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Gay porn auditon

I was looking to get into porn. I had sent in some auditon pics to a few adds i found on the internet. After a few days i finaly got a response from some local place. they liked the pics i sent them and wanted me to come audition. i was nervous driving over to the place. he was a nice olde dude. he made me feel at ease when we talked about what was going to happen. he said that for a succesful auditon i was going to have to be comfortable on camera and get it up and off for him. then he showed me some picures of other dudes that had modled for him. my dick was instantly hard they were all hot and had gorgeous dicks and were able to jerk it on cam while this guy recorded it. he took out his camera and started taking picturs of me with my clothes on. i was nervous about it. but i started to relax about it. he told me to un button my shirt. i did it slowly he said that the way my hands trebled with the butons was cuite. i started to get hard again. he then told me to bend over and drop my pants slowly. i showed him my ass first then slowly pulled out my hard cock. he looked at my shaved body for a seccond then went back to snapping pictures. once he said he had enough he told me to go lay down on the bed. he went and got his video camera and told me when ever i was ready i could start stroking. i hadent busted a nut in few days. I started off by playing with my nipples and rubbing some lube he had given me all over my smooth body before i even touched my cock. i started stroking it. it was so hot thinking about all the people who would see this and get turned on. i started using 2 hands on my self. thats when i started to feel realy good. i told the guy i was close.i started shooting thick ropes of hot cum all over my chest i love the feeling of cum on me i couldnt wait for more.

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