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Young indian wife groom 2

Could anything but just a few pictures really happen ? sarita slowly lifted up her skirt, allowing her stockings and white suspenders to fully come into view. She stopped at her panties, not sure whether she could display them. Seeing her obvious reluctance, Charles smiled, "Raise them all the way my dear, I need to see everything". She then raised her skirt up to her waist, allowing Charles to see what he wanted. He could tell that she had, as instructed, worn a white see through thong.

He leaned forward to get a better look and could clearly tell that this had become damp. Leaning back, he spent a minute or so just staring at her young married pussy. This was effectively the first time that any man had seen it, other than her husband, who was also staring at the damp pussy on display.

"Now turn around, I would like to inspect your bottom", Charles ordered. Without hesitation, sarita turned around. Kalpesh openly gasped at what he saw. Whilst it came as no surprise to Charles, Kalpesh now realized for the first time that sarita was wearing a thong. Indeed, she may as well have not worn anything since it just amounted to a piece of string that disappeared between her buttock cheeks leaving her entire ass on display.

And what an ass it was. It was, Charles thought, possibly the finest he had ever seen. It was beautifully proportioned, small as he liked it, and the skin was perfect, not a blemish on it. He leant forward to get a better look and this time he could not resist touching the goods. He gently placed his hand on her right buttock and slowly stroked it.

sarita gasped at the unexpected touch. She was now thoroughly turned on with what was happening. Her tits were heaving and she could feel her nipples were about to burst through her bra and shirt. Her pussy was now soaking wet. Charles continued to gently stroke her bottom, marveling at its perfection.

His big black hand almost covered the entire cheek, it was so small and perfect. Whilst he was stroking Kalpesh's young wife's ass, he noted that Kalpesh had said nothing. He too was obeying him. He would dismiss him shortly but first he wanted to continue to inspect the merchandise, turning the innocent young wife on in the process.

"Tell me my dear, have you ever had your bottom spanked?"

sarita was shocked by this question, "N-no, never". She replied firmly. Good indian middle class house wives go not get their bottom spanked. Do they? Without warning, Charles removed his hand from her bottom and taking it back, he brought it back down viciously on to her right cheek, spanking her hard. sarita let out a scream, this was entirely unexpected. Charles rapidly repeated the process on the left cheek, sarita screamed again.

Then whispering, so Kalpesh could not hear, he said, "All women need a good spanking, my dear".

sarita gently groaned at this, pussy getting even wetter. Charles then sat back to admire his work. Each cheek clearly had a big red imprint of his hand on it. Charles always preferred women whose ass would red easily after a spanking. When fucking a woman from behind, he often thought that the subservient bitch should be spanked hard, to remind her who was master. And bouncing red cheeks were a sign of that domination.

sarita had been shocked by the spanking she had just received, but now the warm afterglow seemed to be spreading through her loins. This kind of domination was something she had always secretly craved, but knew Kalpesh could never provide. He had always been a strictly missionary position man in the bedroom, and not someone who could dominate her as the bitch whore she secretly desired to become.

Was Charles the man to dominate her? God she thought so. But what about her husband, sitting just a few feet away. She could never be unfaithful, could she?

"Turn around" Charles ordered.

sarita slowly turned back to face Charles, still holding her skirt up, showing her now soaking wet pussy, something which did not go unnoticed by both Charles and Kalpesh.

"You may lower your skirt my dear. Now I think there is only area left that I have not yet inspected. I think you know what it is?"

sarita did. It was her tits. Her very large tits. Slowly she unbuttoned her shirt. The buttons seemed to pop open on their own accord, such was the pressure exerted on them by her massive breasts. She then opened the folds of her shirt to reveal her tits which were encased in what seemed an impossibly small, half cut, black see through bra.

They barely covered her nipples which in any event were clearly visible, as they were now fully erect and pointing though. The bra was indeed a size too small, Charles had ordered this, it was designed to make her breasts spill out and to make them seem even bigger then they were. sarita's breast rose up and down. She was both nervous and turned on. Charles leaned back and spent a full minute just starring at her tits, thinking what it would be like to have them wrapped around his now throbbing cock. He was amazed that such a slim girl could have such large breasts.

