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A beautifull morning...

It's Saturday morning, I sit comfortably in a small cafe and drinking my latte. The sun is shining and leaves my hair golden, because it is very warm, the top button of my white blouse open and leaves a little to look at my breasts. Long time nothing happens and I am enjoying this beautiful morning, unaware that he is much more beautiful.

I see them already come from far away to the cafe. Her black hair shines and her long skirt blowing in the wind at her long legs. It is quite big, I guess so at 1m80. For blue skirt she wears a black Top your clothes emphasized her hot curves. Your top can protrude her big tits and the skirt emphasizes her hips hammer. Immediately catches my fancy to beat somersaults. When she sits down next to my two tables cross our eyes and I see her beautiful blue eyes.
I like it orders a latte with lots of foam. I look at them as they slowly begin to drink and then with frantic gesture licking the foam from his lips. I feel like my pussy gets wet slowly and I always excited. After performing this ritual to the last sip she gives me a mysterious look with swinging hips and goes to the toilet, driven by curiosity I follow her slowly.
As I enter the bathroom, she leans casually to the sink and fondles her breasts. Since she is not wearing a bra, I can see through her top her already hard nipples. Without a word to say I close the door behind me I reject it and unbutton my blouse me. I do it slowly and caress her equal my tits. Slowly, she comes up to me and pulls me out of my blouse completely. Her full lips meet mine and we kiss passionately. She opens my bra pulling it out of me and pulls me to the toilet. I sit down on it and spread my legs. She pushes my mini skirt and starts slowly with her tongue to caress my clitoris, I'll damn wet with excitement and she licks everything nice. Then I grab her by her hair and f***e her to stand up. I tear her skirt and top from her body and kisses her passionately. I Knock gently on the wall and we are faced with stark naked. Slyly smiles at me and says quietly, "I am the way, Kathi" "Pleased to meet you, Kathi, I'm Laura," I reply as I look at them with relish. I kiss and lick her tits lustfully, she begins to softly moan. A finger moves slowly to her pussy and caresses it. When I feel how wet she is, I kneel down and lick me slowly on her pussy while my fingers continued infiltrating it. You almost hold of her tits and pressed firmly together and moans loud on "aaahhhhhhh" "my sweet softly softly" I exhort you. I lick and finger at them harder and harder until they no longer can. It really splashing out of her as she groans loudly one last time, I let them squirt all over my tits and lick her pussy then made beautiful as her body. Undkontrolliert winces with every touch of my tongue
I get up slowly and smile at her, she grabs me by my hair and pulls my neck. Then she starts to lick me, her whole juice lying on my tits she licks and swallows it. Then she pushes me back roughly to the bathroom spreads my legs and begins to finger me hard. First with one finger then another one comes after this until all 5 are there. Further before it penetrates and pushes me all her dainty hand in my pussy. Fisting me hard and I can not hold out long. Accompanied by a loud scream it comes over me and I can not hold back his orgasm. The juice runs down her hand and she takes it out slowly, then she takes her hand in her mouth and licks everything. Completely finished because I sit on the toilet, breathing heavily. She gets kisses me passionately again and pushes me a little paper in my hand, then she whispers softly into his ear, "call me at my little sugar snail". Then she turns around, gets dressed and quietly disappear, only her scent stays in the air. I look at the paper and see ... your name and a phone number on it. Fortunately, I get dressed and think to myself how long I can stand it well without calling them!

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