging in similar other "manly" activities. Nothing wrong with that, except that if their veins actually ran adrenaline, they would be __dead__, and that this way of life was probably the reason why he, being 20 years old, had had sex only 4 times.

Her younger b*****r, on the other hand, was indeed the exact opposite of Steve. Timothy, or Tim, if you will, was very shy and reserved, and talked so less that it was feared that he might have some kind of non-talking disease. When he was a k**, he used to get beaten up regularly by his elder b*****r, until one day Jen intervened, and in the battle that ensued, Steve broke two of his front teeth, with a little help from Jen, and that finally put an end to little Timothy's sufferings. So, yes, Tim and Jen were indeed very close, for Tim was very affectionate, and feminine, and so they were kind of like s****rs. Tim wasn't gay, however, and Jen had tried to get it out of her b*****r almost a zillion times. She loved her b*****r dearly, and as he was very delicate, she knew that he couldn't really keep it inside him for too long, and he needed support, so she always tried to fish it out of him. Jen knew how hard people can be if they do not condone your sexual orientation, and though you don't really anybody's approval, and you really don't have to give a damn what they think, it might be a problem if they catch you with their daughter in their living room, and worse if you both were naked. Jen, who had had feelings for members of her sex, was first perplexed, excited, and then came to the conclusion that she was, indeed, bisexual. She was bold, but she knew her b*****r wasn't, and as such it was her duty to protect him. Indeed, Jen was the only member of the f****y Tim really felt close too. She felt it too; Tim was her baby. Although, now 18, Tim did get along pretty fine with the rest of the members; the rest being Steve and their mother, Barbara. Their dad had left them when Tim was a little boy; and for the better too, for he was a d***k and useless man.

Coming back to the present, Jen was bored today as Tim had gone with their mother to the city to buy supplies and stuff, and they wouldn't be back till tomorrow. Usually, on a day like this, Jen used to hang around with Tim all day, doing all kinds of weird stuff. And that wasn't a problem at all, as Tim adored her. They weren't like your run of the mill b*****r s****rs at all; the things they used to do together were usually so ridiculous and wonderfully great that if their mother was to ever find out, she would probably have a cow. And she was vegetarian.

Ok, I know what you're thinking. No, nothing sexual, yet. They just used to have a lot of fun together. For example, there is a small waterfall - type thingy place with a small lake some distance off from their house. It is a pretty deserted place, as nobody goes there, even though it is very beautiful; maybe because their town's population is so thin that it can hardly be called a town. So, they sometimes went there to swim, naked of course. Jen trusted Tim completely, and for good reason too, for he was but a c***d, and just as harmless. She always felt comfortable with him, and as such getting naked in front of him presented no difficulty at all. And, she was proud of her body. So, it all balanced out perfectly. She occasionally caught him looking at her, and because he was naked too, she could clearly see that he sometimes responded to her teen body. But, it was Tim, and she knew that it was a purely biological thing. Men are pretty much hard wired for reproduction, and especially young boys, hitting puberty and stuff. He couldn't help getting hard as much as he could control sneezing. And besides, it was kind of a compliment, if you look at it from that way. And, Jen often got a laugh out of it too, as Tim was always a gentleman, and he always turned red whenever he had a hard-on, and he always tried to hide it, often leading to amusing results.

However, today, Tim wasn't home.

Jen woke up at about 11 'o clock in the afternoon. She yawned, and stretched out on the bed. She was wearing a cropped T and cotton panties. She always slept like this; she wasn't really a pyjama person. As she stretched out on the bed, her top got pulled up to just above her belly button. She hadn't got a belly button ring, for some reason. She preferred it just the way it was. Tim liked it that way. Somehow, she could always tell that Tim adored her belly, her ankles, her wrists, her neck, and her cheeks. Not in a sexual way, of course. She knew, as any girl-woman would. He loved her pretty soft hands too, and often he would sit for hours and hours on end, holding her hand, while she did her routine stuff. Nothing sexual, or course. She never objected, or minded, and why would she? Whenever he touched her, she felt that deep and intimate connection with him, one that cannot be described, but can only be felt between to people, who are so close that they have their own channels of communication.

But Tim wasn't home today.

Jen looked up at the ceiling. The fan wasn't moving. She remembered that the power was out. She sensed that she was covered in sweat, and her room being exceptionally hot, she had to relocate to a cooler region.

She got up from the bed, and went downstairs, to the living room. Theirs was a two storey house, and all the k**s' rooms were on the first floor. Their mom slept on the ground floor.