"What size are your breasts, my dear?"


"Just 36?"

sarita whispered, "No, 36 DD".

"Excellent. Excellent.

"Well cover yourself up, we have lots to be getting through and it is getting late." Charles had all of a sudden reverted to the professional manner of a lawyer.

sarita did her shirt up but as she sat down, Kalpesh noticed there was now a big difference in her demeanour. Instead if trying to push her skirt down to cover herself up when she sat, she instead crossed her legs, allowing her suspenders and legs to be on display. She had now left four buttons on her short undone, leaving a lot of her tits on show. She was still ignoring Kalpesh, instead just focused on Charles, who was going on about the money and writing out a cheque for half the $20,000. Kalpesh barely listened to a word.

After a minute or so, Charles had finished discussing finances, and again just looking at sarita, "Now my dear, we should adjourn to my studio where we can finish off with a few photos."

For the first time all evening, he then looked at Kalpesh and said, in a manner which made it clear there would be no room for argument, "I think your presence is no longer required this evening, we can take it from here. The studio is not really big enough for three, and as you can see sarita feels more than comfortable in my presence. Don't worry about her getting back, I will see to it that Smith drops her off."

He pointed to sarita. She said nothing, refused to look at Kalpesh and stared in to her lap, breathing heavily. With her suspenders and bra openly on display to Charles, he clearly had a point.

When Kalpesh was too stunned to reply, Charles got up and taking sarita's hand led her to a door behind his desk, a door that Kalpesh and sarita had not come in and one that Kalpesh had not noticed before. Charles's hand was on the small of her back and just before they went out of Kalpesh's sight, he saw the hand leave her back and rest on her ass, giving it a light squeeze.

For several minutes, Kalpesh sat in disbelief, not quite sure what had just happened. His wife was alone with a man who obviously wanted more than just photos. And she had, without even a whimper of protest, allowed it to happen. But he could have stopped it. He could have raised his objections to the obvious tactics Charles was using to seduce his wife. Why didn't he then try and stop him? Was it the threat of physical v******e that may have come his way from Smith? Or was it, that on some deep level, he wanted this to happen?

Before he could come up with an answer, Smith came in to the room. Looking down at Kalpesh and as menacing as ever said "Mr. Jackson has informed me that, despite telling you to leave, on reflection he feels it might be best of you observed proceedings with sarita and himself".

Kalpesh could barely hide his relief. sarita, when they got to the studio, must have realized the danger of the situation, being left alone with a men who wanted to sl**p with her, and insisted ohm her husband joining her. She would now never be unfaithful in front of him. Smith now led Charles out of the same door that Charles and sarita been through and down another long corridor.

They finally stopped at one of the doors, Smith opened it and ushered Kalpesh in. Kalpesh entered the room, it was pitch black, he was about to turn around to see what was going go, but Smith gently shoved him forward, and them slammed the door shut. When he tried to open it, he realised Smith had locked him in. What was going on? He was about to slam on the door when the lights came on.

He was in a small room that just had a desk and chair. On the desk there were 4 flat screen monitors, all currently turned off. Above the desk there was a large window which made up the entire wall and which looked directly into a photograph studio. The studio was huge, there were a number of lights which shone over a large double bed which was pushed up tight up against the window. There were a number of video cameras, high in stands posted in every corner of the room. At the back of the room, there was a desk, similar to the one in the study and a number of dark brown chesterfield leather chairs, but this time they faced the bed.

And in the studio there were of course Charles and sarita who had clearly already started the main work of the evening. Charles, had removed his jacket and sarita had already removed her skirt. She was now just dressed in high heels, stockings, suspenders, g-string, shirt and bra. Charles was fiddling with the camera, changing the setting, and sarita was standing near the bed and it looked like to Charles she was staring right at him, through the window.

When Kalpesh looked at her and shouted "What's going on?" She merely starred at him, with a blank expression, like he was not even there. She them began to adjust her hair, and check if enough cleavage was on show. She undid one more button and opened her shirt out so more of her tits were on view. Kalpesh then started shouting frantically, banging on the window, but still nothing.

