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Sucking My first cock

It all started earlier this week, I had begun to watch a lot of sissy hypnosis videos and training videos, mainly ones from Polish Mistress.

Every time I watch these videos, I usually would just end up masturbating or going on Cam/Phone with someone. But, after watching a 35 minute faggot hypnosis video, I was completely under the spell of the cock. My inner-desire took over after that.....and well this is what happened.

After being completely hypnotized, I went online and luckily enough found a dom daddy type guy in my area in a chat room. I told him I had never sucked a cock before, and this would be my first time. He was very happy about this, and made it clear he would use my mouth and treat me like the little bitch I was. After we exchanged some pictures and information, I logged off and went to go get ready for my first cock.

I wanted to look sexy for daddy, so I did my make-up, shaved everything and got completely smooth, put on my sexiest black-lace thong and matching garter belt/corset, and yoga pants/ugg boots. After getting dressed up like a fem-boi bitch, I called daddy and told him I was ready to meet his meat :D.

He arrived at my house around thirty minutes after I called him, I walked out to his SUV, feeling like a complete sissyboi. As I opened the door and got into his vehicle, he instantly put his hand on my leg and told me he couldn't wait to use my mouth and make me his cumslut. He was a very attractive daddy type, with nice muscles and a very sexy dominant voice. He talked dirty to me all the way until we got back to his place and he rubbed my sissy cock and balls too, I felt like a little whore, and was ready to slob on some daddy dick.

When we arrived at his house, he shut off the car and told me too wait, he walked around and opened my door, he told me he wanted to watch me walk in front of him. When we got into his house, he led me right into his bedroom and instantly put me on my knees. I was filled with excitement and nervousness, I couldn't believe I was actually about to suck my first cock.

He took his jeans off and exposed his big, juicy, daddy cock too me. I was reluctant at first, kind of in awe of his cock, but he helped me with that, grabbing the back of my head and ramming his cock into my mouth. I didn't have to think now, daddy was in charge.

The feeling as his throbbing dick slid into my mouth for the first time was something I'll never forget, complete submission. It felt so good to be on my knees, it instantly makes sense when a cock is in your mouth. Daddy played with my panties and lingerie too while he fucked my mouth, making me fully feel like his slut. Daddy really began to fuck my mouth when he saw my obvious enjoyment, I tried my hardest not to gag, as he thrusted his smelly rod in and out of my moist mouth.

It didn't take him long to cum, so I must have been doing something right :D! I was deep-throating his cock, all seven inches of it, for about five minutes and then I got my first load. He grabbed the back of my head so I couldn't escape, keeping me in place, he shot what felt like a gallon of hot, sticky, sweet, delicious cum all over the back of my throat and mouth. He made sure I didn't spit any of it out, and swallowed every last drop.

I felt hornier and more sexual than I ever have in my life, sucking my first cock, while dressed up as a little sissywhore. Daddy kept me at his house for hours, I sucked and sucked and sucked all night. He told me I was the best first cock-sucker he's ever had, and he wants to take my anal virginity too.

Now I know what it's like to be a true sissyboi, on my knees pleasuring a real mans cock. It's only a matter of time before I suck another one, and give up my virgin ass! Nothing is more satisfying than taking a huge load, from a juicy cock, and now I realize that.

Thanks for reading ^_^!

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