She first went to the kitchen, poured herself a glass of water, and then went into the living room. Steve was sitting up on a sofa, wearing only boxers.

"Going topless today, eh, Mr. Universe?", Jen quipped at her b*****r.

"No clean laundry. This was all that was left. And even these are starting to smell. If the power doesn't come on soon, we'll have to go shopping for a new wardrobe in our birthday suits."

"Ok, too much detail there, mister. Mind if I sit down here? My room's a bake oven."

"Be my guest. I was just thinking of heading over to Gary's place, but I don't want to walk that much in this sun. Mom's taken the car.", Steve nodded.

Jen sat down on a sofa opposite to his.

"Did mom call? I wanted her to get some stuff for me as well."

"Yeah, she's not gonna be back for another two days. Jackson's delayed on the delivery."

"Two days!!! What are we gonna do for two days?"

"Well, for one, let's pray the power comes on; two, I'm in charge, and three, there's enough vegetables in the fridge to last us a week. Provided we cook them, of course."

"How come you're in charge? You're just one year older to me. If you take out the daylight savings time, it just comes about to a few weeks. How can you still play the older sibling card?"

"Hey missy, I don't make the rules. Go ask mom, if you're not convinced. Don't hate da playa, hate da game", and he did a cool hip-hop shake of the hands, and moved his head a little bit. He never could pull that off.

"You know what, Cathy Stevens, if anybody from the hood ever saw you do that, they'd probably kick your ass, then shoot you in the ass, and then kick it some more."

"Hey, what'd you got against my ass girl? I've got da bomb right here", and he stood up, and tried to shake his ass, like that. He couldn't though, for he went to the gym so much, that if he even missed a day of throwing weights, he became stiff like an old woman's butt cheek, on the inside. And this was one of those days.

"Ok, Mr.In charge, as long as you're up - and thank god that at least something of yours is, cause we're always worried about you in that department - go get me another glass of water."

He sneered at her, "You didn't say the magic word"

"What, ho?"

"Hey, you leave Ashley out of this. What she does in her free time is none of our business." For those who are less intuitive in these things, Ashley is Steve's girlfriend.

"Ok fine, could you please get me a glass of water?"

"That's more like it", he sneered at her a little bit more, and then went into the kitchen.

He did bring her a glass of water, however, and she drank it.

"I'm so bl**dy hot!", she exclaimed.

"Well, so am I. And probably everybody else in this godforsaken town. I swear, as soon as I get a decent job, I will get the hell out of here as soon as you can say Mumbo Jumbo."

Jen raised an eyebrow, but she wasn't surprised. Steve, though strongly built, had absolutely no muscle power in the gray region.

"I'm so bl**dy hot", Jen whimpered again, and she was, too. "Would you mind if I take my Tee off? I've sweated a lot and it's now sticking to me, making me REALLY uncomfortable."

Steve was staring at the roof. "Be my guest" he said, non chalantly.

Jen grabbed the bottom of her Tee, and slowly pulled it over her head and off. She gave a sigh of relief, "THAT is MUCH better!"

Jen let out a whimper, and laid back against the back rest of the sofa, and stretched out her arms and legs, topless. Her breasts poked out, like two small hills.

Steve looked at her for a moment, admired the semi - nude teenager in front of him, as any man would, looking from her pretty feet, her ankles, her long shapely legs, her cotton panties, her flat belly, her small but firm breasts, nipples poking out, her smooth neck, and her beautiful face, eyes closed, her flaming red hair covering most of it, but her smooth facial curves were still visible through the silken strands.

After he had had a long, long look, he resumed his gazing at the roof. Jen was still reveling in her new found freedom.

Then, finally, the power came on, and the fan started to move.

They were both covered in sweat, and the circulating air cooled them instantly, a little too chilly, at first. Jen moaned, "Oooh!", and her nipples stood to attention.

"I'm gonna go put the laundry in the machine.", Steve said quietly.

"I'll help you."

Together they first went to all the rooms, picked up the dirty laundry, and then went to the basement, where the washing machine was.

After they had put in all the clothes in the machines, for they had two, Steve asked Jen, "Do you mind if I put these in, too? These are starting to smell pretty ... "

"Hey big guy, do whatever you've got to do. Don't ask me, you're the boss, remember?"

Taking that as a yes, Steve slipped out of his boxers, and threw them in the machine.

He was now standing naked in front of his s****r, who was topless. It wasn't the very first time they had done that; they lived in the country, remember? Only, it was the very first time that they were naked with each other, alone.