It was as if she was just looking at a mirror. Then the full horror of what was happening dawned on him, she was just looking at a mirror, but it was not any normal mirror, the bastard had installed a two way mirror. Kalpesh could see everything whilst poor sarita merely thought that there was a large mirror above the bed. Banging on it did not help either, it was clearly several inches think.

Charles's depraved brain had thought of everything. There was nothing Kalpesh could do. Charles had of course deliberately planned this with Smith. He was now at his mercy and had to stay here and watch whatever he decided to do with his wife and there was nothing he could do to stop it. And of course sarita had no idea that her husband was just a few feet away watching everything.

She thought he was now on his way back to the flat. Whatever she did tonight, she thought Kalpesh would never know. Feeling sick to the stomach, Kalpesh sat down to watch the horror unfold.

Charles had finished with the camera settings and spoke to sarita "Now I want you to come to the end of the bed place your hands on it and spread your legs". Kalpesh could hear everything since the room had been wired for sound. sarita complied, bending forward and spreading her legs. She proudly thrust her bottom out and looked directly into what she thought was a mirror but was in fact, unbeknown to her, looking through a window at her husband.

Kalpesh looked at her, transfixed, her eyes were glazed over and she had her lustful look like he had never seen before. Her tits hung heavily down, almost spilling out of her shirt. Charles was taking pictures just of her ass. And then all the screens in Kalpesh's room that hitherto had been switched off suddenly came on.

They all showed various parts of the studio, and one camera had zoomed in on to sarita's ass. The video cameras in the room seemed to be remotely operated as they moved in the direction of sarita. Charles wanted to take a film of this and somewhere, Kalpesh assumed, Smith was director.

Her ass was framed by indian suspenders and her g-string had disappeared between her buttocks, leaving her entire bottom on display. It was still a shade pink after her earlier spanking. Between taking pictures Charles gentry stroked her ass, for no reason other than for his personal gratification. Kalpesh noted that sarita never once objected or flinched when his hand came to rest on her bottom. Indeed she thrust her ass ever further out to Charles, as if asking him to m***** her.

"Now turn around and take off your shirt." Charles ordered after a couple of minutes.

sarita got up and turned around so Kalpesh from the window could only see from behind. Thankfully Smith's direction enabled him to see everything on the TV screen.

For a moment sarita did nothing, she thought about objecting, she would now be just down to her underwear, but her hands quickly started to unbutton the remaining buttons on her shirt. She wanted Charles to see how sexy she looked in the lingerie had ordered her to wear.

Earlier in the day he had called to give her express instructions on what to wear. He had sounded so demanding then and made clear failure to comply would mean that she would not get the part. When he had told her to wear a half cut bra one size to small, she almost came there and then, knowing how huge her breasts would look to him. She handed him the shirt and he carefully placed it on a chair over her skirt, careful not to crease it.

"Beautiful my dear." Charles said, admiring her body. She stood upright so Charles could get a good look at her.

She was now dressed just in her underwear and heels and Charles was beginning to breath heavily as his eyes devoured her body. sarita stood impassively as Charles, towering over her, took in her almost naked body. He had now got a massive hard on which sarita had noticed and was doing nothing to disguise. He loved women in stocking and suspenders and heels. Indeed he ordered his secretary to always dress like this for him. She of course had been initiated into the Ivory Club and been fucked by Charles and friends for six months now, exactly the same time as she had been married.

"You have a fantastic body" he said, all the time taking pictures.

"Thank you."

"Your husband is a very lucky man. Has anyone else seen you like this, dressed just in your lingerie?"

"Er n-no. No one".

"Good, so I am the first.

"Now I want you to put your hands behind your head and thrust your tits out to me. No need to be shy now, that's it, my girl, you are a natural. It's not cold in here, but I see that your nipples are rock hard. Jake and Randy are going to love you." Her tits were now bursting in the small half cut bra to the point she thought they would burst through. sarita could not explain why it was happening but she was increasingly getting turned on by being ordered around by this black man.

She noticed the video cameras in the corner of the room were now focusing on her and were electronically operated by someone else. Oh my God, Charles was recording this and Smith, the butler, must be the one who was operating the camera from another room God, what had she got herself in to?

