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Rajni gangbang with bunch of black guys

I have been married to my wife rajni for 7 years. She is a very attractive woman with leg legs and small firm breasts. We have 2 c***dren and in general we are just an average couple but at times we do like to spice things up.

We were out in a pub getting her d***k enough to go to our favourite spot where she would let me screw her in the car while people watched from outside. It was several weeks since she had met one of her "colleagues" for sex and she'd got bored with our usual sexual routine so I knew she was up for a little variety. I noticed her eying up a bunch of black guys who'd sat down at the other end of the bar and as I turned to look at them it was obvious they were looking her over too.

When I went to get her another drink they made some crude remarks like "how much to fuck your bitch man ?" which I ignored. She drank her brandy and coke all the time flirting with her eyes and wriggling her skirt up and her blouse down so they got a good view of her sexy long legs and firm breasts. By the time she'd finished her drink and announced she was going to the ladies room I guessed our evening might take on a different course. She walked deliberately right past them, swinging her hips and turning back to smile at them as they made ribald comments about her body.

She'd told me once before how she'd never had sex with a black and would love to find out if it was true about how marvelously well endowed black guys are suppose to be. She came out of the ladies and made a bee line for them, her skirt hitched up so it almost showed her panties and her blouse unbuttoned almost to her waist so her gorgeous breasts were almost on display. The obvious leader or the group was slouched in a chair with his legs stuck out across the gangway and she stopped right in front of him one high heeled leather boot clad foot either side of his legs. Neither of them spoke as she just smiled looking him straight in the eyes.

He sat up slowly staring her down then slowly reached out and put his right hand on the inside of her right thigh just above the knee. She didn't flinch or stop smiling as he slowly slid his hand up, lifting her skirt as it went until it was clearly touching her crotch. I heard him whistle and say to his friends, "hey this bitch has no pants on and she's wet as fuck!". There was a lot of laughter and a flurry of very suggestive remarks while he lifted her skirt and studied her pussy while he slowly rubbed his fingers along her slit.

He stood up and there was a conversation I couldn't hear but they all looked in my direction and then motioned me over. I walked over wondering what the hell she had got into and with my cock already stirring in my jeans. rajni turned to me and said "we've been invited to a party." The leader laughed, "hell, we're all gonna fuck your slut wife crazy an she say she want you to watch!" They all laughed and made some more even more suggestive remarks.

The guys led the way out to the car park with rajni in the middle and me tagging along behind. I really couldn't believe she was really going to do this. There was a lot of groping her tits and squeezing her ass which she enjoyed and made no attempt to stop. The leader ushered her into the back seat of a new BMW and sat beside her immediately sliding her skirt up to reveal her shaven mound again.

He told one of his minions to go with me to make sure I found the right place and didn't phone anyone. We turned into a parking space behind one of a row of terraced houses in a run down, largely black area of town. rajni was already getting out, minus I could see her skirt and blouse so she was just shivering in her bra, pulled down so her breasts were exposed, and her suspender belt holding up the black stocking above the knee length brown boots. As I followed them inside one of the guys tossed me her skirt and blouse saying, "here she don't need these now but she might like 'em when you take her home."

Once my eyes acclimatised to the dim light I realised we were in an unlicensed drinking house that almost certainly doubled as a brothel as there were a couple of scantily clad black girls propping up a bar and three or four other black guys lounging in chairs. The leader took rajni by the hand and led her without much protest to a set of stairs at the back. He called out, partly to me and partly to the guy who seemed to be tending the bar, "hey bring a couple of bottles up, better hurry or you'll miss the first couple of guys fucking her!" The bartender put a couple of bottles of rum in my hand and I followed the sound of the feet going ahead of me up the dark staircase.

There was a guy barring the way into the room where they'd obviously gone but when he saw I was carrying booze he yelled into the room to see if I was allowed in. The leaders voice boomed back, "shit yeah let him see his slut enjoying some real cock!" When I entered the room rajni was already naked being groped by two guys one either side. The leader was just getting out of his clothes and laying back on a huge king size bed.

His cock was semi hard but it seemed like it already hung down almost to his knee. His eyes roamed over rajni's body as he drawled now bitch let's see what kind of cock sucker you are!" rajni didn't need any second bidding, she climbed on the bed, naked ass in the air and set to sucking his cock with a vengeance. The other guys hands were all over her, squeezing her breasts, fingering her pussy, laughing about how wet the slut was, how she had a very tight cunt and they would soon change that !

rajni started to pump her head on the guys cock obviously trying to make him cum but he just laughed telling her to keep going but he'd only cum when he was good and ready. One of the other guys climbed on the bed and lined up ready to put his cock up rajni's ready and will ing pussy but the leader growled at him that his cock was going to be the first to go in each of her holes!

The guy backed off sheepishly but a few minutes later the leader told rajni to stop sucking and show him what her cunt could do. Again she needed no second bidding and hurried to comply. As she took his cock out of her mouth I could see that it was huge, it must have been at least 11 inches and probably more. She sat down astride him pushing the head of his massive tool gently between what I knew by now would be spread cunt lips and lowered her self gently so that it entered her gushing hole. I heard her gasp and moan as it obviously stretched her more than she was used to. She checked with it about half in then pressed down firmly giving a little squeal as it slid right in her.

