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Indian wife arrest 2

Buck walks back in to the interrogation room. With a tall busty red head in a white doctors coat. behind him. She looks rashi over.

"Well well well look who we have here." She says as she puts on a pair of latex gloves.

"You know her?" Buck asks

"Oh yes I know her well. On your feet young lady!" rashi stands up.

"As you remember my name is Becky and I am in charge here. Do you understand?"

"Yes madam."

"Good now get up against the wall spread your legs." rashi submitted to her allowing her to search her. She started over her upper body feeling over her red sweater lifting and fondling her big tits several times. Moving down to her waist over her ass and between her legs. She kneels and searches down each of her legs. She stands back up and slaps her on the ass.

"I can't believe a fat ass like you was home coming queen. Lets go." Holding her by the upper arm she is taken back out in the hall. Buck follows them. A large black man was mopping the floor. He moves to the side so they can pass.

"Be careful Mrs. The floor is wet." rashi ignores him. He watches her as her fat ass sways from side to side. He puts his hand in to his pants and strokes his cock until she disappears in to the women's processing room. They stop at a counter where she gets fingerprinted. She is then led to a height chart and had her picture taken. Becky then slides a metal chair out from under a large metal table.

"Have a seat big tits." rashi sits and watches as Buck removes his gun belt and locks it in a file cabinet.

"Take your jewelry off." She hands her a zip lock baggie Buck stands in front of her and observes holding a camera. Sitting with her legs spread his eyes are focused on her big pussy in her tight jeans. She has that perfect camel toe look. Her watch,earrings,wedding set a gold chain and anklet are put in the bag.

"I'm going to examine you now. Open your mouth." She shines a flashlight in to her mouth and probes it with her fingers.

"I bet you've had a cock in your mouth today."

"It's more cock than you get."

"Don't be a smart ass." She takes the ponytail holder from my wife's hair. Her long thick and feathered blonde hair falls down her back. All the way to her ass and across her face. From the back she then reaches for the bottom of the red sweater.

"Raise your arms." The shirt is raised and taken from her. The camera flashes taking her picture in her lacey black bra. Becky waistes no time unhooking the clasp of her bra. rashi looks down watching her big 38D breasts fall free as the bra is taken. She looks up at Buck as he takes another picture.

"Like what you see stud?"

"Yes madam." My wife looks sexy as hell sitting topless with her hair down and legs spread and in her come fuck me heels.
As rashi sat nervous and naked from the waiste up. Her nipples quickly became erect as the cool air hit them. After her bra was taken. Deputy Buck stood in front of her taking pictures of her as each article of clothing is taken. She looks at his stiff prick straineing againest his tan uniform pants.

Becky reaches around her from behind and lifts and weighs her big tits in her hands.

"You sure have some nice tits." Buck comments. Becky all of a sudden gets paged.

"Don't let her get away. I'll be right back."

"Yes ma'mm. I'll keep an eye on her." Becky leaves. Buck puts the camera down and slowly begins unfastening his pants. rashi looked at his big and thick black cock. He steps toward her. She grasps it in her hand and strokes it a few times. She then teases it with her tongue licking it from his balls to the head before taking it in to her mouth. In and out she slowly works his cock. Giving him a deep throat blow job.

The black man that was mopping the hallway walks in pushing the cart full of cleaning supplies.

"Damn !!! Look at you boss man." Buck just smiles as the man begins emptying the trash cans. He then comes over with a dust mop pushing it around the chair rashi was sitting in. He stops at the red sweater and black bra that lay at her feet. He squats down to pick them up. Observing how she sucks his cock. He staires at her spread legs, tight jeans and high heels. He stands back up and begins getting his cock out of the bright orange prison jump suit he wore.

"Boss man you mind if I get some of that?" Holding and stroking his cock. rashi reaches for it with her right hand. She then lets Bucks go and sucks the other cock.

"Well just like high school I see." Becky said watching rashi giving the men a blow job.

"Tell us Mrs. Becky." Buck asks. "This girl sucked and fucked the entire foot ball team in a locker room gang bang."

"Don't be telling that!" rashi protests. Becky steps between the men and rashi.

"Boys I'm not through with her." Buck then reaches for his camera. Becky kneels down looking at my wife's high heels. rashi pushes her hair back out of her eyes as she watches Becky as she firmly grasps her right ankle with one hand and the back of her high heeled shoe with the other. She pulls it from her foot and takes the left one the same way. She inspects the inside of the shoes.

