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I Was A Sex Slave

This one I had up before, but took it down. So I’m going to put it back up now.

It’s a warm summer evening, I’m laying in bed sl**ping (in the nude as usual) As I've always said I tend to sl**p very sound at night and rarely can be woke until I’m ready. This evening it was warm outside, so I had my window open. I was deep in my sl**p and the only reason I woke was someone laying on top of me. My hands were tied behind my back and I had been flipped over so they were underneath my back. The person on top of me was definitely a man. Because he told me not to bother trying to get away. He said he tied me up tight. Now the room was dark, he never flip the light on. I could tell that he was wearing Leather Pants and A Leather Vest. Also he wore Leather Gloves, I know this because his hand was over my mouth. Preventing me from yelling for help. Others smells wear his cologne, which was quite nice, and the smell of liquor on his breath.His Leather was stretching a lot, I could her the sound it makes. I love that sound (by the way) He said he was going to move his hand, and if I tried to scream, I was going to get it. (what I’m not sure) As he moved his hand is fore finger and middle finger slid into my mouth. He said for me to suck his Leather fingers. I did and he began to push his fingers in and out of my mouth as he did I slurped the Leather and caused a suction. He let me do this for a few minutes. Then he said you like that don’t you slut. I of course couldn’t speak because his fingers were in my mouth. So all the came out was #%$#%$&%$#!$#%%%. He took his fingers out. I thought so he could understand what I was saying. But before I could speak, his tongue was in my mouth, probing the inner depths. As he did his lips started sucking my lips. I had never been kissed so passionately before. I started to like it. But it didn’t last, he got up a moment and flipped me over onto my stomach. He lifted me with little effort. I felt like a little doll or something. Then he climbed back on and put his left hand over my mouth (still wearing the Leather gloves) I breathed into his hand and when I inhaled back all I could smell was Leather. Not with my mouth covered so I couldn’t scream he to his right hand and guided his huge cock into my little virgin hole. As he pried my hole open to enter, I let out a muffled scream, it hurt like hell, I won’t lie. I had never had a man’s cock in my ass before. He started out slowly moving deep into me (his whole dick was inside of me) And gradually started pumping faster and faster. His cock felt like it was on fire and that it was getting bigger with each stroke. I was starting to get lost in the moment and didn’t notice that he had removed his hand from my mouth and slid it onto my cock. Which by now was actually throbbing like hell too. He stroked it with his Leather Hand. As he got closer to cumming . I heard him whisper in my ear, (yes, you like that don’t you bitch, my cock reaming your tiny little virgin hole. I said God yes, he said call me Master. I said fuck me Harder Master. He said he was going to cum, we both did at the same time. He climbed off me and went in the bathroom. I could hear him peeing, it sounded like he was going to go on forever. It was then I notice, a cold, wet feeling on my ass. I thought to myself, he fucking left his cum inside me and it was slowing seeping out. This stuff was going to dry on my ass. When he came out I the bathroom, I thought he was going to use a wash cloth to clean his cum. Instead he shoved a gag in my mouth and walked toward the door. He stopped for a moment and turned and looked at me with an evil grin and said (you think about how it felt to have my huge cock in your ass. Next time it’s going to be in your mouth. And shut the door, leaving me their his cum all over me knowing he was coming back later to make me suck his cock.

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