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I Love the Challenged 2 - Beulah

I started devoleping my fetish for mature mentally and physically challenged women at the age of 13. When, at a Memorial Day f****y picnic, I lost my virginity to my moms 40yr old s****r Gloria, who suffered from Downs Syndrome.

Like most teenagers I was already perpetually horny, but having tasted the real thing, I was now even worse. My right hand was no longer enough to satisfy me. I wanted to fuck someone. Unfortunally I was still short, fat and ugly so it wasn't going to happen. At least not with any of the teenage cock teasers living in our neighborhood.

My parents bought the house we lived in shortly after they were married (I didn't come along until 9yrs later). After moving in they quickly became close friends with their next door neighbors. They were an older black couple named Violet and Earl. Also living with them was Violets widowed mother Beulah. When Beulah was only 15 her parents made her marry an older white man, to which they owed a lot of money. He was a very mean and (mentally & physically) abusive individual almost three times her age. Fortunally (or unfortunally) he died shortly after Violet was born leaving Beulah to raise her alone.

Violet and Earl were never lucky enough to have any c***dren of their own. So when I was born they fawned over me almost as if I were their own. Whenever my parents needed someone to look after me the three of them were always willing to do it. So close were we that I grewup calling them Aunt Violet, Uncle Earl and Mammy Bortz (Bortz was Beulahs last name). I spent so much time in their house that I just walked in and out anytime I wanted, just as if it was my own home.

That fateful summer Violet was 65yrs old. She was about 5'8" with a slim slightly athletic built, ample but not overly aboundant breasts and a round firm ass. Her mixed race heritage was plainly visible in her light Coffee and Cream colored skin. Also in her very long straight raven colored hair that was just starting to show traces of gray. She had what seemed to be a very severe, no-nonsense Matricharical disposition. This effect was heightened by the fact that she always wore old fashioned calf high dresses and her hair (which fell down almost to her ass) was always kept up in a bun. I can't say much about Earl. 13yrs older then Violet he was really a very nondescript person. The type that would automatically blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. Beulah on the other hand was very much the opposite of her daughter. She was 83, short and very heavy her skin was black as a piece of hard coal and her thinning curly hair was white as snow. She had hugh breasts that no bra could prevent from flopping down onto her round tummy. And she had a hugh, wonderfully soft ass. Like Violet she always wore old fashioned type dresses, but on her they were always seeming to strain somewhere. Unfortunatly years earlier Rheumatoid Arthritis had severally twisted and crippled her feet. She stood and walked slowly and painfully using a walker and special shoes with metal leg braces built in. As a result she usually spent her time sitting at the front of the house in the living room watching TV. Or more often sitting in the back of the house in the parlor reading, doing needlepoint or playing solitare.

It was a really hot afternoon in August and, having spent some time with the neighborhood cockteasers, I was incrediablly hard and frustrated when I entered their house. Violet and Earl were out grocery shopping and Beulah was sitting in her easy chair watching TV. I sat down on the couch and started watching a Lawrence Welck rerun with her. But instead of paying attention to the TV I was paying most of my attention to Beulah. I was noticing how her large breasts caused the buttons on the front of her dress to strain. I kept wondering how they would feel in my hands. How big were her nipples and how would they taste in my mouth.

Violet and Earl soon arrived home and starting bringing in their grocerys. As the last of them came in they went to the kitchen to sort them and put them away. I got up from the couch and went over and sat on the arm of Beulahs chair.
Putting my arm around her I gave her a gentle hug and leaned down to kiss her cheek. She put her arm around me and hugged me back. So I hugged her again. But this time when I leaned over I pressed my lips against hers. With my free hand I reached up and started squeezing one of her big soft breasts. Beulah was to stunned and confused to do anything to stop me so this lasted for several seconds. Until I heard someone coming through the dining room towards the living room. I quickly got up and was back on the couch as Earl passed through the Living room and out the door to get something from the car they had forgotten. As soon as he was back in the kitchen I got up again and resat myself on Beulahs chair. As I reached for her breast she reached up and stopped me. Giving my a very stern look she waggled her finger and shook her head no.
She then indicated that I should go back to the coach. I did as she directed and sat back down on the coach. But I couldn't stop thinking about how soft and squeeshy Buelahs breast had felt.

