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A Savannah night

Crossdressed fully and very seductively in only fishnet thigh highs; hooker heels, g-string, garter belt, and bra, (all black), I had intentionally let the man walking around the motel parking lot see me. He'd stopped in his tracks, mouth open, and stared, as I stepped out onto my motel room balcony. I pretended to not notice him while giving him a really good look at my ass as I turned and went back into my room. A few minutes later he was back out in the parking lot again, pretending to be busy in the trunk of his car while glancing up toward my room. I knew I had me an interested voyeur and it made me hot! Again, out onto the balcony I strolled. This time, when I saw him glance my way I waved and smiled at him. He was a very handsome older gentleman. He waved back at me, and then crossed his arms and openly watched. I couldn't stop myself from wiggling my hips to and fro, knowing he was watching so intently. I began to touch myself as I swayed, from my thighs up to my breast prosthesis which was encased in my bra. The nipples were perpetually erect, and so were my own, underneath them. He walked straight up to my balcony and asked could he come up and join me. I told him in a soft voice that I wasn't a real woman, but a crossdresser. He said he thought that might be the case and that he was very aroused by that fact. So, I smiled and told him to come right on up! Without a word, when he entered my room, he embraced me and ran his hands down to my buttocks as he kissed me. He was on fire as he devoured my tongue and let his hands examine my body. I was so turned on that he only stroked my little package through my g-string a few times before my juices erupted in response to his eager and firm hand. He looked at his fingers now dripping with my cum before putting them into my mouth. I soon had him naked and I sucked his cock and licked his balls for several wonderful minutes and then he guided my to the bed and laid me down on my belly with my ass open to him. He lubed his fingers again with the cum from my discarded g-string and began to prepare me for him. I simply pointed to a bottle of lube already laid out on the nightstand. He played my ass pussy like a violin with his talented fingers. I couldn't wait for him to enter me with his beautiful cock, and when he did, I was so ready, thanks to his talented hand. It seemed that I was cumming the entire time that he was inside me, and I've never felt so wonderfully fucked. I begged him to save his cum for my mouth, so when he was ready, he pulled out and I swung around to my knees and looked up at him as he filled my hot mouth with his cum. I savored and swallowed every drop. I knew that I'd had the best sex I'd ever have in my lifetime. I still feel grateful many years later. I still quiver when I think of him. Thank you Barry, wherever you are! You're still the best I've ever had.

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