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My Mom at my Wedding Reception

There comes a time in every boys life when he realizes Mom is more then just Mom. Mom is a woman with the same needs as other women. For most boys it never goes beyond that point. But for some of us that point of realization coincides with the beginnings of our sexual awakening. We come to see Mom not just as a woman, but as a sexual creature. A woman to be desired, lusted after, the object of our masturbatory fantisies. For most thats as far as it ever goes. But a very, very, very few of us our lucky enough to get the opportunity to fulfill those fantisies.

I don't remember how young I was when I started messaging my moms shoulders, back and legs after she got home from work. But I do remember when doing it gave me my first hardon.

In the winter mom would turn the temperture up to 80 degrees and walk around the house in heavy fleece clothing complaining that she was cold. In the summer she would drive the temperture down to 65 degrees and walk around in just shorts and her bra and complain she was hot. Sometime when she was in her bedroom lying across her bed she would take of her shorts and leave on only her panties and bra.

Mom arrived home from work at about 3:00 in the afternoon. If school was in session I would usually arrive about 15 or 20 minutes later. My Dad didn't come home until at least 6:30. So when she got home mom usually lay down to try and take a short nap. If she was still awake when I got home she would usually call me in to message her and help her nod off.

I was 11yrs old when messaging my mom, dressed only in her underwear, I got my first hard-on. Once she was asl**p I ran to my room and started playing with my cock enjoying the strange new feelings. As time went on I started getting bolder.I would drop my pants and play with myself right there in her bedroom.
I was 12 when, standing next to her bed while she slept, playing with myself lead to my very first orgasim. By the time I was 13 I was sneaking down the hall at night to my parents bedroom door. Listening to them having having sex. I would then rush back to my room, usually stoping at the dirty clothes hamper and scooping up one of my moms used panties on the way. With her panty wrapped around my cock I would masterbate while fantising that it was me that had been fucking her.

I believe my moms decline started the day I graduated from High School. My mom was 32, and had long before given up any hope of having a c***d, when she became pregnant. My birth was a miracle for her. She called me her little man and I grew up as a Mommas Boy. When, at my High School Graduation Party, I announced for the first time that I had enlisted in the Marine Corps and would be leaving early the next morning she collapsed on the floor in tears. All that night I could hear her sitting outside the door to my room crying. With me gone my mom started drinking, heavely. It wasn't long before my dad could no longer put up with her almost constant state of intoxication and he also left her.

Near the end of my first enlistment I asked a c***dhood friend to marry me. Her name was Sandra (put everyone, even me, called her Sandy). Ten years older then my she lived in her parents house on the next block and spent most of her free time helping her mother take of her cripled invalid father. She said yes and we made plans to hold the wedding during the furlow I would recieve as a bonus for reenlisting.

My mom was very unhappy at the news. Unhappy that her baby boy was abandoning her for another woman. And even more unhappy that I was marrying Sandy, a woman she really hated. And her drinking became even worse.

On the day of the wedding my mom looked beautiful in a two piece gown made of silver brocade. She was sober through out the ceremony but once the reception began she started drinking. Double fisting her favorite drink, vodka on ice mixed with g****fruit soda, it wasn't long before she was sloppy d***k and beginning to embarress herself. My new b*****r-in-Law had what he called a 'Party Van'. A Volkswagon van with shag carpet on floor, walls and ceiling, heavly tinted windows and a thick soft cushion on the floor under the carpet. He took my mother and lead her out to the van, leaving her there to sl**p it off. About an hour later I sneaked out without anybody noticing and went to check on my mom.

When I got to the van I couldn't see inside because of the tinting on the windows. Opening the rear door it was pitch black in the van. Being unable to see anything in the darkness I climbed into the van. To my surprise the lights sprang on as soon as I closed the doors. My mother was laying on her back passed out. I shook her gently to see if she would wake up but she didn't stir. Shaking her again, very hard, all I got from her was a slightly annoyed groan. She never moved or opened her eyes, she was dead to the world.

The skirt of moms dress had hitched up almost to her waist and I could see the crotch of her panties. Seeing her like that made all the memories and desires of my c***dhood came rushing back. I could feel my cock getting painfully hard inside my pants. Grabbing her skirt I slipped it down and off of her. I then reached up and started unbuttoning the blouse. With the blouse open I reached for moms bra. Mom had always worn bras that unhooked in the front so I quickly and easly opened it. At last I was staring down at her naked breasts. The breasts I has fantisied about so many times. Leaning over I started sucking on one of her nipples, feeling it get hard in my mouth, against my tongue. Switching over I started sucking the other one. As I sucked on her tits my hand was rubbing the crotch of her panties. Still oblivious to what I was doing I heard my moms breath quickening, I could feel the wetness of my moms cunt starting to soak through the fabric.

Abandoning her titties I took hold of her panties and slid then down and off her legs. My mom claimed that pantyhose always made her sweat so she never wore them. Instead she had on a garter belt and stockings. I left those, and her high heels on because I thought they made her legs look sexier. Spreading those legs apart I lowered my face to her crotch. Pushing my face against her I stuck my tongue inside her licking her cunt. After a few moments I stoped licking and took her clit into my mouth and started sucking on it like I had on her nipples. Before long my mom, still unconcious began moaning.

I couldn't wait any longer. Quickly pulling off my pants and shorts I again climbed between her legs. Putting the head of my cock against her wet pussy I slid it deep into my mom. Finally I was inside her pussy. Finally I was doing what I had dreamed of so many times and so many years before. I know it was just my imagination but her pussy felt better to me then any I had ever fucked before. It seemed tighter and hotter and wetter and so wonderful. Excited as I was I couldn't last long and soon had an intense orgasim filling my moms cunt with a massive load of sperm.

Climbing off my mom I picked up her panties from the floor and used them to wipe my cock clean. Slipping my clothing back on I carefully folded up her panties and stuffed them into my pocket. Opening the rear door of the van I climbed out and closed the door behind me. Leaving my mom laying half naked on the floor, my cum oozing out of her pussy.

My mom never mentioned what she found or how she felt when she woke up alone in the van. But for the rest of her life, whenever anyone talked about the wedding, she would always ask if they knew who might have come out to the van to check on her.

I kept her panties and still have them today. Handwashing them I carefully hide them. Many times over the years I would think about mom and that night. I would take out the panties and wrapping them around my cock, like I had when I was young, I would masterbate myself. Just like how I have them wrapped around my hard cock right now as I slowly jerk-off.

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