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Living on the west coast I never saw much of the rest
of my f****y, although we kept in touch by phone and e-

I'm Greg, 44 years old single, I live by the beach,
working in the local resort hotel.

One morning I got a call from my s****r Jane, telling
me that her and her hubby were going on a business trip
to Europe, the problem being they could not take their
daughter Becky and there was no one to watch after her.
So would I do the honours. After a bit of persuasion I
agreed. The plan was I would meet her off the plane and
she was to stay with me for the two weeks while Jane
was away.

A week later I made the short trip to the airport to
meet Becky. I hadn't seen Becky since she was nine,
that was four years ago, the last time I went to a
f****y gathering.

Her plane landed I looked for her as the line of
passengers filed through passport control. At last she
came through the gates. Small for her age at 4' 8" long
red hair she came running up to me, gave me a big hug
and kiss. "Hi uncle Greg ain't seen you for ages" she
screamed with excitement. We collected her baggage and
made for the car park then back to mine.

I showed Becky her room and was about to helped her
start unpacking when she said, "I'll do that uncle
Greg." Obviously she didn't want me sifting threw her
clothes so I left her to it.

That evening we eat out at Mac's, then went home. Becky
asked if she could shower before she went to bed. She
went upstairs and I got settled in for the late night

As I got stuck into the film the door creaked open,
Becky was standing there, her red hair damp, wearing a
very short nightie. It was sheer, almost see through,
and the only reason I couldn't see her perky teen tits
clearly was that the cloth was wrinkled across them.
"Uncle Greg?" she said, standing there completely
unembarrassed by her near nudity. "Can I watch the
movie with you. Would it be OK?" She gave my lips a
quick peck with hers and then sat next to me on the

As the movie wore on I looked over to Becky she had
fell asl**p. Because her nightie was so small it rode
up her thighs and he was greeted to a view of her arse.
The movie was over I gave Becky a little shake to wake
her, she sl**pily woke up "Its over time for bed" she
got up and went to bed. I follow after cleaned up the
front room.

She woke me up the next morning by jostling my
shoulder. She had let herself in, later explaining that
she had knocked at the door, but it hadn't wakened me.
"Can we go down to the pool please uncle Greg?"

"Of course honey soon as we have had breakfast." With
that she jumped off the bed and went to get changed. I
got up pulled a pair of joggers on walked down the
hallway towards the loo, passing Becky's, the door was
wide open I glanced inside as I past by I watched
Becky's little arse wiggling out of her night briefs,
not wanting to be seen I carried on. The door was shut
when id finished my pee. I went and cooked breakfast. I
called Becky down when it was ready. She had shorts and
a halter neck on. When we finished we made our way to
the local outdoor pool.

Becky was very quick to take her shorts and top off. I
was shocked what she had on. It was a little blue
bikini set. I didn't think she was old enough to be
showing that much of herself off in public. It was so
small it was almost obscene. If she had been old enough
to show pubic hair she would have had to have shaved it
before swimming... As soon as my mind got onto that
track I got hard, and that was another reason to forbid
the suit. I mean, if I was getting aroused by it, god
help the boys around the pool! She was continually in
and out of the pool, diving in splashing around like
any normal thirteen year old.

I saw she was now quite red from sunburn and she asked
if it was OK for her to take a shower as she had done
enough swimming. We both got changed and went home.

Becky was now complaining about her sun burn. "Will you
put some lotion on my back please uncle Greg" "Sure
honey". With that she scampered upstairs I followed
her, she went to her room after a few minutes she
called me in, Becky was sitting on the edge of the bed
with a towel wrapped around her.

She lay on the bed face down unwrapped the towel
exposing her red back, I poured the lotion onto my
hands and began tentatively started rubbing her back,
she jumped at the first touch. My hands were feeling
every inch of her back, every contour of flesh, her
small well rounded shoulders, and her fleshy lower
back. I had to control my thoughts as i reached her
lower back the contours of soft skin made me quiver.

"Would you rub some lotion on my legs uncle Greg?"

I moved behind her and she spread her legs a little for
me. I just stared at her crotch, that thin blue fabric
barley covering her virgin pussy. I could clearly see
red pubic hair was sticking out the sides of her
bikini. I started rubbing the lotion inter her shapely
legs. I started at her caves and worked my way up to
her thighs. I couldn't believe how turned on I was. But
instead of being repulsed by the sight I was getting
more and more turned on. I stood up and said, "That's
enough, you should be OK now, just keep out of the sun
for a few days."