Jen saw his hairy bush, and balls, and somewhat admired the size.

"Why don't you shave down there? It's disgusting!"

"Hey, keep your opinions to yourself. Ashley likes it this way."

"Fine. So, do you mind if I get nudy too? These are killing me."

Steve shrugged his shoulders. Jen put her legs together, and slipped out of her panties, and put them in the machine. Now they were standing in front of each other, naked.

Jen had shaved her pussy, completely.

"So", Steve said, "you prefer to go hairless, eh?" he said with a smile.

Jen spread her legs a little, giving him a good look, "See how clean and hygienic it is?"

Steve stared at it for a while.

"Let's go watch some TV, pervert." Jen said, with a mock sneer.

Together they returned to the living room, naked.

Steve turned on the Tv, and they started watching some B-Grade action flick.

"So, when can I take a bath?" Jen asked Steve, who was now somewhat mildly interested in the movie, probably due too the presence of semi naked women in it.

"As soon as the water comes on. Could you please let me watch the movie, please?"

So, they sat and watched.

A guy was running after another guy, with a gun. The first guy enters a hotel, and so does the second. The first one enters a room, and runs out the window. And, guess what? There's a naked chick in the room, and the two start to make out. THAT's WHY it was a B-Grade movie.

The scene began to get really saucy. The woman was already naked, and so is the man, a few seconds later. They fall onto the bed, woman on her back, man on top of her, and they start kissing. As a good responsible b*****r, Steve changed the channel.

"What did you do that for? I was watching that!" shouted Jen.

Steve turned it back to that channel.

The man was now between the woman's legs, eating her out. Her legs were on his back, and her head was back, and she was clutching the sheets. He was licking her clit, and he was really good too, for his mouth never left the top of her pussy for even one second, and sure enough, the woman came after a few mines. And it wasn't a fake orgasm. The reaction of the woman was clear proof of that.

He then kissed up the woman's belly, and then kissed her, and put in his dick, and began pounding her. All that could be heard was the woman's moaning and grunting, and the sound of their skin smacking together.

After a couple of minutes, the man gave her one last push, withdrew, and came on her pussy. As he was cumming, one spurt hit the woman's clit, and she jerked a little. She was still moving slowly and grinding her hips against the thin air; probably she had just cum, or was just about to cum. Or maybe she WAS cumming, but of course she couldn't touch herself. Or that would've "ruined the shot".

It wasn't over, however, and the first man now showed up. He was naked, too, and he started by taking off a shoe - or a pump, if you will - for obviously she was wearing glass pumps. He then licked the side of her foot, proceeded down to her calf, and them to her thighs. He then inserted two fingers into her, a little roughly, for she jerked a bit, and probably curved them as she moaned out and arched her back, threw back her head, and closed her eyes. He stayed in this position for a second, then tickled her insides a little. She arched her back a little more, let out a groan, and then because she couldn't reach down and stop him, she clutched the sheets tightly with her hands.

He stopped in that position, and with his free hand got hold of her leg, and lifted it up. He then slowly but wetly licked the side of her foot to her ankle. She arched her foot.

He then put her leg down, took out his fingers from her pussy, and took them to her mouth, where she licked them clean. He then pulled her to the edge of the bed, opened her legs, and put in his dick, and started fucking her.

Steve had a hard on by now. Not that it was his fault or anything, but he did have one. He looked over at Jen. She was leaning back on the back rest of the sofa, her legs were closed, her toes were slightly pointed, and he could clearly see that she was wet; some of her juices had dripped on to her thighs and the sofa. Her nipples were erect, and she was breathing rapidly.

Steve was naked, watching a porn flick with his also nude teen s****r, who was probably more turned on than he was. But, He was pretty turned on. And something had to be done.

She was sitting next to him, on his left. Slowly he placed his hand on her knee, and parted her legs slightly. She didn't move.

Boldened, he gently slid his hand up her thigh to her crotch. She arched her back a little, and opened her legs wider to provide him more access. Her eyes were still glued on the TV screen.

Steve gently placed his hand on her pussy; she was really very wet. She was absolutely hairless, and so his hand was making a complete contact with her skin. This was turning Steve on more than he could have ever imagined. But now was Jen's turn.

Slowly he began to rub her pussy. She gave out a sigh, and gripped the sofa with her hands on her sides. She was still watching the screen intently.

