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The Baby Sitter Part 2

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There on the bed was Cheyenne, naked, having her pussy licked out by her friend Hannah who was also naked! Cheyenne's two other friends, Jamie and Miranda were sitting on the floor their eyes glued on the action on the bed. Jamie had her hand inside Miranda's shorts and Miranda was feeling Jamies boobs. Simon just stood in the door way looking at the scene in the room. He was so hard he felt he might cum then and there! After what seemed like an eternity Cheyenne screamed again as she came very very hard. After her orgasm calmed down, she turned her head and looked Simon dead in the eye. She just smiled as she ran her eyes down his body and onto his cock!

"You heard me then?" She said with a grin on her face.

"Wh-wha-what is going on in here? I thought someone had hurt themselves?" Simon was gobsmaked. He couldn't believe what his eyes was telling him was in the young girls room.

"NObodies hurt Simon. Far from it. We are all enjoying ourselves in anticipation of this big hard cock" Cheyenne was squeezing Simons cock, running her tiny hand up and down it. "We've been planning this for months. Every time you baby sit us, we'd wait up till you had gone to bed, then sneak out and watch you wank your big cock with my mummy's panties. You're a dirty boy and we love it. Don't we girls?"

The other 3 girls, who Simon had completely forgotten were there all nodded in agreement. Hannah who had been licking out Cheyenne was now fingering her hairless pussy on the bed. Jamie an Miranda were both naked now and doing the same. Simon was surveying the scene in front of him trying to take in the gorgeous girls bodies. He was brought back to his senses when he felt CHeyennes lips on his cock.

"Mmmmm thats amazing. Where did you learn to do that?"
"Using mummy's dildo. We borrow it for our sl**povers and play with our pussys and practice blow jobs with it!" Cheyenne struggled to answer Simon between mouthfuls of cock.
Simon was really close to cumming after having been the middle of a wank when he had heard CHeyenne's orgasmic scream moment before. "I'm going to cum Chey"

"Good, I want to taste it all" She muttered. At this point, Simon felt a new sensation as Miranda started to lick his ass hole. "Oh fuk, oh fuck oh fuck" He moaned. And with that he dumped steam after stream of cum down Cheyennes throat! It was too much for the young girl to handle and although she did swallow some, most ended up down running down her chin and onto her pert titties. Simon sunk to his knees, completely spent after his mega orgasm. "Wow! That was the best blow job I've ever had."

"good good. Now its time that you repay us. We all want to feel that cock in us tonight!" And with that Cheyenne got up off the floor in front of Simon and got onto her double bed. Miranda climbed up alongside her quickly followed bu Hamie and Hannah. "Come on Simon, dont you want to tase our sweet pussys?" Hannah teased.

Simon gazed at the site in front of him. 4 gorgeous 15 yr olds, all laying on he backs with their legs on the edge of the bed displaying their hairless pussys and ass holes to him. Simon crawled to the edge of the bed and climbed up between Jamies legs. He put a finger on her clit and she let out a moan. Whilst slowly rubbing her clit he flicked out his tongue and rubbed it between her pussy lips. He started to get into a rhythm, his tongue darting in and out of her cunt whilst his finger rubbed her clit. He reached his other hand up and started playing with the girls nipples.

"Oh fuck girls." Jamie had to keep gasping for air. "This is amazing. He is better then the 3 of you put together! Ooohh mmmmmmm wow!" Simon had just run his tongue down to her ass hole and started to lick her dirty hole. "Fuuucccckk Simon, thats incredible" Jamie was in heaven. She had never had her pussy licked this good. Her and the other girls had playing with each other occasionally after naughty games of spin the bottle but this was something else. As Simon coninued to lick her bum he put 2 fingers into her pussy and found her g spot. Jamie was now writhing around on the bed, moaning and groaning. All of a sudden her orgasm was upon her and she let out an almighty scream gushing her orgasm all over Simon's face. Simon continued to lap at her clit for a few moments as she came down from her high. He then got up off his knees and passionately kissed Jamie. "Like the taste of your cum Jamie?" He asked cheekily.

Whilst in the moment, Simon had forgotten completely about the other 3 girls. He looked across the bed to them to see all 3 with fingers in their pussys bashing their clits. "Slow down girls," Simon said, "I'll make all of you cum soon" And with that he moved onto the next girl Hannah and began to slowly lick her cunt too.

Over the next amazing 45 minutes, Simon made each girl cum twice and the room reverberated with the sound of wet sloppy pussys and girls moaning. Simon was now getting eager to cum again so ordered all the girls up onto their hands and knees. Simon worked his way from one end f the line to the other. Pumping his cock in and out of each girls cunt for a few strokes before moving onto the next. He would get each girl close to cumming then move onto her friend. After 10 minutes or so, each girl was approaching her 3rd orgasm and Simon happily delivered. He was getting so close to cumming himself now. Barebacking these tight teen pussys was meaning he could feel his balls tightening. He had just made Cheyenne cm again when he announced he was going to cum and emptied his balls into her fertile cunt. He then fell exhausted to the floor. The other 3 girls then complained that Cheyenne has got Simon's cum twice. "Well theres plenty there for all of you" SImon said pointing to the cum poring out of Cheyennes pussy. And with that the other girls began devouring Cheyennes pussy.

What a night it had been. Simon had completely forgotten he had A-level revision to do!

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