That evening Becky said she was going to bed early as
she didn't feel to well she gave me a peck on my lips
and said goodnight. I stayed up and watch TV. Feeling a
bit sl**py myself I made my way to bed. I thought id
better check on Becky. I carefully turned the knob
leading to her room. I pushed the door open a crack,
and stood there, my heart pounding, my cock pulsating
with a mind
of its own.

A light shone in through the window, illuminating my
little niece lying on the bed, she had kicked off her
sheet during the night. The room was warm, and only a
portion of the sheet covered one leg. Except for the
white sheet covering her calf, she lay there on her
back, nearly naked. There was a nightdress of some
flimsy material, covering her breasts.

During the night, the hem had risen nearly to her
chest, uncovering her groin and stomach. By the light
of the streetlight outside, I could see her legs spread
slightly. My throbbing cock jerked at the sight of her
laying there, her legs spread. I pulled down my shorts
and began to stroke myself. My cock had never been so
stiff, so throbbing, so pulsating. I shot my load into
my waiting hand, looking at the red patch of fuzz at
her groin. Then crept back to my room, feeling guilty.
I had work the next day.


In the morning at breakfast I told Becky I was off and
would try to get home at lunchtime 1.30. and left.
Luckily work was a bit slack so the manager said I
could have an early lunch. I opened the front door,
Becky was nowhere to be seen, I made my way upstairs as
I was near the top I heard groaning. I went to her room
and stopped frozen at the sight of her on the bed.

Becky's nightgown was pulled up to her waist and her
panties were no where to be seen. the top of her gown
was unbuttoned down to the waist and her little lemon
shaped tits were fully exposed. She had her hands
between her legs and was frantically rubbing her pussy.
Her eyes were closed and she had a look of pleasure on
her face.

I watched as Becky groaned and rubbed her pussy hared
and faster. Her hands were still busy in her pussy
working away. I could even hear the sounds as her
fingers worked over her sopping pussy. She was not
aware that I was there.

Her eyes were still closed and she was shaking her head
back and forth.

While watching her, I saw her ever so gently push the
index finger on her right hand first along then into
the base of her vagina. She then bent her finger and
began to slowly pull it up between her lips. She pulled
upwards until her finger rested just below the visible
reddened glans of her clitoris, which had now become
fully extended. It resembled a soft

satiny pink button. Her finger was placed just under
her clitoris and then pressure was applied squeezing
the button up against her pubis. She let out a load
groan. "Uuuuuuhhhhhh God, yessssss!"

I quickly made my way downstairs opened and shut the
door loudly so she would hear. "Becky, honey I'm home!"

She appeared at the top of the stairs looking
exhausted, "Y-you're early uncle Greg," she stammered.

I explained why, we had lunch. I couldn't get it out of
my mind the sight of her frigging herself off, my cock
was swelling harder and harder.

I decided to throw a sickie so I called work.

The next morning after breakfast Becky suddenly stood
up and said, "Can we go to the beach today uncle Greg?"

"Of course honey, get your things together and I will
get a packed lunch and the sun lotion."

We walked down to the beach, found a quite spot. Becky
undid her wrap around, her bikini top was a bit over
sized for her small breasts. We had a swim and slash
around, twice after she popped out of the water her
bikini top slipped enough to expose a pert brown
nipple, looking at me looking at her, she pulled it
back into place.

"That's enough for now, we had better get some lotion
on you before you burn again."

"Cool uncle Greg."

I spread the towel out for her to lie on, The coldness
of it made her jump a little. I told her to relax and
started rubbing the lotion in, ever so softly and
slowly. My cock had already started to murmur in my
shorts as I did this. Her skin felt so soft as I
continued to rub.

I rubbed all over her back and could hear small murmurs
under her breath as I did so. lower and lower down
Becky's firm young back. I had reached the top edge of
her bikini bottoms when Becky reminded me gently.

The following evening I had forgotten I had made
arrangements for a couple of buddies to come over for
drinks and watch the soccer. I told Becky I was going
to cancel, but she said, "No, that's cool with me."

The next evening on time Keith and Ben arrived wearing
shorts and t-shirts with a sack full of booze, I
introduced them to Becky. "Hi, nice to meet uncle
Greg's friends," she said. Then she went upstairs to
watch TV in her room while we watch the match.

The booze was running freely all us guys were getting
pissed. At half time Becky came down stairs wearing a
large, baggy night shirt, but she obviously wasn't
wearing anything underneath. If I had noticed that I
knew Keith and Ben had too.