Early the next afternoon I came in through the back door and found Beulah sitting alone in the parlor playing solitare. I walked up behind her and putting both hands on her shoulders began to massage them. After several minutes (when I knew Beulah had relaxed and was enjoying the message) I leaned over and started kissing the back of her neck as I lowered my hands and cupped both her breasts. She pulled away from me and in a soft but stern voice started scolding me. She said I shouldn't be grabbing her. She didn't like it and it was wrong. And besides I was too young and she had known me all my life. She used to change my diapers when I was little. And I shouldn't do it again. So I left the room. But as I did I also noticed that she hadn't raised her voice loud enough for Violet to hear her in the next room.

From that point on I tried feeling her up every chance I got. At first she was obviously annoyed, but soon she seemed to accept it. It became almost like some sort of game. Me trying to grab her, she trying to block me. It continued like this for several months until Beulah was rushed to the hospital. She had fallen and everyone was afraid she might have broken her hip. Luckily it was only severally bruised and she returned home after a few days. Put from that day on she remained in bed.

I came to her room shortly after she came home and sat on a chair next to her head. She was laying in bed in a simple cotton nightie. Its white color contrasting sharply with the deep blackness of her skin. I realised things were wonderfully different when I reached over and started squeezing one of her breasts and she didn't try to stop. She didn't try to stop me when I pressed my lips against hers either. I don't know how much time we spend kissing each others faces as I played with both of her breasts. Eventually we had to stop, but we both knew there would be other days.

As the days past we slowly started exploring each others bodys, like two people just beginning to learn about sex. And In a way we were. I was only 13 and had had only one sexually experience. She was 83 but she hadn't had sex with anyone but her husband, and he had died 63yrs before. One day she taught me how to kiss with open mouth, her tongue reaching out to play with mine. Another I opened the front of my pants and took her hand wrapping it around my hard cock. Rubbing her clit and slidding my fingers in and out of her pussy I reminded her what it felt like to have an orgasim. And she showed me how good it felt to slid me hard cock between her hugh breasts and have her slid them back and forth until I came on her chest. I told her about my Aunt Gloria. How she found me masturbating and striped and sucked my cock. Then got onto her hands and knees so I could fuck her. She told me about sex with her husband. How their was very little foreplay. Usually a few kisses and a squeeze or two of her brests and then he would lie on top of her and fuck. How frequently he would stop and pull out of her before he cam. How he would then start kissing and rubbing her feet, and how it excited him. How he would make her rub his cock with her feet until he cam. And how sometimes his hot cum spilling onto her feet and between her toes would make her cum too. I wanted to fuck her so bad it was driving me crazy. I told her but she kept refusing, making feeble excuses. I was to young, to inexperienced, she was to old, she had never had sex with another man before. I know now that she was just scared.

Finally early one afternoon I was sitting in my chair next to Beulah and we were playing cards on a wooden folding table when Violet came in and said that they would be gone for several hours grocery shopping. As soon as I heard their car leaving the drive I took the cards from Beulahs hand and placed them on the table. She leaned back with a smile on her face knowing we would be doing some more necking. But her smile quickly turned to a look of surprise as I picked up the table and put it in a corner and then walked out of the room. I didn't go far. Just around the corner into the bathroom where I quickly took off everything I was wearing. I was so excited that I was light headed. It seemed like I was watching my movements from outside my body.

