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First Semester- Grad School; new place-new roommat

The last few weeks before graduation everything seemed to be coming unglued and to be falling apart all around me as I was trying to study for finals, not lose my boyfriend (& to a different college...not a different girl), and keep my sanity after our place was robbed in the midnight hours as my roommate and I slept in the next rooms of the house.
I got good scores on the finals and last thesis. I lost my boyfriend in that last week of school, he decided to take the scholarship-grant research route, less than 12 hours after being accepted to Cal Tech, he was packing and showing me his airline ticket and waving me goodbye from the airplane window. And this added to the fact that the burglar had been my roommate's boyfriend, knowledge that came to light in his painfully long series of sweeping spirals down the madness sky into the inner hunger of the meth mania of an addict.
This year...starting grad school fresh and cleaned my slate. New house, new roommate, more serious study...and I've replaced that old boyfriend, with my new neighbors: a MAN-friend and his amazing, brilliant and hot wife. We three just clicked the moment we met the day I moved in; though the food, the music and wine helped in their awesome, renovated Southern home, when they invited me for a "sl**p-over", as my electricity hadn't been turned on yet.
That first night in their bed was like a fantasy, that I'd never imagined, come true. Their intensity grew from a kernel of Eros, stirred with warm breath on the ear only to evolve into a dropping, sliding kiss...running down the length of her sighing neck.
For that night, our first in a growing cyclone of sensual, love lust: their combined objective was giving me and my body the full experience of two people concentrating on giving me unimaginable pleasure. After the HS BJ's, the lezzie ''slumber parties', and the after school cum orgies and the glory-hole connecting our dorm with the dorm hall with some of the football player's joining the hackers in using that wonderful 'cockway' and giving us cum-curious/crazed cuties the boy juice we wanted so desperately...that was k**s play.
I've been making love with adults...and the difference is incomparable. Every time I let my mind wander on it...I keep running that first creampie I cleaned off and out of her still quivering and oozing mound, the mixed juices of their mutual orgasm. The creamy texture warmed my tongue and coated my mouth as I got all their cum in sight before I made it take a big swish around my mouth with their combined load of copiously gathered love cream before swallowing it down with two large, viscous gulps. I'm getting 'that warm itch'...I'm gonna check, see if they're home yet.

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