"Can I try some of that uncle Greg?"

"Go on Greg give the k** a swig," Ben said.

I handed Becky my glass of bourbon, she swigged the lot
back and spluttered.

"To strong for you k**?" Keith laughed at her.

"No!" she snapped back in embarrassment, went over to
Keith grabbed his glass and drank that to.

"That's enough Becky, you're too young to drink," I

"Leave the k** alone let her have another," Ben said.
He handed her another drink.

By now I could see it was having an effect on her, she
was giggling and being silly. The game started again,
there was no room for Becky to sit. "come and sit here"
Ben said. Becky went over and sat on his knee. Our team
scored the winning goal, Becky jumped up and down on
Ben's knee she pressed down again, mashing her little
teen pussy on his knee.

After the game was over, in the kitchen Keith said,
"That niece of yours is one little prick teaser, how
can you control yourself?"

"I'm finding hard to," I said.

We turned to go back to the living room. We couldn't
believe our eyes. Ben was massaging her thirteen year
old pussy through her nightshirt and we could see her
spread her legs a little so he could feel her up

"Ummmmnnnn," she said. "That feels so good!"

Keith and I froze to the spot Ben put his arm around
her waist and pulled her nightshirt up he let his hand
move down my nieces back to her rounded buttocks where
he began to stroke and feel her young body. He reached
out with his other hand and touched her developing

Becky looked down at his hand and pressed her young
breasts against his searching fingers, his hand ran
down her flat tummy and slowly to the mound between her
legs. Becky put her hands to cover her pussy looked
back at Ben said, "You can't!"

Keith coughed, Becky jumped from Ben's grasp and
staggered past us and upstairs. Ben had a look of fear
on his face. "Sorry Greg, she's been teasing me all
night, it's the booze sorry." Keith gave me slap on the
back, "Don't worry Ben, he's not mad at you, look at
the hard-on in his shorts."

We all burst out laughing. I went on to tell them what
I had seen Becky doing the day before when I came home
early from work. Both of them were rubbing their hard
cocks through their shorts by the time I had finished
my story.

"I wanna bit of the action Keith," said. "Me too," Ben

"OK guys, lets leave a while till she's asl**p."

We waited an hour and four more bourbons. We plucked up
the courage and the three of us crept upstairs. I
quietly opened her bedroom door, Becky was fast asl**p
lying on top of the sheets. Keith made the first move
he lifted her nightshirt up to expose her red wispy
pubic hair, her pussy lips were a rosy red. He bent
down between her legs and started to tongue her, Ben
and I had our cocks out our shorts wanking.

"Suck me! Suck my cunt!" Becky groaned in slurred
voice. Hearing my niece say that and watching Keith's
tongue in her firm teenage slit made me start to cum
all over my hand.

Suddenly Keith pulled away from sucking her cunt pulled
his cock free from his shorts and spurted his cum onto
her open crotch, some of it dribbling into her open
pussy lips. I noticed that Ben was on the bed aiming
his cock at Becky as he almost imperceptibly moved his
hips toward her. Clearly he was thinking what it would
be like to ease his hard cock into Becky's naked pussy,
but instead shot a fountain of cum over the top on her
nightshirt and over her red pubic hair.

We quickly made our exit back down stairs, "God! That
was wicked." Keith an Ben gasped. We've got to go now
and left. I went back to Becky's room, she was still
laying on top on the sheets asl**p. Dried cum hung to
what pussy hair she had. I looked at this little angel
from bottom to top, I got a wet flannel and wiped her
pussy down the best I could then went to bed.

In the morning I got up for breakfast, Becky was still
sound asl**p. While tidy the house up I just couldn't
get it out of my head what went on. I was very worried
what Becky's reaction might be and what she might say
to me, her mum or even the police. Eventually I heard
her stirring and coming downstairs, my stomach was in

"Morning uncle Greg," Becky said in a horsed voice.
Before I had chance to say anything she said, "Look,
I'm ever so sorry about last night. I think I drank too
much. I've got a terrible headache and I can't remember
a thing. Who put me to bed?"

With a worried sigh of relief I said, "Hey honey, it's
OK, we all do daft things from time to time come give
me a hug." She came over threw her arms around me. I
could smell the scent of stale spunk on her. As she
pulled away from our embrace I could see Ben's spunk
stains on her nightshirt. I told her to run up stairs
and take a shower and I'd fix breakfast for her.