Charles continued to order her to pose in various ways, all the time taking pictures, often he blatantly adjusted his hard on, which was clearly straining his pants. She obeyed, without question. After a few minutes, Charles wanted more. It was clear to him that she enjoyed taking orders. Posing in heels, stocking, suspenders and bra was one thing, but it was time to get to the main event.

"Now my dear, I want you to take your bra off, and show me your tits". Charles ordered in a harsh tone.

This was the moment, sarita recognised. She was going to allow the only other man, other then her husband, to see her breasts. There were going to be pictures of this and a video recording. But if she took her bra off she did not know where it would end? She already felt under the control of this domineering man, what else would she make her do?

Her pussy was soaking at the prospect of this, being ordered about and giving herself to this cruel beautiful man. But she loved Kalpesh... She hesitated for a moment, since this was the first time since she had given Kalpesh any thought since she had left him in the study. Charles noticed that sarita did not move for a few moments, and sought to put her at ease, "Don't worry, Kalpesh need not know. We can show him the delightful shots of you just in your lingerie, and say we left it that. He need not know that you showed me your tits."

"But what about the pictures, and you seem to be recording this?", sarita said, pointing towards the video cameras.

"Kalpesh only needs to see what we want him to see. He smiled, looking at the mirror. "These pictures and video are just for me and my friends, men who want to appreciate and enjoy your body.

"Now do as I tell you and show me your tits. After all, it is what you want, isn't it sarita, you want to show me your big tits?"

His friends were going to enjoy them? Not just Randy and Jake? She shuddered at the prospect but rather than being appalled at the prospect, whispered "Yes", to Charles. God, she did want to show Charles her tits, and Kalpesh need never know...

And with that, she reached back and unclipped her bra and for the first time in her young life, a man other than her husband got to see her enormous tits. They were huge and perfect with no tan marks, sarita had always seen to that, they were pert with no hint of sag, with one inch erect nipples pointing out at Charles.

They were some of the most beautiful tits Charles had ever seen, and he has seen plenty in his life. It was not only the fact that they were huge and perfect, it was also the body they were on. Such a slim body rarely had such big tits. They seemed to be disproportionate to her delicate frame and out of place with her angelic look.

൬ DD, these are the finest pair of tits I've ever seen, sarita. They are marvelous. Are they real?"


"I must check, such perfect natural tits on a girl is rare indeed. And Jake and Randy insist that all their girls have natural tits. "

And with that, without even asking sarita, he went over to her and placed both hands on her breasts. sarita gasped at this. His big hands could barely contain them, they were so big. He roughly squeezed them and sarita moaned, loudly. He roughly flicked her nipples and shook her tits up and down.

"Put your hand behind your head and thrust them forward". He barked.

sarita complied, he let go and admired them. They looked even bigger. He now gently slapped her tits. sarita continued to moan.

This m*****ation obviously had nothing to do with her audition, but sarita still did not object or even contemplate walking out, she just continued to thrust her tits out to this cruel man,

He now could wait no longer, he needed to have this bitch and it was clear that she was willing to do whatever he wanted. With her tits slightly red from the slapping, Charles took a few more pictures.

"Turn around. Now, without bending your legs, I want you to remove your thong."

She turned around so she was facing what she thought was a mirror but was in fact a two way mirror with her husband on the other side. What she saw, and what her husband saw, was a wanton slut. Her huge red tits were heaving up and down, her face was pink with excitement. Her thong was soaked through as her pussy was gushing with excitement.

She was about to reveal her pussy to this man. After that, she knew he would not be just content with pictures. Thank God Kalpesh had left. Her fingers went into her thong and slowly she edged it down, never once bending her knees giving Charles a great view of her ass. She continued to look into the "mirror" to see what Charles was doing, and he was happily taking snaps, marveling at her stocking clad legs and ass.

Finally her young pussy was fully on display and it was dripping wet. She was thinking to herself that this would be it. There was no way she would be going any further than just showing off her pussy to this huge black man. She loved her husband. No way would she allow herself to go any further. After all, she was married and there was no way she was going to cheat. Or was there ?

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