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First time MMM

Having finally gotten up the nerve to experiment a little I was becoming more comfortable with men. I still was not ready to tell anyone that I was bi yet, but I was really enjoying my experimenting.

One afternoon I had a couple of friends over and we were watching baseball and having a few beers. Both of them are decent looking guys, in pretty good shape, and into sports. We first met when we were on a softball team together, and we get together pretty regularly to watch a game or 2.

After the first game I threw a few hamburgers on the grill and we drank a couple more beers while I cooked. After a few minutes Will had to go in to take a leak. A couple of minutes later he was walking out of my bedroom as we were walking back in, and I almost dropped the plate when I saw what was in his hand.

"So, you have been watching 'Bi-Bi For Now'? That is a surprise."

I just stood there for a minute, and then said, "Ok, look, I wasn't going to say anything, but I have messed around with a couple of guys since my divorce. Long story, but I just needed to see what it was like."

I set the burgers down and took a long draw from my beer.

"Man, it's OK," Will said. "I don't really care what you are into, it really isn't any of my business."

Mike hesitated and said "Yea, I understand, I can't say I haven't checked out a dude online a couple of times. Not my thing, but it's cool."

After we ate and started watching another game Will offered to go grab some more beer, and he headed out the door. For a minute there was a tense silence and Mike said, "You know, I am not saying I want to try anything, but I have been checking out a lot of guys online, and have even done some cam 2 cam a couple of times. I have also watched a few bi movies online, so I totally get what you are into."

"Have you been with a guy yet?"

"Yet?? No. Not really planning to be."

"Yea, I wasn't either."

I changed the subject to keep him from getting uncomfortable until Will came back. Finally Will walked in, put the beer down and said "OK, I need to tell you guys something, I have been surfing some gay sites, and I almost met up with a guy a few weeks ago, but lost my nerve. I guess I am bicurious or something, but I just wanted to get that on the table."

We all sat there silent for a minute and I broke the tension, "Do you want to borrow my video?"

We all laughed nervously. "Well, to be honest, if you were into messing around with me I want to experiment. Will- sorry to make you uncomfortable, but I just had to talk about it."

"Well, from what Will said he may want to watch us."

Will turned bright red. "I don't know guys, I may call it a night."

"Well, I could put the movie on and we could watch together. Maybe jerk off together just to get more comfortable."

Mike was really into it, but will said he would try but did not want to undress or anything.

I went over and started the movie and came and sat next to Will. Mike sat on the chair and stared intently at the movie.

After about 15 seconds the screen was filled with an ample cock getting sucked by a man who could be a model. Will was already hard and his cock was straining against his shorts. He started to stroke himself slowly. After a minute or 2 I slid my hand over and started rubbing him. He moaned loudly and laid his head back.

After stroking him for a couple of minutes I told him to stand up. When he did I helped him pull off his shirt, and I licked his nipples, and started working my way down. He was having so much fun that It made me want to cum.

I slid his shorts and underwar off and started licking and playing with his cock. I looked over and Will was hard as a rock and trying to contain himself. I reached over and started rubbing his leg. At first he flinched, but then he settled down.

I let Mike slide his cock into my mouth and Will's cock about ripped through his pants. I asked him to stand up. When he did I could see his cock straining to be free. He opened his fly and I pulled him forward. I started stroking both cocks and alternated licking them.

Both men were hard as rocks, and I could tell they were not going to last long. I started suck them - one then the other. I could tell they were having fun, and I looked up and they were kissing each other as passionately as anyone could kiss. Then I felt Will shudder, and his sweet, hot cum started shooting on my face and hand. Before I could move Mike buckled and shot a huge load in my mouth, then on my face and chest. I thought he was never going to stop spurting.

After I had miked both cocks I stood up and had them get on their knees. I started stroking right in front of them, and both Will and Mike took turns licking my cock until I started shooting my load. I really dont remember when I have seen myself shoot that much cum before, and I was spend when I finished.

We all got up and got ourselves cleaned up. We chatted some more, and then we went up to my bed and crashed onto my bed. Through the night we rubbed, sucked and kissed each other off and on. By morning we were all sour, but satisfied.

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