The rest of the week was uneventful, I thought it best
to leave things be and try not to have anymore evil
thoughts about my thirteen year old niece.

Two days before Becky was due to fly back home, I met
Keith and Ben on my way home from work at the local
bar. "How's that little prick teaser Greg?" said Keith.

"Look, she can't remember a thing, it's best if we
leave it that way."

"Ya your right, I guess," Ben replied.

After a couple of beers a couple more of our buddies
came into the bar, Gary and Jim. "Hi guys I'm off now,
see you later," I said. I was about to leave when Jim
shouted over to me, "Greg we're having a bit of a pool
party down at Stu's place Friday afternoon, you

"I can't, I've got my niece staying over."

"Bring her along then we ain't seen you for ages," Gary

"I'll think about it," I said.

Back home I mentioned it to Becky. "Please, can we go
please? Please? Please!"

I gave in to her demands.

I finished work at lunch time that Friday, told Becky
who was over excited about the pool party to get ready
and not forget her costume. We made our way to Stu's
place. The music was blaring we could hear splashing,
introduced Becky to Stu, Gary and Jim. "Here love, this
way to get changed."

Stu led my niece away. On his return he said, "Ben's
right, she is a little prick teaser shaking her arse
like that." As he put his arm around me and dragging me
to the rest of the guys, "Ben and Keith told us what
you guys got up to with your niece the other day."

"Just leave it Stu, OK?" I said.

"Ya, sure man," he smiled at me.

Becky appeared by the pool side gave a little wave and
with horror I realized she was wearing that little blue
bikini set, her small perky nipples were erect. All the
guys wolf whistled at her as she jumped in the pool and
so did they. I watched from the side as they all messed
around with a beach ball.

After a while Becky asked for a drink I gave her a
coke. It wasn't long before the beer was having the
normal effect on us guys, things were getting loud,
throwing each other in the pool, just have fun like a
group of guys do. I noticed though Becky was getting
the same way, how, then I saw Jim topping up her coke
with Vodka, no wonder.

Well things weren't getting out of hand so I turned a
blind eye to it. Gary said to Becky, "Love, you're
starting to get a little red from the sun, lie on the
lounger and I will rub a little lotion on you if you

"Sure yes please," she replied.

Gary started up around the nape of her neck and moved
gradually down her backbone, spreading the coconut-
scented lotion left and right. It was a bit of a
strain, so he scuttled around behind her and knelt
between her spread out legs. I went to work again,
spreading the warm and slippery lotion over her
shoulder blades, I could see a bulge in his bathers as
he massaged her back.

I had to intervene, "That's enough now," I whispered to

As the afternoon turned to evening dark thunder clouds
started to form. Stu shouted, "Right then, everyone
inside!" As the rain started to fall Becky wobbled into
the living room I threw her a towel to dry her hair

Stu put the music on and got a big bottle of bourbon,
Becky was getting board, "Can we play some games or
something uncle Greg?"

The guys looked at me I shrugged my shoulders, "Like

"Blind mans buff!" Gary shouted.

"Yes, that's a good game," said Becky.

Stu went to get a scarf while I went for a pee. On
returning I saw that someone had given Becky a large
glass of bourbon she was drinking it threw a straw. We
span a bottle to see who went first, Jim was first Stu
put the silk scarf over his eyes then told him to put
his hands out and tied them too, "Hey what's going on?"
Jim laughed out.

"Makes it more hard for you to catch us," Stu replied.
Stu spun Jim around. We all darted around the room as
Jim stumbled around falling over the furniture, it was
hilarious. He caught Gary first, he was the same we
were having such good fun.

I kept a close eye on Becky screaming and giggling as
she fell about the room and by now was much the worse
for drink. So it wasn't long before she got caught, Ben
carefully tied her hands while Stu covered her face,
they gave her a quick spin. Becky stumbled around as
she blindly searched around for us. The guys were
shouting here we are, can't find us she fell on the

Stu stepped forward and gently fondled her breast. I
almost creamed myself seeing that. "Don't!" she said,
turning away in an attempt to dislodge his hand. He
simply groped her the other side. "Hot little tits
missy," he grunted.

Gary motioned for him to stop.

"Can you take this blindfold off please and untie my
hands?" Becky asked hopefully. I wanted to reach out
and hold her.

Gary replied, "What? You can't see?" He suddenly moved
in and allowed his hands to traverse her upper body,
smoothing across her shoulders, down her back, across
her hips and up between her breasts.

