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The Slut Wife - Chapter 15

The party was at the most luxurious hotel in the city and no expense was spared. I wore a silver, tight fitting dress with an open back that gave me great cleavage. Amber was dressed in the shortest black minidress and looked beautiful. We were having fun badmouthing the other wives there, they were so plain and boring. A large contingent of the Japanese company was there and Gary and hubby were especially concerned about making sure everything went well. My husband had gained power and so the other wives were nicer to me now…those bitches. I could see their husbands ogling my boobs. I knew they remembered that day at the retreat where I fucked them all behind their wives’ backs. But now I was fucking bigger game. They’d really have to do something for me before they touched my ass again.

The contingent were all men, about 20 our so. Most of them were what I expected but there was one man, he was about 6’ 2” and muscular. He seemed to be a personal assistant for the CEO, Mr. Sugimoto who was there. He was very gracious when I was introduced to him but I could immediately see where he was starting at my boobs, which is what I wanted. During the night I noticed him looking at me, burning a hole in my dress with his eyes. Later on I saw hubby and Gary go into a room with Mr. Sugimoto, probably to talk business. About 15 minutes later they came out and I saw them walk towards me. “Baby, can we talk for a minute?” my husband asked and we went to a quiet area outside of the ballroom, into an empty area. He looked nervous.
“Baby, Mr. Sugimoto wants to do the deal but he told us it was based on one condition.”
“What?” I asked.
“He wants you to go to his suite tomorrow evening and…spend the night there.” I stood there shocked. It was bad enough that I let Rick pimp me out like a whore so I could satisfy my lust but now my husband wanted me to do it?”
“What?!?!” I finally snapped. “You want to whore me out to that…short fat man…so you can make a deal?”
“Baby, there is a lot of money riding on this, I’m guaranteed a VP spot if this goes through. We’ll be able to move into a nicer neighborhood, better schools, everything.”
The fucker, talking to me about how this benefits the little ones I thought.
“Okay, I’ll do it. But you and Gary and the whole fucking company owes me big time! You understand?”
He smiled, almost relieved. “Thank you baby, it means a lot to me.”
“I know it does” I snapped back.

A limo was sent to pick me up and I wore a trenchcoat as I entered the limo. It was driven by his assistant who said nothing. I was taken to the hotel and e****ted by him as well. He knocked on the door of Mr. Sugimoto’s suite and I tried to relax. I’ve done this so many times that I thought of it as just another client. The door opened and it was Mr. Sugimoto himself dressed in a silk robe. He looked at me and smiled and motioned us to enter. I entered and he led me to a central area and I was surprised by what I saw: The entire contingent was there…all 20 or so men…all dressed in silk robes! I don’t know if my hubby knew this was going to happened but if he didn’t tell me on purpose so I’d agree to it I was going to get even with him.

“Ms. Smith…you know why you are here. Make us happy and the agreement will be final. Disappoint me and, unfortunately, the agreement will not occur.” Mr. Sugimoto said. “I understand” I said and began to slowly undo my trenchcoat, all those eyes starting at me. I had done research on what Japanese men mike like to see and Amber and I had scurried around finding the right outfit. As the trenchcoat slipped I could see their eyes go wide. I was wearing a Japanese schoolgirl outfit: Very short pleated plaid skirt, white stockings that went up just below my knee, black shoes, a tight, fitted white blouse with a scarf that matched the skirt. I even wore plain white cotton panties to complete the outfit.

“Very good start Mrs. Smith” Mr. Sugimoto said. He looked at the contingent and said something in Japanese and the men simultaneously undid their robes and dropped them to the ground. I had never seen so many naked men in my life all at the same time! He then looked at his assistant and nodded. “Mrs. Smith, my assistant Harada will…prepare you for the night’s festivities.”

Suddenly Harada moved behind me, trrned me around, grabbed my blouse and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere! He then reached and began to massage my boobs roughly with his big hands, squeezing and kneading them. He then pulled my bra down so my big boobs plopped out and the men became very excited. He continued to massage them and pull on my nipples, squeezing and stretching them. Then Harada pulled the blouse off of me and undid my bra and let it fall to the ground. Grabbing me by the hair, he led me to the center of the contingent as Mr. Sugimoto followed. I could feel all those eyes bore into me as I walked past them. We stood in the center of them as Mr. Sugimoto nodded to his assistant again, pointing at his crotch, he barked an order in Japanese. I didn’t need to know Japanese to know what he meant. I reached up and undid his pants as he took off his coat and shirt. I pulled down his shorts and was startled at seeing a very large cock! Almost as big as Jake’s! I reached up and, putting it in my mouth, began to suck on it.