He moved his hand up a little to her clit, and began rubbing it a little more earnestly. Jen gave out a soft whimper, and began to grind her pussy against his hand. Her breathing was now erratic, and from whatever experience Steve had had with women, he could tell that she was close.

In the movie, now, the first man was pumping his cock in and out of the woman's pussy, and the second one was licking and rubbing her nipples. The first man then suddenly came to a halt, withdrew his cock from her pussy, and came all over her belly.

Jen let out a low pitched groan; Steve stopped rubbing her and inserted two fingers in her pussy as far as they would go. Jen gave a loud gasp and sat up; Steve had found her G spot, and curved his fingers inside of her. She slowly closed her legs, closed her eyes, laid back on the sofa, threw her head back, arched her back, raised her hips slightly, raised one leg along the other slightly, her feet arched and toes pointing, and rode her orgasm.

Steve didn't move.

He gently moved his fingers a little bit. She jerked slightly, but no sound came from her. He looked at her face; she was having a powerful orgasm.

Slowly she laid herself back on the sofa, his fingers still inside her, and her legs closed tightly, trapping his hand. His hand was now wet from her juices, and he could clearly smeel the wonderful and intoxicating smell of female sex; if ever was a smell worthy of preservation and value, this was it. A ripe female, traveling through the throes of sexual pleasure; it is a true mark of nature's beauty - the smell - the taste - the sight - Steve's life was completed.

As she settled down on the sofa, Steve started rubbing her pussy slowly. At first she jerked a little, but then she began to move her hips in a rhythm, until her moans declared that she was, indeed, too sensitive.

Steve withdrew her hand, and tasted her juices. It tasted sweet. She laid motionless for a while, then opened her eyes and looked at him, and then looked at his member, which was now hard to the point to explosion.

Without saying a word, she got up, and lowered herself onto his lap. As she was very wet, his cock slipped easily inside her pussy. She settled down completely on his lap, and he laid back a little on the sofa. Her back was now resting on his chest, her butt on his groin, the back of her legs touching the hairy front of his and the bottom of her feet gently touching the top of his. And, of course, his cock was completely immersed in her pussy.

He could feel the wetness and warmth of her pussy. Her pussy was still tingling, and it was sending little shock waves into his body. He could actually feel her pulse through her pussy, and she could feel his through his cock.

Steve reached out and cupped her breasts; one in each hand. He then stiffened against her, pushed his cock as much as he could inside her, and started cumming inside her. She could feel him jerk with each spurt of semen he deposited in her pussy. She could actually feel his warm spurts of cum strike the sides of her pussy inside her. It tickled her a little. He jerked like seven to eight times, and she felt him tremble with the last spurts. Then he gave out a sigh and fell back on the back of the sofa.

Jen sat in this position for a few seconds, with his cock still buried deep inside her pussy. She could feel the cum drops coming down, and his cock throbbing and shrinking inside her.

But Steve was just getting started. He put his hands on the sides of her belly, indicating that she stand up. She followed, and stood up. He motioned her to lay down on the carpet on the floor. She looked at him, with a twinkle in her eye, and laid down on the soft rug, on her back, and spread her legs apart. He kneeled down in front of her, opened her legs a little, moved down forward on top of her, and positioned his cock at the entrance of her love hole. Then he took both her hands and pinned them down on top of her head with his own, and gently laid down on top of her, effectively sliding his cock into her pussy. As he had already cum once in her pussy, and a lot, too, and his cum mixed with her own juices provided extra lubrication and stimulation. As he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy, she gasped loudly, and arched her back, and pushed her pussy more against his cock. He looked into her eyes, and then brought his lips down to hers, and kissed her. He first licked her lips, and then thrust his tongue into her mouth. At first Jen just relished the taste of her older b*****r's tongue, then she sucked on it and rubbed her tongue on it. Steve took it as a signal, and slowly started moving his cock in and out of her already wet pussy. He kept his mouth on hers, and she started kissing him more and more passionately. He kept up a slow pace on her, and she kept kissing him with increasing vigor.

After a couple of minutes, Steve began to feel the urge to cum again. He picked up the pace, slowly at first, but then built it up as he went along. Jen broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. Her breathing was rapid, and she was moaning under her breath. The only sound in the room was the slapping together of their wet, sloppy bodies.

The two were constantly looking into each other's eyes. Steve was now pumping his cock into his little s****r with all his might, and she was now panting and moaning with his every stroke.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh ohhh ..."