She gasped at his touch. He leaned in and kissed her on
the lips which had her recoiling with disgust. "Never
been kissed eh, darling? Oh, this is gonna be a night
of firsts for you."

At that second, the other men closed ranks around her
and I watched in abject fascination as they all began
to feel her up as she stood there. Hands cupping her
breasts, others feeling the concave perfection of her
slim hips, sliding around to cup and rub her bottom.

I was so hard I was losing my grip on reality. Becky
was gasping. "Please let me go, Pleeaassse!" Her
impassioned plea was heartrending although ultimately

"See here sweetness," Gary whispered to her as he
continued fondling her breasts lewdly, "The boys here
are kinda hot under the collar, if you know what I
mean. Wouldn't be right to deny us just a little fun
would it?"

I heard her gasp, as Stu's fingers brushed against her
cunny, she squirm as his fingers rubbed her though the
material of her bikini Gary glanced across at me, as I
stood over near the far wall. "You'll be OK, trust me
sweatheart," Stu crooned to my neice.

They had her with her legs up against the sofa now and
it took but the least push to send her sprawling back.
From where I stood even, I caught a glimpse of her hot
little blue bikini bottoms as she fell on her back. The
other two were openly feeling her breasts now and
vocalizing their pleasure loudly.

"Goddamn, she's a hot little cunt," Stu muttered, "I
love small tits!"

"Let's suck her," said his compatriot, thrusting one
hand roughly down her top. I had to unzip myself.

Unable to pull her bikini top off, they simply tugged
it up, "NOOO!" she wailed as they roughly pushed it up,
right up, completely exposing both her milky white
breasts to our gaze. I had to approach the sofa for a
clearer view.

"What you reckon Greg?" said Gary, looking up at me,
"Have a feel my friend, she's one hot little piece of
ass and she won't know it's you."

I had to do it, and bending down, took a hold of her
right breast, feeling it, cupping it and smoothing my
hand across its center, experiencing the texture of
that beautiful brown nipple that undoubtedly was
showing signs of arousal. I watched as Stu began to
suck the other one as my niece squirmed and wriggled.
She would have been able to feel all five sets of hands
and lips on her, taking liberties she could barely

Right then, Gary moved it up to the next level,
slipping a hand and gently smoothing along her inner
thigh, moving ever upwards. As he did so, her breathing
was getting heavier Becky gasped, "NO! Don't do this!

Stu leaned forward kissed her hard through her bikini
bottoms on her pussy. She let out a real yelp of shock
and wriggled, which achieved no more than making her
look more vulnerable and sexy than ever. Obviously
Becky's vulnerability was too much for Gary.

I watched as he just slipped a hand up between her legs
and began rubbing her pussy through her bikini with
frenzied deliberation. "Don't... don't do that -
please!" she tried to draw her knees up to limit access
to the front of her bikini. Those whimpers were
heartbreaking had it not been for the sheer spectacle
of seeing an innocent little girl being sexually abused
quite openly.

"Hold her legs for me," said Gary. "Let's have some fun
with her."

Pulling her once more on to her back, Keith and Ben
took a hold of her legs - a hand each under one knee
and f***ed her legs wide apart. Even as she was sobbing

"NOOO!" plaintively.

I dropped a hand to my own erection, watching dry-
mouthed as Gary slipped a hand up inside the leg of her
panties and found what he was looking for. Her
restrainers were amusing themselves meanwhile feeling
her breasts and rubbing her nipples – fully exposed as
they were.

"God, she's hot and but not tight," he muttered, one
finger obviously having penetrated her vaginal cavity.

Becky was shaking her pretty head back and forth not
understanding what was happening to her. I couldn't
however wrench my gaze away from her splayed legs and
Gary's hand performing unspeakably crude things beneath
her bikini.

"Let's see her pussy," said Stu, they all broke away
from her, the guys then pulled their bathers down their
cocks were as hard as mine I saw that all of us were
near the same size give or take an inch, apart from
Jim, his was at least nine inches long, fat and a huge
foreskin that hung over his cock end by an inch.

"She's getting really hot now." He added, inclining his
head towards her breasts and indeed I could see that
her nipples were rock hard due to the stimulation they
were receiving.

Pushing her legs together just long enough for Gary to
tug her bottoms down and pull one leg clear of them,
she gasped and wriggled with fear and embarrassment at
having her young genitals exposed in such vulnerable a
position. Stu whistled his delight at the scene before
him while the others simply muttered, "Jesus what a hot
little cunt.

