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My Night In Paris

So I Was In Paris France Last Year Hanging Out With My Best Friend Maya Now Maya Has Been My Friend For About Ten Years Now And Me And Her Had Always Been Close Sometimes we would Cuddle Kiss and a Little Bit More, Even Tho She Had a Gf at the Time and One Night I was At her Pine House she She Asked Me To Come To Her Room she Took MY Hand and Just Kissed Me and not Just a peck on the Cheek i mean like Kiss Kiss French Kiss it was amazing she told me, iv been wanting to do that for a long time i smiled at her and held her close then i started to rub her legs lifting her shirt up and taking off her bra, i looked at her and she looked at me then we started kissing and rubbing she took off my shirt and skirt i pulled off her pants then i licked her up and down putting her lovely soft Hands on my ass, i smiled at her as i started to suck on her nipples as she gave my ass a hard slap and i loved it we kept on kissing me licking me then, i asked if she wanted to 69 she giggled and held me close then went down on her starting to eat her out and she ate me out slapping and smacking my ass, i ate her out till she came then i got one of her toys and shoved it up her pussy making her wetter and wetter she would cum again then she got me to cum i licked her clean and dry as she did the same for me then she pulled me up and started making out with me and i was playing with her tits and she was playing with mine then she got on top of me and started rubbing her pussy on mine as we both came again once more then we laid down and cuddles i sure did have an amazing time with her so much fun and hope we do it again and that was My Night In Paris.

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