Steve pushed his cock into her one last time, as he pumped it deep into her womb as far as it could go, stiffened, froze in that position for a moment, and then jerked slightly as he came inside his s****r. He trembled for some fix to six times, then pushed it a little more deep, causing Jen to let out a gasp, and then he stopped, and fell on top of her.

She was still panting. He still had her arms pinned over her head. He was lying on top of her, and his head was lying on her shoulder. Suddenly he stirred, and started pumping his cock again, slowly at first, but very quickly building up a rhythm.

She was very wet now; cum was oozing out of her already. It was very easy for Steve to slide in and out of her now, and all the semen actually gave him quite a new sensation. He was now pushing his cock in and out of her with all the might he could muster, after coming twice. He wanted to cum again. He knew he could. Whenever he masturbated, he could always cum four times, and often he couldn't be satisfied until he had.

Some of the semen was oozing out of Jen's pussy into her ass. The threads from the carpet had also somehow got lodged in her butt crack near her ass, and were tickling her. He had pinned her arms over her head, and he was fucking her at a high speed. She was experiencing different things at the same time, and soon she felt the familiar tingling in her belly. She closed her eyes, threw back her head, and stiffened against his cock.

He was too close to cumming. Everything else was pretty much blurred to him. She went limp, and he kept on fucking her. She shuddered, and pushed her pelvis against his invading lower body. He kept on humping her. She tried to close her legs, but her was in between. Her hands were tied, too. She just laid there, as he rammed his cock into her, raising her to new highs of pleasure.

Finally, she shuddered violently and let out a scream, as he pushed his cock into her one last time, and shuddered himself, as he came inside her.

He didn't cum much this time, but he did jerk a lot, and that made Jen shudder too; she was too sensitive. After cumming in her pussy for the third time, he laid motionless on top of her. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. Her breathing was still rapid. He gave a playful push into her; she gasped. A smile broke onto his lips, and spread across to hers.

"That was fun", he grinned at her as he pulled out from her.

"Ahh! Yeah, that's was definitely fun", she smiled back, gasping as his cock left her hole, a place it had cosily got accustomed to, and was sure to visit again, LOTS of times.

Cum was now leaking from her pussy, to her ass and down to the rug. He ran his fingers across her pussy lips, taking some of it into his hand. She arched her back against his touch and moaned slightly.

"I filled you up quite a lot, didn't I?"

She smiled back at him. He licked the cum off his fingers.

"Tastes like us."

"I'm gonna go take a shower now", she said to him as she sat up, gave him a peck on the cheek and then stood up. He watched her walk to the bathroom, as her ass swayed from side to side and cum dripped down her thighs.

He followed her into the bathroom, and pinned her to the wall, put his mouth on hers, and inserted two fingers into her cum dripping pussy, and began to fuck her with his fingers. She reacted immediately, as she began to moan into her mouth and began to grind her hips into his hand He lowered his lips from her mouth to her neck, as he continued to finger her, hard and fast. She rested her head on the wall, and arched her back and neck so that she was looking at the roof, closed her eyes, and began to grunt in rhythm with his fingers.

"Uh uh uh uh uh uh oh uh uh ... "

She gripped the wall on each side of her as she tensed up, and stiffened against his hand. He continued to finger her, till she let out a loud moan and jerked against his hand. he took out his fingers and began gently rubbing her pussy as she rode out her orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she fell back and went limp against the cold wall. He stopped rubbing her, but still kept her hand on her pussy, and gently kissed her. Her eyes were still closed. Slowly, her removed his hand and slipped his cock into her pussy. She was very wet, and he slipped in easily, as she gave a relaxed "ahh". Her pussy was very warm and wet, and he actually enjoyed the sensation so much that he didn't move for a long time. Her pussy walls were still tingling, and walls deep inside of her were still contracting and expanding. She slowly opened her eyes, and smiled weakly at him.

"That was ... wow!", she smiled, as she went closer to him, and put her tongue in his ear. As she nipped and licked his ear, she felt him stiffen against her, and then she felt him cumming. She kept licking his ear as he came, and then withdrew a little and gave him a gentle kiss. He gave a relaxed sigh, and pulled out of her.

"Thanks", he muttered.

"You are most welcome", she smiled at him, most sexually sated than ever before in her life.

He looked at her for a few moments; she was glowing in the afterglow of what seemed like a million thunderous orgasms. Her nipples were still erect, and he could see cum dried all around her hairless pussy, his cum. He stepped forward, gave her a light kiss on the cheek, smiled, and left.

She smiled back. And it wasn't just her lips that were grinning.

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