A "hot little cunt" it was too! I could but stare at,
what for so long I had simply imagined! - my niece's
virginal and currently somewhat moist-looking slit.
Displayed before us in all its colorful and inviting
glory, not a man born could look upon the sight without
experiencing erectus supremus.

So hot was she lying there like that. Softly curved
hips, wonderfully flat and smooth tummy blending-in
with those cute red curls framing her hitherto
protected labia that Gary now was separating so
carefully with his fingers, Becky's head bolted back as
Jim poured some sun lotion over her red flaming cunny.
Her knickers, hanging loose off her left ankle
completed the picture of abject debasement, her own
personal flag. Not so much at half-mast as bearing
witness to the death of their young owner's innocence.

Gary's instructions of "Hold her legs wide now,"
signaled the end of tease and the onset of a new one.
Gary took his time. Despite her quivers of disbelief
that this could be happening to her, her pussy was
obviously far from dry and even as Gary slipped his
seven inch erection up and down the folds of her labia.
Then gently the first inch f***ed its way in, he let
out a cry of "God, she is tight," as he cupped her
bottom and held her up marginally.

I had to ease the burning lust between my own legs and
began stroking myself as I watched him sink it further
in. Becky was sobbing loudly and pleading with him not
to put in her and that she could get pregnant. That was
something I hadn't been thinking of, but her very words
of warning just upped the ante. The thought of watching
her get pregnant simply added fuel to the furnace
despite the obviously damning consequences.

"It'll be very quick sweetie," he said and thrust into

Before they could get a hand over her mouth, Becky
screamed. It was a scream of pain, shock, lost
innocence and God-knows what else. Withdrawing
temporarily, we could all see the red-tinged rivulets
trickle out of her, staining with the mark of a lost

He was in her now and with slow thrusts he started to
fuck Becky. Resigned to defeat she allowed his lust to
run its course. The Stu, Ben, Keith and Jim were
muttering obscenities watching as Gary turned into the
home straight. For myself, I was but milliseconds from
finalizing my own little sexual contract, I let go of
my erection breathing strenuously.

"Fuck me! I'm going to fill her cunt!" Gary announced,
before pulsing into her for fully ten seconds.

I wish I had been able to see Becky's eyes right at
that moment. He pulled out and I saw a thin stream of
viscous white fluid seep out of her pussy. Having let
go of her legs, Becky closed them and half-turned on
her side moaning and breathing heavily.

Her rest-period was short-lived. Stu pulled her now to
the edge of the sofa as Ben and Keith again held her
legs bent at the knee and spread wide for easy access.
He pushed his five inch cock hard into her and she
grunted with surprise. I felt pre-cum trickling down my
own leg as Stu fucked Becky with plenty of zest. Her
breasts were vibrating with each thrust and her head
being tossed from side to side as he thrust in and out.

Again she just lay there, letting him fuck her. I did
notice a quiver from her own hips trusting back as he
neared completion. "You're such a fucking hot little
tease," Stu announced. Grabbing her around the hips, he
leant forward and began sucking her right nipple while
still taking her so deep.

To everyone's surprise Becky's tied hands went to Stu's
head pulling him onto her nipple. It looked like she
was now enjoying it. He came in her with roar I noticed
that even when they let go of her legs, she made no
immediate attempt to close them. Both Stu and Becky
were breathless. Again, she turned on her side and just
lay there moaning quietly. Her arms must have been
aching incredibly.

"Someone please untie me now," she puffed.

"Only if you keep the blindfold on," Jim replied.

"I will, I promise," she said.

Jim undid the scarf binding her hands. Rubbing her
wrists, "Can I have a drink?"

Jim was quick off the mark and put his glass of bourbon
to her lips and tilted it back. Becky sputtered as the
alcohol ran down her throat. "Now it's my turn," Ben
eagerly said. He swiveled Becky's legs over the arm of
the sofa and pulled her up so her spunked pussy was on
the edge of the arm he lined up his seven incher, his
cock head slipped in her with ease slowly he started
his rhythm of fucking her holding her thighs as he did

Becky was panting each time her thrust home. This was
too mush for Keith, he crouch over Becky's face rubbing
his pre-cummed cock head over her lips. "Suck it
Becky," Keith said.

"No! It tastes horrid!" She moved her head away.

""et that bourbon Greg."

I handed the glass he put his cock in the glass as if
he was washing it. Again he offered his cock to Becky,
this time she opened her mouth and sucked his cock head
with vigour. Her hand came up and grabbed his shaft and
started wank him.

