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My little slut and I first encounter

Well today I sent a message to my sub to meet with me at a car park. She was already out so getting away from her home was easy for her, and I had errands to run. She was hoping that I would call her and although she went early with friend to a store she didn’t want to go to lunch with her. We had met the day before at a public place and had discussed some rules and things to be sure we both were on the same page. We were so it is all the better, well any way she went to the wrong park and found another couple getting it on. Although I may have stayed there this was our first time together. She now knows she is my SLUT. I will be training her in enjoyment of this lifestyle and look forward to taking her from the innocent inexperienced slave she is now, to the complete trust and proper training she deserves. I so look forward to reading her stories on here and hope you all enjoy them as well. She may not want to write them but I am going to make her or else!! So today after we met up I had her wear something that was easy to remove and put back on. Unfortunately she wore a padded bra to keep her ample tits inside. After I had her remove her sweatpants I totally inspected her pussy and begin to play with it. She was a bit nervous I could tell so I began kissing her softly, she started to breathe more restless as I continued. She had told me that anal was not in her experiences and that it hurt her. I then told her that I was big on an anal slave so she was not going to only be doing it but that she was going to learn to enjoy it beyond whatever her imagination may be. I was inside her wet pussy and continued to explore her while getting her even wetter and more excited. As she become more and more excited I began to insert 1 finger into her ass, (It is extremely tight), I begin thrusting and I see she is getting closer so I tell her she is not to cumm. She says then stop playing, I respond with a slap YOU! DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. As I continue she becomes more and more aroused. I then tell her I am going to turn her into my personal slut. I then ask her what she is and her response, “I am your slut“ to which I say does my little slut want to cumm. Of course she does so with a last thrust of 1 finger in her tight ass and 2 in her pussy I say cum for cum for me. Of course she does have a very nice orgasm. Now my fingers are totally soaked with pussy juice and I have to go home to my wife like this. I say I can’t go home smelling like this so what do you propose to do to fix this. She immediately begins to suck the pussy juice of my fingers and hand like a good slut, so far I am impressed with this sub. After of which I begin to drive off with her in the car, at which she starts to pull her pants up. A quick slap stops her I then tell her she is to play with herself exposed as we drive down the highway. She is to cumm when she can and if she has not by the time we get to the next exit she will continue till we get back to the park, only we will be driving through the city on the way back to her car. Well as she cums I pinch her tit very roughly and a truck is passing us. I hope she enjoyed as much as I did. After we get back she is eager to please me so I lay back for my first of many blow jobs from this slave. She proceeds to not only start sucking but she continues to take my entire member into her. I soo am enjoying this as she gets more comfortable to continue. After a few minutes of this I really must be going by now so I have her take both my balls into her mouth as I pump myself to an orgasm. Now I knew exactly what I was going to have her do after I shot all over my belly. She must have known because she immediately began cleaning my belly and penis up with her mouth taking all of my sperm like a good slut I do believe she is going to turn out to be a very good slave, we dress and continue talking, I turn on xhamster and show her some things that kind of scare but yet excite her. I then instruct her she will create a profile on here naming me as her owner, we will set up the account and she will friend request to my name at which point I will have her passwords to all of her accounts, she will be my slut only no one else may use her without my permission. She will not play with her pussy and I am going to start giving her reading and writing assignments. She shall not call me, she can email me and we will continue this very long term. I truly hope she enjoyed herself and I look forward to continuing to learn her limits and train past them. Her ass is for my pleasure only, her husband may not use it till I have given permission, at which she says he doesn’t like that anyway (WHAT IS HE CRAZY) she is very tight there. Well after some proper training I will not be the only one to enjoy I may make her let him have her that way at least once. Just so she knows who owns her in time and that she is truly under my control. We will see how it goes. At any point as we part ways a truck pulls in and he is too late for the show. I call her after we parted and she said yes she had a wonderful time. She felt relaxed and that she also can’t wait till the next time. I then tell her that she will be writing about us in her page and I look forward to comparing her story to mine. Till the next time I am so taking a chance of my own wife finding that I am writing this while she is in the next room. GOT TO RUN bye for now.

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