"You wear the same size as me. You may not get these back."

"I better those cost over a hundred bucks."

"I'll wear them when I go seduce your husband., Sense your going to be locked up for a while. By the way you can stand up now."

"You better leave my husband alone!" Standing up looking down at Becky. Becky gets busy unfastening rashis tight jeans.

"I cant believe how fat you've got sense high school." She comments as she pulls her jeans down. The camera flashes again getting a picture of her in her black satin panties and sheer black thigh highs. Becky reaches for her panties pulling them down. Showing her clean shaved pussy. rashi steps out of her panties and jeans. She watches as Becky peals the shear black nylons down her creamy white thighs and off her feet.

"Climb up on the exam table and get on your hands and knees." Buck and the prisoner both strip down while Becky lubes her fingers and works them in and out of rashis gaping cunt.

"Looks like someone with a big dick has been fucking you." She then fingers her ass hole.

"Get on your back." Becky goes down on her sucking her swollen clit and fingering her at the same time.

"Ohhhhh That feels so good." She shakes having her first orgasm. Becky adds some more lube and inserts four fingers in to her sloppy wet pussy. Her entire fist goes in.

"Damn! Buck you see that! She got her whole fist in her!"

"Yea I see it!" She pulls her hand out.

"Shes all yours boys." Buck takes her by the arm and leads her to the bed in the holding cell in the corner of the room.

"Get in the doggy position." He mounts her and slowly works his fat cock in her and squeezing her ass. The prisoner lets her continue her blow job on him. Becky takes the camera and snaps more pictures.

"Ohhhh yea baby you got good pussy pumping her faster and slapping her ass several times. His balls slap against her pussy. The prisoner cums in her mouth. "Ahhhh yea!" Cum leaks out her mouth and down her chin. "I'm fixing to cum!" Buck yells pulling his cock out and jerking off spraying his hot jizz all over her back. He gets up and looks at Becky as she stands naked waiting her turn with a strap on cock. She then mounts rashi taking a turn fucking her while the men recover.

"Fuck me harder you bitch!" rashi yells out. Becky pounds her until both men have strong erections.

"Okay guys get her on her back. One of you get under her and one on top. Fuck that ass and puss at the same time."

"No! Please no! Its to much!" They get her in position. They stretch her tight ass as Bucks cock gets in her. "Oh that ass is tight!" As he fucks her. The prisoner gets his cock in her pussy. "Ugh...Ugh....Ugh" rashi grunts as both her holes are getting stretched out. A short time later they all three come to a massive orgasm. Filling her pussy and ass up. Cum leaking out of her. They both get off her.

"Look what ya'll did. Shes a fucking mess." Becky straddles her. "Eat my pussy bitch!" rashi licks and tongue fucks her sex hole. "Yea that's the way." rashi takes hold of her clit and sucks it until she cums.

"You eat pussy good. You will fit in fine in jail." Becky leads her to a open shower stall. She picks up a sprayer and sprays her down for body lice.

"Wash everything off. And get all that makeup off. You look like a shot out whore." As she showers Becky, Buck and the prisoner gets dressed. She then is handed a towel. And led back to the height chart and scale. Weighing at a plump 150lbs. and standing at a height of 5ft. tall The camera flashes two more times as she has nude mug shots made. Becky hands her a orange t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. The shirt barely covers her fat ass.

"Lets review have a seat." rashi sits down in front of Beckys desk. Becky opens up her file with pictures. "I love before and after pictures." The first one taken as shes brought in the door in her trench coat, hand cuffs, pony tail and heels. pictures 2 and 3 mug shots dressed with full over done makeup. The rest were one picture as each article of clothing was taken. Several pictures of her being fucked.

"You better be a good girl. If you don't want your husband to see these." The last ones were just taken nude and spent looking. She lays the pictures in front of rashi for her to see.

"You can tell you got totally transformed over the last hour." rashi looked at the pictures and then at her. "A few short hours ago. You were a young, confident, sexy woman on her way home. , Things sure can change fast." Buck puts a pair of hand cuffs on her. "We will let you get dressed up for court next week. Then we can do all this again. Take her away."

Buck leads her to the men's cell block first to show her off. as he leads her back to the door every cock was being stroked and cum was splattering at her feet as she walked by. She was then led to a cell to wait for her court appearence.

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