This was too much for both Keith and Ben they both came
simultaneously. Becky's mouth bubbled with Keith's
spunk as she tried to spit it out. Ben just stood there
as he pulsated his load into her.

"Get me a water quick I feel sick!" Becky screamed.

Stu handed her a glass of soda she gulped it down to
wash the taste of Keith's spunk away.

Ben pulled out of Becky's cunny thick cum dribbled out
onto the arm of the sofa.

Jim sat beside Becky who was now sitting on the sofa
with her knees tucked under her chin. Jim held her hand
and moved towards his hard cock, without looking what
she was doing, her hand opened and grasped the middle
of his shaft, her small dainty fingers couldn't
encircle his wide girth.

Jim held her wrist moving her hand up and down his
shaft, each time on the down stroke his foreskin
withdrew over his cock head, it looked more like a rams
head a large amount of pre cum was leaking from the
large pee hole lubricating his shaft. Jim tried to pull
her head towards his cock, Becky resisted she was
having none of it.

You could see the frustration on Jim's face, he pushed
Becky on her back and lent over her rubbing his cock
head up and down her wet slit. "Please don't it's too
big," Becky groaned.

But Jim was oblivious to her pleas with gritted teeth
he pushed the large rams head between her wet folds.
Becky's body tensed and she let out a loud yelp.
Standing at the foot of the sofa I could see you red
swollen pussy lips gripping his shaft. Jim's forehead
was dripping with sweat. "She so fucking tight!" and
with another push about five inched of his cock
disappeared. His buttocks then started short stabbing
motions as her fucked her.

I could see her hips moving upwards to accommodate his
thrusts and her breathing was becoming heavier. She was
on the verge of her first orgasm of the night. The guys
had now gathered round Becky, their cocks out and
jerking them. Then white streams of cum simultaneously
across her face, her nipples and her lower abdomen.

It triggered Jim's own delivery. "Oh god! Oh god! I'm
cummminnggg! he roared as he sank fully into Becky's

I could see his balls pulsating his hot cum into her.
Jim pulled out, the six of us just stood or knelt
there, watching Becky wriggle slowly on the sofa, and
moan abstractly. Glistening cum ran down between her
breasts, trickling down her face over the silk scarf
hiding her eyes as well as a heavy stream of cum
pouring from her exposed open hole.

"Well Greg," Gary was whispered, "Want to wrap this up
now? Or do you want to fuck her?"

Slipping the biggest damn erection I ever had back in
my shorts, I said, "N-no, I'm taking her home. She had

I looked down at her, at her exposed nipples – still
erect, her ravaged pussy pulsing out gooey white spunk,
her red wisps of pubic hair were matted together. She
half sat-up, "I'm just so sore."

I went over to her, picked up her bikini bottoms and
then tugged them back up. Even then, cum was squelching
out of her, soaking the front of the thin blue cotton.
She would be needing one hell of a shower when she got

I took off her blindfold got her shorts and t shirt
helped her on with them without a word being said we
made our way out picking up her bikini top up as we
left, for the ten minute walk home. Halfway home I had
to pick her up, her legs were so weak.

We didn't speak a word all the way home. Once inside I
told her she had better have a shower. Becky went
upstairs I followed shortly afterwards, I could hear
her sobbing over the noise of the water. I tapped on
the door, "You OK in there?"

There was no answer, so I opened the door she was
behind the shower curtain washing. I coughed, "Becky
you OK?"

"Yes uncle Greg," she sobbed back.

"Well I'm off to bed now, see you in the morning."

"OK uncle Greg."

In the bedroom I stripped off, got under the thin
cotton sheets rubbing my cock I reached over and turned
the lamp off. Not being able to get the sight of Becky
being banged I started wank off.

Just as I could feel the sap rising the light came on.
Becky was standing there with a bathrobe on. I let go
as quick as I could, trying to hide the outline of my
erection from her, there was no hiding my arousal.
"Honey w-what's wrong?" I knew what was wrong she was
going to accuse me of betraying her at Stu's party.

"Um, Uncle Greg, I need to ask you something... and I
want you to tell me the truth."

With a hard swallow I said, "Sure honey, what is it?"

Becky came and sat on the edge of the bed beside me.
"Uncle Greg did you do it to me as well?"

"No honey I didn't, I couldn't."

