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Hot Summer Nights

After I turned 18 this past summer I went to my first 18+ night at a gay bar on Saturday. No alcohol for those between 18 & 21. I was dressed in a grey jumper, with a white top, black lace panties and bra. I had thigh high black nylons & knee high black boots, with a shoulder length brunette wig and make-up. I looked pretty sexy if I must say myself. I ordered a Red Bull and sat off in a dark corner to people watch as this was my first time in a bar.

After a while a couple of middle aged men came over and started talking to me. They were complimenting me on how sexy I was. My drink was empty so one of them offered to get me a refill. For those under 21, our drinks are in red solo cups, over 21 in glasses. He came back with three glasses and poured one into my cup. It was Red Bull with vodka in it and I think it was a double as it burned. We continued chatting and I had three more drinks and was feeling it. They asked if I wanted to go out and get high and I said yes.

I got in their minivan and we drove out of downtown and found a place along the river to park. We all got into the back and smoked some weed. One put the joint into his mouth backwards and started to blow the smoke into my mouth, getting closer until our lips touched & I took it from his lips. I turned it around and gave the other guy a shotgun until our lips touched and he took it from my mouth. After finishing the joint, they started to run their hands over me, kissing me deeply. One hand ran under my jumper and felt my panties and my bulge. He started to rub it until it was hard. He told me to remove my panties so he could see my cock. They both laughed a little as it was only 5½“and they unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks both of which were 8” or better.

They asked if I wanted their two cocks and many more, my eyes light up as I said yes. They told me to put my panties in my purse as they got dressed. They rolled a couple more joints and we left the van and walked over to some stairs that went down to the river. When we got to the river flat there was a trail to follow. We came to an open area surround by trees with bushes here and there with several men walking around, some jacking off, some sucking or being sucked. We found an area and the guys pulled down their pants, one in front of me the other behind me, he lifted my jumper up and told me to bend over and suck his friends cock. I could feel him lubing my boy pussy for his cock. One of them offered me some poppers and it made me very light headed but also hornier. I started sucking his cock like I hadn’t had one in years and was starved for it. His friend in the meantime had got his cock all the way inside of me was fucking me hard with his hands on my hips.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the guy I was sucking to cum in my mouth, after I swallowed it all, he gave me some more poppers and I had noticed a few men had come over to watch and participate. I had another cock in my mouth to suck while still being fucked. He finally cam in my ass about the time the second cock filled my mouth with his hot juicy seed. I was told to take off my jumper and top, which I did and I stood there in the middle of a group of men in just my bra, stocking and boots. Everyone’s cock was out as the three of us smoked another joint.

When I was done, I had another hit of poppers and got down on my knees to start sucking and jerking all these hard horny men, I must have been at it for over an hour as my jaw was getting sore. There were still 3 men left so I stood up and turned around so they could take turns fucking my ass. By the time they were all done the sky was starting to get lighter. I got dressed and we went back to the van, smoked the last joint and I jacked off and swallowed my own cum.

The guys said I should come to the bar every Saturday and they would take me down here again, so every Saturday in August and September I was getting my fill and satisfying a lot of men. Now what to do for the winter?

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