The men had surrounded us by now as they watched me suck on this man’s large cock. It was so stiff and perfect I couldn’t help but try to get as much in my mouth and throat. He didn’t say anything but simply guided my head down, though not roughly. I sucked his cock as hard as I could, This deal was up to me and me alone. I wanted more money and a better life and I wanted to get back my revenge on hubby for this. Things were going to be different from now on.

After a couple of minutes, He pulled back and, moving behind me, he pushed my shoulders down so I was bent over then moved to the side of me and had my head in some sort of headlock. He moved my hand to his cock and barked an order and I began to stroke it. He then reached down and pulled my panties down to my knees and began to spank my ass hard. He spoke to me but I didn’t understand what he said. He spanked my ass hard for a solid minute before stopping…my ass felt like it was glowing. Then he lowered his hand to my pussy and it was soaking wet by now. He thrust in two fingers, then three and began to finger fuck me. I could hear the men talk excitedly as he used his fingers to to fuck my pussy. He let go of my head and barked another order and put his fingers in my face and I opened my mouth, knowing what he wanted. He shoved them in as I sucked on them, tasting my pussy. After a few moments he led to what looked like a massage table and made me bend over it. He moved behind me and it was only a moment before I felt that massive cock enter my pussy.
“OHHHHH!!!” I exclaimed as he simply thrust hat huge hunk of meat in me. “Don’t act surprised, Mrs. Smith, I am sure you have had many large men like Harada inside you” Mr. Sugimoto said. Somehow he had guessed that I was slut. I realized that was why he picked me. He was going to treat me and humiliate me like a slut as well. Harada began to pump me fast and hard and grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms back, lifting me up. My boobs were barely on the table when Mr. Sugimoto came up in front of me and began to fondle my boobs. “Nice and heavy” he said. “You were an excellent choice.” Harada kept pounding me, holding both of my wrists behind my back with one hand as he spanked me hard with the other. He fucked me so hard and strong that before long I came. The men were excited about this and moved closer. After a few minutes I could feel Harada harden and he came inside me. I could feel his hot cum shoot inside me as he pounded away. He came so much! After about a minute he quickly pulled out and my pussy began to drip his cum out of my pussy and onto my leg, drip on the floor. Harada then grabbed me by the hair again and lowered my head to the ground were the cum had splattered and barked at me another order and I knew what he wanted, so I opened my mouth and licked the cum off of the floor! I licked up every drop, enjoying the saltiness and freshness of his cum. Afterwards, Harada grabbed my arm and motioned for me to get on the table and I lay there, panting, cum on the inside of my legs, turned on.

Afterwards the assistant lifted me up and made me lay on top of the table on my back and spread my legs and began to fingerfuck my pussy again. I was soaking wet now and Mr. Sugimoto barked another order and the men suddenly lined up in front of my outstretched legs. The first man moved up to me and I could feel him slide his cock into my pussy. A man moved to each side of me and put my hands on their cocks so I could stroke them as well. The man fucking me was pumping hard and before long he pulled and, stroking his cock, came on my tummy. It was hot and sticky and he was straining to get as much out, he then moved aside and the next man slid his cock into me and began to fuck me fast. Suddenly, I felt one of them men grab my foot and rip open the stockings, exposing my feet. He then began to suck on my toes as he stroked himself! Before I could see anymore one of the men I was stroking grabbed his own cock and began to pump it faster. He grimaced and, with his cock pointing at my face, let go of a long rope of cum that landed squarely across my face, from ear to ear! He stroked but not much else came out. The other man pulled back and he blasted cum onto my boobs! Lots of cum gushing over my boobs! I could hear Mr. Sugimoto say something to him and they both laughed. The pigs.

The man sucking my toes suddenly began stroking himself faster and he came on my foot! Another man followed his example and started rubbing his cock on my other foot. The man fucking me pulled back and moving to me came on my boobs and neck as another man moved and began to fuck my pussy too. This went on for hours as the men took turns fucking my pussy and cumming on me. One man pinched my nose shut and when I opened my mouth to breathe he came right in my mouth and I began to choke on his cum a little bit. The men laughed and kept fucking me and cumming on me, over and over again. It was an endless fountain of cum and my body, face, neck, everything was covered in a layer of sperm. I love sperm but it was too much. I know it was done to humiliate me and dominate me and I did feel humiliated but seeing these men keep stroking themselves and making themselves cum was hot too.