She started sobbing again, "Why? Why? Don't you like
me? Am I ugly? I love you Uncle Greg, don't you love

I sat up and took her in my arms a hugged her, "Don't
be silly Becky, of course I love you and no your not
ugly. You're the most beautiful girl in the world."

Becky was hugging me harder as I said that, then the
shock came I felt her hand move over sheets to the top
of my leg, then she grasped my cock which made me jump
with the shock. "Are you sure you want this Becky?"

"Yes uncle Greg I do, I wanted you to be the first!" At
this she stood up undid the belt on her robe and let it
slip off her shoulders. She was naked and slipped under
the sheets with me. Becky snuggle up against me as I
lay on my back. She laid her head on my chest and put
her right arm around me. She began rubbing my chest
where her hand was. She began rubbing her leg along my
thigh. Soon her leg was on top of my leg and her little
mound was against my hip.

She began grinding herself against me as her knee rode
up my leg higher and higher until she touched my
testicles and the base of my erect penis. She began a
gentle slow massage of the full length of my erection
with the inside of her knee. Her hand began to rub my
stomach lower and lower. I succumb to Tracy's seduction
and put my arm around her; placing my hand against the
small of her back as she worked herself against me.

She ran her fingers down my side near my erection
without touching it. She cupped my balls in her hand.
Then she slowly closed her hand around my cock. I held
her body tighter against my own body. My right hand was
hugging her head against my chest. My left hand reached
down and cupped her round little ass and squeezed. She
liked that. She moved up higher on my torso and began
to shift her body on top of me. Soon she was on top of
me and straddling me with my hard-on sticking up right
in front of her as she sat on my balls.

She took me in both of her hands and squeezed and
rubbed the clear goo up and down my shaft. She held on
the end of my cock with both hands as she rode up and
over me until the base of my cock was sliding across
her opening. She began to ride me back and forth across
the length of it until the purple head was rubbing her
little rosebud. She began to quiver and jerk as her
release approached. I reached for her little breasts
and her swollen nipples. When I rubbed them and gently
squeezed them, Tracy erupted into a loud throaty moan
that I couldn't believe came from that tiny body. Then
she rolled off me trying to catch her breath.

My left hand snuck down towards her pussy. I inserted a
finger into her hot moist pussy. She was already
juicing. Her fluids were just coating my finger. I
gently rubbed her pussy lips. My lips slowly trailed
down towards her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched
her love bud, she gave a little hop. I eagerly
continued my work. I licked her from the top of her
clit, through her pussy lips, which made her shiver
right back to her little rosebud. Her musk filled me
with erotic notions, although I could taste a heavy
salty tang from her juices.

Becky's hands grabbed my hair and pushed my head deeper
into her crotch, her thighs formed a vice like grip on
the sides of my face, "OH I'M CUMMING!" Her skin broke
out into gooseflesh as massive orgasms rocked her
teenage body when she came down from her cum she
released her grip on me, my face was covered with her
pussy juice.

I lifted my head up and wormed my body up hers, licking
her flat belly past her navel. I moved my hands onto
her firm breasts, and licked my way up to the puffy
buds. They tasted good in my mouth, and I rolled my
tongue over them and felt them press back at the
stimulation. I moved further up and looked down into
her green eyes. Our lips smashed together as we
embraced, with my penis wedged between us.

Becky wrapped her legs around my naked buttocks and
pushed her pelvis against my swollen cock. I tried to
enter her without success. I encouraged her to take
hold of my cock and rub it up her vaginal opening. As I
felt her hot pussy lips began to spread over the head
of my cock as I lowered her down. Then the tightness of
her wet cunt slipped slowly down my shaft.

She let out a very throaty low moan as I penetrated her
deeper. She let out a little scream and held me tight
for minute and then she started to push back against
me. I took slow gentle strokes till she started to pant
and tell me how good it felt. Becky started to buck her
hips back up at me and tell me to fuck her harder I was
trying to hold back but when she let out a loud scream
went rigid and hissed through clenched teeth. "Ohhhh
YESSSSSSS! Ohhhh GOD YES!" And she pulled me tight
against her I let my cum spray deep inside her tight

I was surprised at the amount of sperm and pussy juice
that was oozing out of her. I don't think I have ever
came that much in my life. We spent the next 4 hours
fucking every way we could think of.


I woke late in the morning Becky was laying next to me
sound asl**p. To my horror I realized that I had
planted love bites all over her neck. Her pussy lips
were still swollen from the fucking, wetness gleamed
between its folds.

And she was to go home to her parents this very


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