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On trek

We used to do that often. Together for a few days hiking in the woods or mountains. I was roughly 10 years old and she was 25 years. Her breasts were already so fascinating. They were huge and went hard up and down as she ran. We usually went in the warmer summer months on trek. Consequently, we were sweating and puffing every day we continue under the warm sun. By the end of the evening we were looking for a place where we could store our tent.

We pitched our tent often next to a river. So we could clean ourself. We were completely naked and went swimming Without generating . I saw my s****r her big tits and her nice hairy pussy. I also had some pubic hair and my cock was harder. She said I was already pretty big for my age and found it odd that I had pubic hair. I was a little shy but beheld it as a compliment.

Now some years later I turned 19 and my s****r has received the beautiful age of 34. They suggested to do a trek the Easter holidays in the Ardennes. I did not know it but for some reason I wanted to see her naked again.

So we went for 4 days in the Ardennes for a nice walk. She was wearing a short and an exciting tip. The 1st day we had hiked to a campsite. There were showers and we went showered separately. Because we were so tired we went to sl**p quickly. We slept in the same tent. It was there pretty tight and hard to dress. She suddenly pulled her bra off and I saw her tits. My cock was hard and tried to hide. But she saw it and smiled at me. I pretended not to notice, and went to sl**p.

The other day we had to spend the night beside a brook. My s****r took off all her clothes and went directly into the stream. She asked where I was. So I pulled it off my clothes and went with a semi-rigid dick into the water. "Hopefully he will not go back smaller" said my s****r for fun. The water was not always so deep, so we often saw our genitals. She saw that I had shaved pubes in a stripe just like her. She said that my pubic hair still looked better than before. I was shy and said that I like her stripe too.

We washed each other in the stream and my s****r often rubbed my dick. He was growing. My s****r asked if I wanted her to wash her ​​private parts. I did it and could not resist trying to finger her sometimes. She moaned slightly. "Would you wash me otherwise with your tongue?" she asked me. I was surprised but actually my imagination came true. So I went with my tongue to her clit and began to play. She trembled a little and began to moan. "Put him deep in me" and moaned on. She asked to come right back. She started me what to jerk me off and licking my nipples. Slowly she went down a bit until they came to my glans. She began to lick. Not much later she stopped my dick deep in her mouth. I trembled hard.

"Now we have to barn our stripês" she said. And she grabbed my dick and lay down. "Put him inside me" she said. I was shaking hard but finally I did it. They also trembled and began to moan louder and louder. I knocked softly but her tits were all nice and down.

"You've got two minutes and then you cum on my tits"

I pushed harder and harder. They roared with delight and I felt coming. "Your two minutes are over!" and just at that moment I pulled my dick out and I came over her face and tits. "You're such a nice boy, I must do this more" she sighed after. I licked some cum off her tits and did a tongue with my s****r. Then we went to sl**p. The trek was still fun.

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