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Watching too much porn

It’s another night at home alone.  You get that aching again so you go to put on your favorite video.  You just love big asses and big titties.  The video starts and you see the gorgeous blond strutting in wearing her 5 inch heels, incredibly short skirt that is flashing her skinny red thong, a thin, white, button up shirt that she has forgotten to button all the way.  The few buttons that are buttoned are barely holding her large breast inside.  Her nipples already erect and showing through the pockets just screaming “lick me!”  As she passes the camera just can’t help but stare as her sweet round ass swings back and forth, back and forth.  It’s like she has a rhythm that is almost hypnotizing.  You continue to stare as her hips take your eyes, left to right, right to left.  You stop and shake yourself knowing that your dick is hard but you almost slipped off there for a second.  Your eyes fall back to the mesmerizing walk of this incredible slut.  It’s like you’ve never been so attracted in your whole life.  You reach down and unzip your pants as you continue to watch her sway back and forth.  She reaches the bedroom and begins to undress.  Her breasts fall out of her shirt bouncing and swinging taking your eyes once again left to right, right to left.  Time seems to slow down and stop as you just watch them swing.  Your mind is almost hazy yet your focus is set on her juicy breast gently hypnotizing you.  Her eyes catch yours and you see her slutty smile.  She reaches out and grabs the huge cock that has just entered the room.  As she opens her mouth and sticks out her long tongue to lick the juicy meat before her, you feel your jaw drop and your mouth begins to salivate.  Such a strange sensation.  She licks the tip and you feel your tongue twitch.  Her eyes glance at you again and you realize that somehow she has taken control.  All you feel is a deep hunger inside.  A hunger for that juicy cock.  You watch as she takes it into her mouth and you feel your lips widen as the cock bumps the back of your throat.  You gag and back up but yet you can’t help yourself.  You reach for the cock again and begin slurping and sucking.  You must have it!  Your hand reaches between your legs as you start rubbing.  Your body aches with a need.  A need for this sexy man in front of you.    Your mind is trying to pull you back from this crazy fantasy but you can’t stop. Could it be?  All this time you weren’t watching porn for the women?  Have you really been watching because you want to be a woman?  You keep feeling that big cock ramming into your mouth.  Your drool is now almost uncontrollable as you just can’t get enough.  The taste of sweat, of sex is just over-powering your senses.  Pre-cum drips off the end of his cock.  Ummm…  your mouth begins to salivate even more.  You’ve never tasted anything so good.  You want his cum!  You feel him reach down and pick you up off the floor.  He spins you around as you let out a little whimper of disappoint from the cock being taken away.  His strong hands gently caress between your legs and a new wave of excitement hits you.  You feel his spit drop on your ass as he slowly takes a finger and starts to lube up your hole.  You’re shaking with anticipation.  You really want to be sucking his cock but your ass is tingling.  You want him there too. You shake your sexy ass at him begging him to quit teasing you.  You are becoming such whore you don’t care about stretching your ass first.  You just want to feel him deep inside you.  The huge mushroom head of his cock begins to spread your ass cheeks.  You can’t help but start pushing back on his cock.  It’s so big.  Your poor little spinkter is stretched to its max.  It hurts but it feels so good.  You thrust yourself back on him as you both moan together.  He grips you around your waist and begins to pump deeper and deeper.  Your legs are shaking with the pleasure of this full feeling in your ass.  You rub your clit as he continues to thrusting in and out.  Your juices are now flowing as you are about to climax.  “You are such a fucking whore.”  He tells you.  You can’t get the words out of your mind.  “I’m a fucking whore, I’m a fucking whore.”  You moan and beg him to fuck you harder.  He pulls you back with your long blond hair and grabs your breast with his other hand.  As he squeezes your nipple you squeal with pleasure and rub your clit harder.  “Please don’t stop!  Fuck your dirty little whore.” You beg.  The pleasure is so intense.  You don’t think you could take anymore.  You just need to cum, and of course, feel his cum.  This just couldn’t get any better!  “I think you need a fat cock in your mouth to shut you up slut!”  He says as you see another man enter the room.  His ten inch cock already rock hard as he slowly jacks it.  “Open your mouth bitch!” He didn’t have to tell you did he?  Why was your tongue already out of your mouth?  Are you a dirty little cock sucking whore?  You reach out and hungrily grab his cock and wrap your lips around it.  Slurp after slurp you just can’t get enough.  You gag as he pounds the back of your throat.  Your tongue swirls around the head as you quickly jerk his cock.  Those big balls full of cum smack your chin as he shoves his dick deep down your throat.  “I’m such a whore.  I want his cum.”  You think to yourself.  You can’t get these thoughts out of your mind.  “I love being a whore, I’m such a sexy whore, I’m a fucking slut, I’m a fucking cum slut!” You need to have his cum.  You must taste him. You can hardly focus on your desires with a huge cock in your ass and one in your mouth.  You pull his cock from your mouth and moan, “please cum for me baby.”  He grabs your hair and shoves you back on his cock.  Gag after gag, you are choking as he treats you like a piece of meat.  You can feel his cock start to swell even more and stiffen as he moans.  Your hand reaches out to rub his balls and play with his ass.  As you slide your finger across his prostate he thrusts deep into your mouth and explodes.  He holds your head and the cum keeps pumping, almost endlessly.  You think you might choke or drown.  There is so much cum!  It’s dripping from your lips.  He slowly pulls back and pumps once more as the last of his load hits the back of your throat.  Oh the taste!  You don’t care about the pain.  Your clit throbs!  The flavor of his sweet cream is driving you wild.  You lick your lips and grab his cock to lick off the last drops. You look back at the man still in your ass giving him that look of longing.  “Oh fuck me!”  you say.  He picks up speed and you can tell he is getting close to an orgasm.  “Cum in my mouth baby!”  At this point you don’t even care that his dick was in your dirty ass hole.  You just need his cum.  You have to have more!  He quickly pulls his cock from your ass and grabs you around your neck.  With both hands you grab his cock.  Quickly sucking and pumping his cock with your mouth and hands you can’t stand it.  Your little clitty is burning with pleasure.  You look up at your stud and see his eyes roll back.  Cum begins to spray across your face.  You try to get your lips back on the head so you don’t lose your cream.  Thrust after thrust he dumps the contents of his balls deep down your throat.  Both guys begin laughing at you, “Dirty fucking whore!”  they say as they push you to the floor and walk away.  “I’m a dirty fucking whore.  I need more cum.”  You can’t stop the words in your head.  You can’t shake this desire for cock.  You reach down between your legs and feel your cock.  You stroke it trying to get some relief when your mind starts to ask what happened to your pussy.  You look up and see the sexy porn star staring at you.  Her eyes burning into yours, staring into your soul.  You know porn will never be the same.  You can never look at a woman the same.  You will always be turned on by sexy women. The difference is now you know why... you little cock sucker! ;-)

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