I walked back into the room naked, my cock standing up hard as a steel shaft, and stood at the foot of the bed. I watched Beulahs eyes go wide with shock. And as I walked toward her the expression changed. It changed into one I hadn't seen before. One I would come to know as pure lust. I took the sheet and pulled it completely off the bed exposing all of her, even her poor crippled, deformed feet. She had never let me do that before. Reaching for the hem of her nighty I pulled it up and off her. For the first time we were both completely naked.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I leaned over and started kissing her. Gentle at first put with growing urgency and passion. As our tongues jousted with each other I was squeezing both of her breasts, feeling her hugh nipples becoming hard in my palms. I soon moved my mouth from her mouth to her breasts. Kissing and licking them slowly working my way up both of them from their base to the nipple, sucking them deep into my mouth. As I sucked on her tits my hands were rubbing over her pussy feeling the growing wetness. My cock was hard and oozing and I needed to slam it into her cunt so bad. But I didn't. I wanted to tease her a little. Make her wait and beg for it, like I had been doing for so long.

Remembering what she had told me earlier I climbed down between her legs. Starting just above the knees I start kissing both her legs alternatly. Working my way down until I got to her ankles. Getting onto my knees I lifted up one of her twisted and deformed feet and started kissing and licking it all over. Then setting it down I started doing the same thing to the other. As I did I looked down upon her coal black body. It was fat, and floppy, and wrinklie, and old, and also the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I could see her body trembling and knew it was time.
Me "Do you want me?"

Beulah "Yes!"

"Do you want me to fuck you?"


"Then tell me, Tell me you want me to fuck you!"

"Yes, Yes I want you to!"

"Want me to what? Say it!"


Spreading her legs wide I lay on top of her trying to stick my hard cock into her. But I couldn't, we where both to fat. Leaning back onto my knees I lifted her legs into the air and against me chest. As I did Beulah, who had never been fucked in anything but the missionary position shock her head and said this isn't how to do it. But she stopped talking as she felt the head of my cock slid into her hot wet cunt. With the head of my cock inside her it felt so good I had to stop. I was afraid if I moved even a little bit I would cum. After a short period of time I calmed down enough to start slowly sliding my cock into Beulah. As my shaft finally buried itself all the way inside she pressed back hard against my chest with her legs and let out a groan that I recognized.
A groan that meant she was cumming.

I slowly started sliding my hard young white cock in and out of her old wet black cunt. I didn't rush because it felt so good I wanted it to last. After only a few strokes Beulah pushed against me again and let out another groan of orgasim. I don't know how long we rocked back and forth together. I lost track of how many times Beulah orgasimed. But finally I could hold back no longer. As I slid fully into her one more time she started cumming and that drove me off the edge. My cock exploded deep inside. The feeling was incredible, the most intense orgasim I had yet had. Feelings of pleasure racked my body over and over again as I pumped more and more sperm deep inside her.

Eventually I stopped cumming and sliding my cock out of her I lay down beside her. As I layed on my back she rolled over and rested her head against my chest.
Exhausted I was starting to fall asl**p until I realized Buelah was softly crying against me chest. Lifting her head so I could look into her eyes I asked her what was wrong as I gently stroked her body. To my amazment she started apologizing. Surprised I asked what ever for. She said she knew it wasn't any good for me. That she was a lousy lover. If she had more experience or I had come along ten years early before she became crippled it would have been much better. Looking directly into her eyes I said that she was crazy. It had been incredible. Stretching up to give me a soft kiss she half smiled and said your an incrediably sweet liar and just not trying to hurt me. But she knew that now that I finally knew what its like to have sex with her I wouldn't be back. I wouldn't want to do it again. Taking her hand I slid it down and wrapped it around my wet and still hard cock. Now I said, Does that feel like I don't want to fuck you again. Her eyes growing wide she stammered you really want me again. Yes I said, right now, and started kissing her with my open mouth.