When the last man came on my face Mr. Sugimoto motioned to his assistant who grabbed my ankles and pulled them so that they were even with my ears! I then felt a sharp slap on my pussy. Again! It hurt. It was Mr. Sugimoto.
“American wives are baita…whores. I enjoy making Americans demean their wives for the sake of money.” Mr. Sugimoto said to me. He then began to slap my exposed ass hard, really hard. He was strong.
“Your pussy is not worthy of my cock but your round, plump ass, I enjoy it!” He said as he kept spanking it. I could feel it was glowing hot from his spanks/punches then he stood in front of my exposed ass and slid two fingers into my soaking pussy and then used the juice to lubricate his cock. He then took his fat cock into my ass and began to push hard.
“Your ass is not as tight as a virgin’s, you have had many men fuck you there!” he sneered and he was right. So many men and, especially those Brazilians, my ass was no longer as tight as it had been before. He slid his cock in and began to fuck my ass hard. He pumped me for a few minutes then pulled out and, moving to my face he said “suck my cock baita, suck it from the dirtiest part of your body!” and I couldn’t help not to suck it. I enjoyed it and he was moaning in pleasure. I began to suck his cock deeper, it wasn’t that long and it was easy to get it all in my mouth. He held my head and then started fucking my mouth.
“Yes you American slut, you dishonor your husband and your c***dren by being such a whore.” and he was right. I had become such a whore that, if anyone found out, I’d be an outcast. But I couldn’t help myself and I sucked faster at his demeaning comments.

After a few minutes he held my head in place and growled as he emptied his balls into my mouth. It was a lot of cum! It was hard not spilling any but I didn’t want to disappoint him. After a short while he pulled out and said something to his assistant and he dropped my legs and I laid there panting, exhausted, my body covered in cum. I could see many of the men standing in a circle and they looked like they were stroking themselves but I couldn’t see what they were doing exactly. Just then they laughed and one of them formerly asked Mr. Sugimoto to come over and when he did he was handed something. He turned to me and I saw what it was: A wine glass filled halfway with what looked like sperm! The men had came into the glass while Mr. Sugimoto was fucking my ass and now he was walking towards me with it.
“Get on the floor on your knees baita!” he ordered and I did that, my legs trembling. I looked up at him and he handed me the glass.
“If you drink this, our business is finished and your greedy American husband will be happy.” He said. I hesitated. “Drink it!!!” he shouted.
I held the glass and I became nauseous. No, not now! I thought, but it was one thing to swallow a man’s cum when he came and another to drink what looked like a cup of sperm! But I knew I had to do it and, deep down inside, it was the most demeaning and humiliating thing I’ve ever had to do sexually and that turned me on. I was a slut, he was right. A slut that would do anything no matter how depraved. He knew that too.
I lifted the glass to my lips and began to drink. It was like goo and it had a hard time going down. I drank it slowly so I wouldn’t choke on it and slowly swallowed it all. After the longest minute of my life, I took the last gulp and finished the glass. I looked up at Mr. Sugimoto. “Was that all?” I said, not believing how bold I was to this man. He smiled at me and said “You are an uncommon whore. We should bring you to Japan to learn respect!” then he slapped me.
“Get dressed and leave “ Mr. Sugimoto said. “Can I…at least clean up?” I asked, halfway begging. He smiled “I want your husband to see you like this so he knows what the price was. I understood, I had given up any self-respect for money and power and lust. I felt demeaned but I also felt sexually powerful.

I wore only my trenchcoat and was driven back to my home. My husband was awake and was shocked to see me, covered in sperm that was hardening. The smell was overpowering. “How did it go?” he asked and I burned a whole looking at him. “How the fuck do you think it went? Your wife is covered in cum you fucker!! “ I snapped and then coldly said “You’ll all be happy, now leave me the fuck alone” and with that I went to the bathroom. I took a long, hot shower and no matter how many times I washed my hair and soaped up my body I couldn’t get the smell of all that cum out of my nose. Then I suddenly became nauseous. I wretched for a while, all that cum in me and after about 15 minutes felt the wave of nausea pass and I realized then what was happening. I reached up for that item that I bought at the d**gstore the other day to make sure but I knew now what it was…

Hubby’s cellphone had rang and he listened for a moment then said “that’s great! Thanks for letting me know Gary!” I walked out of the bathroom and he said to me “Baby, you did it. Mr. Sugimoto said that he was going to sign the deal in the morning! Isn’t that great news?”

I looked at him and I thought he was pathetic for worrying more about making money than men covering his wife with cum to get a deal done.

“Sweetheart, I have a little bit of good news too.” I said.

“Really?” he asked surprisedly, “what is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”

End Book One.

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