The leader growled now pump bitch, show me what that cunt can do. rajni's body rose and fell as she tried to work him to a climax. I heard her voice cry out "oh god...oh god...oh's's right up in my belly!" The leader selected one of his minions to stand on the bed so he could stick his cock in her mouth to stop her moaning. She bucked and heaved, pumped and thrusted but could not make him cum. He taunted her saying, "that cunt's too loose bitch, I'm gonna have to see if your ass is tighter!" At this suggestion rajni gave a little squeal and collapsed on his chest in a flurry of her own climax.

The leader laughed and humped her off the top of him to lie still convulsing with her orgasm on the bed. He helped himself to a large swig from one of the bottles and nodded to one of the other guys, "give the slut a drink!" The guys stepped forward grabbed rajni's hair and held her head while he face fucked her savagely. The other guys cheered him on until he gasped and obviously shot his load making rajni gag and gasp. The leader slapped her on the face, "lick up every drop bitch"

When she'd used her fingers to scoop up what had dropped on her breasts the leader told one of the guys to lay on the bed then made her bend over to suck him. The leader then got behind her and told her she had one last chance to make him cum before he ass fucked her. He played his cock up and down her swollen labia and over her engorged clit making her moan and writhe in ecstasy. He teased her several times by pushing it a little way in her wet cunt then pulling it out. He teased her saying "you want it bitch, beg for it!" He made her scream out "PLEASE......FUCK ME .....FUCK ME... PLEASE!"

He laughed making her yell louder and louder then, with a grunt and a thrust of his hips her rammed hard into her so his belly slapped hard against her buttocks. rajni shrieked in anguish as his cock tore into her. He pulled it out and turned to me..strip whitey...I wanna see your cock get hard watching me give your slut the fucking she deserves. As I did what he said, letting them see I was already rock hard I heard slap after slap each followed by shrieks from rajni as he hammered into her telling her each time he was going to keep ramming her till she could take it without a murmur.

I don't know how long he carried on ramming her but I know she climaxed twice more without him seeming to even get close. He broke off to take another swig of drink telling one of his men to take over fucking the slut she wasn't worth his time. The guy on the bed also swapped as he'd already cum twice in her mouth. The leader caught me surreptitiously wanking and threatened to cut my balls off if he caught me again. He made his guys swap round from time to time, a couple of them came inside her pussy and another one in her mouth. rajni herself came more times than I could keep count of.

Eventually the leader called in a couple more guys as his were worn out ( I think these guys had expected to be paying customers in the brothel but it was their lucky night). He made rajni mount one as he lay on the bed while the other knelt up for her to suck his cock, they were not as big as the leader but big enough! One of the other girls came in, a bit sulky at losing her customer probably, and the leader told her to put her hand under rajni's belly to frig her clit and make her cum. rajni started to moan "No, No more please, my tummy aches where Ive cum so much!" The leader just laughed and told he'd keep on till she made him cum.

He kept teasing her about how he was going to fuck her ass and she kept begging him not to because she was a virgin there and he'd damage her with his big cock. He changed the guys fucking her and brought in the other girl to keep frigging rajni's clit. rajni kept moaning..."Oh No...Oh god...Oh god!" And he kept teasing her saying he'd keep it up till she begged for it up the ass.

Eventually, almost u*********s with exhaustion, rajni gave in and mumbled....yes..yes..please fuck my ass... He whooped with triumph saying "louder slut louder" until she yelled out " YES..YES...I WANT YOU TO SHOVE YOUR HUGE COCK UP MY ASS!" He made me lie on the bed so rajni could drain the contents of her cunt into my mouth. He changed the guy lying on the bed again, who was all fucked out anyway, and made rajni mount a new guy standing over him on the edge of the bed. He made me kneel down and lick her ass to getting it moist for him with all the juices I'd licked from her tortured fully opened hole.

He lined his cock up while the rest of his men held rajni still then slowly slid in as she screamed in agony. He groaned that this was more like it as he slid slowly in and out making rajni shriek each time she felt his huge cock probing her belly. He made me kneel between her legs so i got a close up view of his cock sliding in and out of her ass while she was riding the other guy who's cock was in her cunny.

He taunted me,"you see how she loves a real cock in her, not that puny thing of yours, the bitch loves it she just loves having all three holes filled with real black meat!" I could tell from the moaning and the slurping that she was indeed enjoying sucking and being fucked and that against all the odds she was approaching her god knows how many climax!

The leaders thrusts were becoming more rapid and his breath was getting shorter. "Lick my balls wimp, make me cum in your slut wifes hungry ass",. I complied tasting the sweaty hairiness and trying to wank myself at the same time. With a yell and several more thrusts he finally came I think the other two guys had cum already. rajni lay sobbing and almost u*********s. He pulled his cock slowly out and held it to my face. "Okay wimp suck my cock clean of your sluts shit and Ill let you wank". I did as he asked but before I came he made me lie on my back so it shot all up my belly, Then he made rajni lick that up as I licked her clean.

She just about had enough energy to pull her skirt and blouse on, find her boots and drag herself to the car so we could drive home in the light of dawn with both her holes well and truly battered.

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