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Mike, Lisa and I )MFM 3-Some)

What follows is a true story with the names and some facts changed to protect the guilty.

I met Mike and Lisa a number of years ago through a mutual acquintance. They were your typical, married middle-aged midwestern couple, except for one twist - they were swingers. I was a 20-something guy at the time and found this out after getting to knowing them awhile because they told me they swing for fun, and of course looking back at the time after they told me, it all made sense to me because Lisa was always flitering back and forth with me and Mike never really minded. It actually turned him on that guys wanted his wife - and even more amazing was that he was willing to share.

One night I was over at their place and we were all feeling a bit horny after a nice dinner filled with good food, flirting and fun, so when I asked what was for desert, Mike and Lisa said "Us".

Mike led the way and Lisa took my hand leading me into the dimmly lit bedroom. Once the three of us were inside, Mike and I undressed ourselves with help from Lisa, and likewise we helped undress her at the same time. I've always been curious (even back then) and though I'm straight, wanting to touch another guy's cock has always interested me. Maybe it's part of my voyueristic/exhibitionist streak in me? Who knows. Mike wasn't down for us guys touching each other, so I understood and am ok with that. No pressure. This was going to be a nice night of MFM where no one was disappointed.

After undressing ourselves and each other in the bed, our three bodies glowed under the dim candle lit room. Lisa decided to start things out by massaging both our cocks, telling us how while she was lady outside the bedroom, she was our little whore inside of it. She promised to fuck and suck us dry until we couldn't cum any more, and she was going to enjoy us every bit as much as were were going to enjoy her. As she was talking to us, she's caressing Mike and I, our cock and balls. Running her fingers up and down the shaft slowly, tugging at my sack, cupping my balls in her warm hand, stroking my cock and the area between my balls and ass, she hit my prostate for a brief moment and I felt a ting. I asked her to please play with my prostate, but she denied me and said "later". I was even more turned on now. I'm feeling her play with me, watching her stroke Mike, play with his head of his cock, and I admit, that turned me on too. Now that she had both of our "attention", she decided it was time to make us extra hard and she knelt by the foot of the bed on the floor, using the "come hither" finger move to Mike and I. We moved to the foot of the bed, standing as she knelt before us preparing to worship our cocks with her lucious lips. Hard and ready, she cupped my balls, light squeezing them, and then put her lips on the very tip of my cock before slowly sliding my entire shaft all the way down to my balls inside of her mouth. She went equally as slowly on the upstroke with her mouth while her tounge formed and circled around my cock as she went out. She went like this for some time, up and down, sometimes using the tounge on the up, other times on the down stroke, but always playing with my balls in one hand, and playing with Mike in the other.

I watched her suck me masterfully while playing with Mike, my balls, When I was about to cum, I asked her to stop and let me edge while she sucked Mike off to the same point of edging. She sucked Mike harder and faster because that's how he liked it. He held her hair as he fucked her face with his tool while she was sucking him like he life depending on it. I'm stroking myself watchuing this, staying hard, reducing my edge a bit so she can return to me again. Once Mike was at his own edge, she returned to my cock to suck it a bit before she said "let's fuck. I want you cum inside of me." I'm fixed, shaved cock and balls, and likewise she was also fixed and shaved, which is one of my favorite feelings of shaved-on-shaved. Lisa climbed on the bed and asked me how I wanted to take her pussy and fuck her, I said "Doggy style. That way I can get the deepest inside of you before I fill you up with my hot cum... and because I want to wach you suck Mike a bit more while we fuck. Mike agreed and said he liked that and had done if many times before. Mike climbed onto the head of the bed where he got some head while I fucked Lisa slowly and deeply from behind. Entering her very slowly, tip to balls in, balls to tip out, many strokes, nicely, firmly, hard, wet, deep. After about 20 strokes she said "FUCK ME like your whore. Make me yours. Make my pussy yours." At that point, I rammed it into her, my strokes creating a rythem as she sucked Mike's cock. We became one giant fucking machine in their bedroom. Mike let loose a load in Lisa's mouth and she makde "yummy sounds" as she swallowed him completely. I'm fucking her still from behind, and shortly after, I fill her up with a huge load of my juice.

"Round 1 complete, boys" Lisa said "Ready to go from round 2 in a bit?" Mike and I eagerly agreed. Lisa left for a minute and got something, came back, set it aside where I couldn't see what it was. I ignored it since all I could focus on was her. We all laid in bed, Lisa between Mike and I as we caressed her, and she us. This time, she decided that she wanted us to jack off and cum in her mouth. Mike and I started stroking outselves, commented on each other's technique, Mike told Lisa what a dirty little cumslut she was and how we both loved her for it, our little bedroom whore. Mike was an asweome guy for sharing Lisa, he was a lucky man and so was I. While we stroked, Lisa would sometimes lick us a bit, maybe suck for a bit, then let us go back to stroking. She slid an ice cube under my balls, running it along the path from my balls to my ass and I knew this was what she went out of the room for. She did the same to MIke, running another ice cube all along his shaft as well as his balls. Both of us stroking, her lips felt warm after the ice being on us, then back to our hands on our cocks, a different kind of waarmth. A very "hot / cold" treatment we were getting indeed.

After the ice melted and we were wet down there, Lisa licked Mike and I between our balls and ass. As she hit my prostate, I felt a slight sensation and moaned stating "mmmm I like that." Still stroking, she switched to Mike, did the same thing and then she decided to externally massage our prostates while we stroked and she sometimes sucked. When I was about to cum, Lisa took me inside her warm mouth and swallowed me whole until every last drop was inside of her. Massaing my prostate really helped and it drained me completely dry. When you get a massage like that, it's wonderful. Mike was next to cum, she took him fully insider her the same way until she swallowed him and his cum just as she did mine while massaging his prostate as well. All of us satisfied, we relaxed in bed for awhile. Remembering Lisa's "come hither" finger move, I asked about doing that on my prostate inside of me. I wanted her finger up my ass so badly and give me an internal prostate massage, but she said "Next time honey. You're already empty." Sadly, that time never happened because Mike passed on and both her and I moved on going seperate ways in our life paths.

...and so began one of my fantasies of wanting a prostate massage internally. Ideally, with a blowjob at the same time. Someday.

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