After several minutes of kissing and stroking each other I pulled my mouth away and started to slid down her body when I heard her softly say stop. Stopping and looking at her she turned her face away from me and said in even a lower voice "Would you" and stopped. A few moments later she said "Could you" and stopped again. I asked her Would I, Could I, what? In a tiny voice I could bearly hear she said "There is something. I often asked my husband but he always said no.". I asked what it was. And she said "I always wanted to to feel a cock in my hine. Would you fuck me there. In my ass?". I was stunned. I knew that gay guys sometimes fucked each other in the ass, but I never dreamed that a man and women would do that. Even as I thought how strange it was I also knew I would do it. Leaning back I said in as low and sexy a voice as I could manage "Roll over onto your stomach."

As she lay on her stomach I feasted my eyes on the mountains of black flesh before me. As I say took in her hugh ass I suddenly remembered the problem I had when I first tried to enter her pussy. Not wanting that to happen again I told her to place her two pillows under her so her ass was up in the air. As she did that I slid down to her feet. Remembering how turned on she got when I was worshipping them before I decided to start there. Placing her knees and feet together I lifted the both together bending her knees. With her twisted crippled feet against each other I started licking and sucking them. It wasn't long before I heard her say "Fuck Me". She was a fast learner.

Climbing onto her soft, yielding ass I placed my cock against her ass checks. As I slowly thrust forward I felt my hard white cock slidding down and down between her soft black ass cheeks. Down until it came to a stop at the bottom of her crack. Adjusting my position I thrust forward and felt my cock slidding, but downwards. Suddenly I felt the head of my cock and half the shaft slid into Beaulahs pussy. From the deep sigh she let out I knew she would have been happy if I had just left it there and started fucking her. But by now I wanted her ass and nothing was going to stop me. Pulling out of her pussy I again adjusted my position and thrust. This time at went directly to the right spot, the head of my cock slipping into her spincter. Immediatly I felt her ass cheeks clinch and she let out a small scream. Concerned I ask if I was hurting her and if I should pull it out. She replied that it hurt but I should leave it in. She just needed time to get used to it. As I lay there motionless I felt her slowly relaxing. After about a minute I slowly started sliding my cock into her ass. She moaned a few times but she didn't clench up again and I was soon all the way inside her. I again lay unmoving for a short while. Her ass felt so good. It was tighter and hotter then her cunt. And I think if my cock hadn't been slimmy with the juices from her pussy I never would have been able to get it all the way in. As I slowly started sliding it in and out Beulah started moaning again. But this time it was different, they were obviously moans of pleasure. I asked her how it felt and she just moaned. I then asked if it was as good as she thought it would be and she said better. As I slowly slid my cock in and out she started urging me to go faster. I picked up my pace but still she said faster. And again faster. Then harder. faster harder faster. Soon I has slamming in and out, trying to drive myself deeper with each thrust. "Harder" she screamed. "Ream my ass with your cock". I was pistoning into her like a machine. Sweat was rolling down my face, my body. My legs and back muscles where starting to cramp from the f***e of my exertions. Finally she yelled "Your making me cum" and burying her face in her mattress she let out a scream bearly stifled by the bedding. Pulling my cock out of her ass I spun around and grabbed her crippled feet. Holding them together I slid my cock between them slidding back and forth as fast as I could. "Yes" she cried "Fuck my feet. Cum all over them. Show me that you love me." Suddenly I was cumming deep and hard. Harder then I had cum before in her pussy. The room was spinning, I felt like my body was trying to turn itself inside out, I heard screaming and realised it was my own voice. I just kept cumming, pumping the life out of myself. I felt my cock slip from between her feet, still pumping sperm.

Next thing I knew I was slowly opening my eyes. I was laying on the floor at the foot of the bed. The orgasim had been so intense I had passed out and fallen off the bed. I became aware of Beulahs voice. There was concern in it. I said I was okay. Weak and shaky I managed to climb up onto the bed and lay with my back against Beulahs. As my eyes slowly closed I heard Buelahs voice, as if from far away say "I Love You". And I replied "I Love You Too.". And somehow I knew I meant it.

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