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Indian wife arrest

100% fiction!

It had ben a fun party and a long work week. But Rashi was anxious to get home and get out of her high heels, tight jeans. Relax in the hot tub with a glass of wine. Is what she wanted. She exits the freeway. On to the country road. 10 more miles to go.

Blue lights appeared behind her. She pulls her black Ford Mustang over. She reaches for some g**** bubble gum and lights a cigarette. Hoping it would hide the alcoholl smell on her breath. She gets nervous waiting for the deputy to approach the car. Letting her window down. The toxic funk of her cigarette smoke escapes. Along with the g**** bubble gum, booze, Chanelle N5 and the scent of sex. Since she did have a good hard fucking from her boss at the party.

"Mrs. I need to see your license please." Rashi fumbles through her purse and hands over her license and felon card. He returns to his cruiser to radio in her information. Several issues goes through her head. Knowing her previous d**g offenses will show up along with two D.W.I.'s. But she also wondered about the black cop. Livening in the deep rural south she had never encountered a black cop before.

Wearing a cheerful red v-necked sweater. She opens her black leather trench coat. And adjusts her top so he could get a good view down her shirt. Maybe he will let me go she hopes.

"Mrs. Modi I'll need you to step out of the car please."

"Why?" She asks noticing his eyes are on her breasts.

"Sobriety test ma'mm." She carefully climbs out and walks to the front of his car. He puts her through the paces of the test. Balancing on one foot then the other, walking a straight line toe to heel counting out loud, the finger to nose thing. A cold light rain begins to fall.

"Mrs.Modi you're under arrest for d***k driveling. Put your hands on your head and spread your legs."

"But I'm not d***k! Honest...Ugh....Like this is hard to do in heels." He shines his flashlight down at her feet and studies her sexy black 5inch peep toe pumps. She notices his throbbing erection bulging in his tan uniform pants.

"I see what you mean. Take them off and try again."

"No way! Its freezing and wet out here. I got a new pair of hose on."

"Thats fine. You can look forward to taking them off at the jail. Now assume the pose." Rashi submits to him. He frisks her slowly feeling every inch of her clothed body. He gropes her big tits and squeezes her pussy.

"Hey! Shouldn't you have a female deputy do this?"

"She will at the jail." He kneels and feels over her legs. She looks down and watches him caress her nylon clad ankles.

"Mrs. Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings tonight?"

"Thats none of your Damn business!" He laughs and puts the cuffs on her. He puts her in the back seat of his car.

"I'm going to search your car now?"

"No! Don't you need a warrant for that?"

"Nope I sure don't."

"I bet you got a big dick. I'll suck it for you."

"Thats a tempting offer. I'll add bribeing an officer to your charges." He searches her car and finds an assortment of d**gs. Cocaine, crack cocaine, meth and weed.

"Your in big time trouble now Mrs.Modi."

"I'll let you fuck me."

"Your going to jail! Now shut up! Before you get in more trouble." Minutes later they arrive at the back of the station. Holding her by the upper arm he pushes a red button on the wall. A loud buzzer goes off and the steel door opens. They walk in the heavy steel door slams and locks. The erotic click and clack of her high heels echoes throughout the building.

Everyone turns and stairs at the sexy blonde as she is e****ted to an interrogation room.

"Mrs. My name is sgt. Buck." Introducing himself as he removes the cuffs. He then takes hold of her trench coat and helps her out of it.

"Have a seat Mrs. Modi" Two detectives comes in to question her. Buck leaves. An hour passes. Unable to cut a deal with her about who shes dealing d**gs for. So processing her in to the jail will continue. Part #2 will come later.

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