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Girll next door

My neighbor was a tall, blonde and slender woman. She would normally wear business attire as she worked in an office.
She always looked sexy. Her name is Becky.

One night I was driving home on a back road when I pulled up behind her car, she had her hazard lights on. I got out to see if everything was okay and saw she hit a deer.
She had just got off the phone with the police, when she saw me. Becky seemed a little surprised, she must not of been planning on seeing anybody since she was already in her pj's.
The way the shear cloth d****d over her backside and in between her butt cheeks was incredible, her ass looked amazing. I could just barely make out her nipples poking through her white top in the dark.
Anyways after I was done drooling I asked her if she needed any help. She mentioned that the police were already on their way, but asked if I could drag the small doe off the road.
After that was done I was surprise that the police had still not shown up. I offered to stay with her, but she refused and said that she didn't want to hold me up. I told her it was not a big deal, but still no. Just before I went to get in my car to leave Becky stopped me, she changed her mind... As we were there waiting I could tell she was freezing from her shaking and her nipples being very apparent. I went and grabbed her a zip up, as I gave it to her she laughed a little and asked what I was going to stare at now.

I guess I was not as sly as I thought I was. I then took a couple steps behind her, looked right at her ass and said that I found something else to occupy my eyes. She laughed and then to my surprise started to slowly mover her hips. She started to dance in the most seductive manor, bending over, I could see the lips of her pussy outlined through her shear pants. I slowly walked up behind her and pressed my bulge against her butt as I reached around her and slid my hands up along her inner thighs. She pushed back with an upward then downward motion. Just then we saw headlights from a distance and had to stop. It was a cop, he stopped by and went through the whole process of reporting it.

It felt like it took forever until he was on his way. As soon as he was gone Becky and I looked at each other with little to say, we just got right back into things. Are clothes were half way off before we decided to move further out into the field. We laid in the high grass I moved my hand all over her breasts, gently caressing every inch of them.
I trickled my finger down her stomach to her pubic region. Becky was feeling my hard cock through my jeans. I teased her just shying away from actually touching her lips down there. She rolled on top of me and straddled over my leg. She leaned forward with her nipples just touching my chest and began to grind her vagina against my thigh. She then backed up and undid my jeans.
She pulled it out and started to give me the most amazing head. I was about to cum when I rolled her over, reached down and could feel the moisture seeping through her pants. I pulled them down.
I moved my fingers along the slit of pussy. I licked my finger and began to rub her clit in a circular motion while occasionally going in for the g spot. Her moans were soft and sexy.
It didn't take long before she was straddling my dick sliding up and down. I could hear the juices and the slapping sound of my balls against her ass. She moaned even louder now and I could feel her legs start to tighten up. I knew what was happening and the feeling of her cumming made me lose it.

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