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Playing with toys

I was shopping for something sexy to buy my new girlfriend. Christmas was coming soon and I knew I wanted to be cumming too. (pun intended)

I looked at silky gowns and wondered over to the toy section. I saw the strap on selection and thought, I wonder if there is anything in the to get the girl off other than just the thought of doing her man ? I ended up picking out a double dong and a small butt plug.

I had a few experiences with other men and while I had chances to, I avoided having anything up my rear, I never experimented with anal sex yet - so it was a new frontier to explore. My girlfriend and I watched porn once in a while and was always looking to try something new.

When my girl and I opened presents she freaked out about my toys I selected. She asked me why I got the double dong - I told her so we can play together - it would kind of be like a strap on but she could be getting pleasure at the same time.

Well, she used it on herself but refused to get into anything anal. So when I was alone I would read some hot porn and get worked up and go get the toys and some lube. I took the butt plug ok, it was a little tough getting past the knob but once it past it stayed in ok. So I would begin playing with myself and the double dong. I thought I'd try deep throating it some. It was hard to get in my mouth and my jaw muscles hurt right away -it was useless - it tasted like plastic and didn't feel nothing like the real macoy.

I did this on lonely mornings always ending up cumming with the butt plug in and not going any further. I kind of lost interest for a while.

A few years later, I had begun to go in chat rooms on AOL. I entered a room called M4M not knowing it was about sex at all. I was always talking about cars and such and there was a guy that's screen name was "glasspack". Yeah I was naive and thinking the guy was a gearhead like myself we began chatting in private. He asked if I jacked off or ever experimented with another guy. I felt comfortable chatting with him so I confided all my dirty secrets. He said our chatting was getting him hard, he asked if I knew what a rim job was - I said no never heard of it. He then began to describe what he wanted to do to me, he described something like me laying on his couch while he took my belt loose and unbuttoned my jeans. He wanted to start licking my belly button and work his way down to my crouch, lick my balls and my cock working his way around to putting my legs on his shoulders and continue to lick on down under my balls and into my rosebud.
I was getting hard by now and pulled out my cock and began strokin to his description of what he wanted to do to me. I was shocked when he said he wanted to eat my ass out. I asked if he had done that before, he said oh yeah it's almost better than a blow job. I had no experience with it so I couldn't really relate. We went on talking about what we could do to each other until we both got off on our fantasy's.

So the next time I had sex with my girl we would start off giving each other oral sex, when it was my turn to go down on her I started taking longer strokes and worked my way to her "taint" ( you know taint the asshole - taint the pussy - it's right there in the middle)
She went crazy was I worked my way down - she screamed out in pleasure bucking around like never before. I asked her how she liked it, she asked me where I got the idea to do it - I told her reading up some. That's as far down as I went this time.

I went to an adult bookstore and bought a book on anal sex. I began to read up - took a few times because i'd get all worked up and cum all over myself while reading. Eventually I learned to push as I tried to get a dildo in my ass. I had bought a dildo that was advertised to be as realistic as they come and had a suction cup I could stick on the edge of the bath tub - I always did my playing in there before taking my daily shower.

It took me a while to get used to this, it always hurt some when I got the head past the ring and eventually I'd give up.

One day while reading a sexy story about 2 men having anal sex, the guy talked about putting the other mans legs on his shoulders and getting access to his hole in a missionary position. So I recalled my chat sessions with "glasspack" and recalled this was his approach as well.
So I got my new toy, some lube, my best porn stories and headed for the bathroom. I attached the suction cup to the side of the tub and lubed myself up good. I then laid on my back and let the dildo slide up and down my taint area while reading a hot story, things were getting hot and my cock was hard as a nail oozing precum onto my belly, I then lined up the dildo and pushed down on it, it slid in with ease and right onto my prostate gland. It was intense pleasure this time and the second stroke across my prostate sent my my cock like a cannon - I shot cum right up onto my face, I then laid back and tried to relax sliding the toy out of my rear.
This was indeed a new frontier for me, It was like the first time I got a good blow job.

I since bought a toy especially designed to target my prostate. I've had some decent sessions but nothing like this 1st time..............

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