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A Threesome to Remember - 2 CD's

Since I was a young man I was always curious to find out what it would feel like to get fucked by a hard cock while sucking on a cock. It wasn't until I was 20 that I really started to take the steps to make that fantasy a reality. At 20 I had my first gay experience, I got my cock sucked by one of my gay friends from school, but that still didn't satisfy my kinky fantasy, not even close.

After being referred to craigslist - casual encounters, I figured it was worth a try to post my fantasy up
to see if anybody might be interested. I received countless of men interested in helping me fulfill my fantasies, but I was scared, nervous, and ended up flaking like most people do on craigslist. Weeks went by, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I figured since I want to get fucked, I should buy a dildo:). This dildo was as close as I could get to being fucked. After buying the dildo I wanted to feel submissive and sissy so I decided to shave my entire body. Now i was ready, I had a silky smooth body with a silky smooth ass ready to be penetrated by my dildo. Fucking my ass with the dildo was great practice. I would fuck my ass for hours in my room moaning like a little slut. I would get on all fours and just fuck myself with the dildo deep and hard. After the thrill and excitement of fucking my own ass with a dildo faded, I decided to go back on to craigslist.

This time around I decided just to respond to posts. I came across an
ad that said " CD looking to rim and suck." By this time I was familiar with the craigslist lingo and knew that CD meant cross dresser. I decided to respond, and within 25 minutes the CD messages me asking for a pic. I replied with a cock pic, and body pic, and asked for a pic in return. I opened the pictures and I saw a sexy CD with tan smoothe skin, and nice ass. After exchanging a few emails she asked if I wanted to come over, and I of course said yes. Now, this isn't exactly what I was looking for, but I had never been with a CD, and the thought if it was a real turn on. Plus, getting rimmed and sucked didn't sound like a bad idea either. So, I put lotion on my smoothe body and headed out.

On the way there I was shaking with nerves. I considered turning around a few times, but I decided to take a risk. I entered the code to the private community and parked. I was in my car breathing heavily, but oh so eager
to experience a CD. I stepped out of the car, walked to the apartment number and knocked. I anxiously waited for the CD to answer. Once the door opened I saw a sexy passable CD. She was about 5 7, approximately 140lbs, full make up on, and she was wearing some sexy lingerie. I was jealous, I wanted to look like that. She asked me to come in, and as I entered her living room I saw another CD sitting on the couch!!! I thought to myself, " oh my, this is going to be an interesting night."

The CD on the couch aka Jill was similar to Delila, but slightly shorter. I was sitting in between the two of them on them couch excited as can be. "Have you eer been in a threesome," Jill asked. "no i havent, but im open to try." Jill then asked me if I've ever been fucked before. I truthfully answered, "no, but I do fuck myself with my dildo." After saying that I noticed her ear to ear smile. They slowly moved closer and started to touch me all over!! I was in pure ecstasy, and this was only the beginning. I started kissing Jill while Delila fondled me, and then I
started kissing Delila while Jill fondled me. All of our lips eventually locked and we had the sexiest 3 way kiss imaginable. They each started to undress me and within a minute I was fully naked feeling extremely submissive. They moved me to the ground on the living room floor that was covered in blankets. Jill ordered me to get on all fours. Without hesitating I did as she said.

As I stood there on all fours like a submissive slut. Jill moved behind me and began to rim my clean smoothe asshole while gently stroking my cock. Jill would spread my ass wide and slowly kiss, and finger my sexy hole. While Jill was busy with my ass Delila moved to my front and stuck her small 5 inch cut hard cock in front of my face and told me to start sucking. As i continued to suck Delila's stiff cock, Jiill tells me that she's going to fuck me. She puts a rubber on (unfortunately) lubes my smoothe ass, and enters my tight pink asshole. My fantasy officially became a reality!!! For the next 15 minutes I stood on all fours like a good slut taking a hard cock up my ass
while lustfully sucking on another hard cock. As Jill is fucking me hard from behind she continued to stroke my cock. I couldn't resist the urge to cum. I suddenly exploded like never before. As soon as I exploded I couldn't help but pull my head away from Delila's cock I was sucking to tell them that I was cumming. As quickly as I pulled my head back Delila couldn't hold back either and covered my face with her juicy warm cum. After watching myself and Delila cum, Jill couldn't resist the lust to cum. She took off the condom and she came all over my ass cheecks. Jill decided to rub her cum all over my ass, it felt great. She also decided to finger me with some of her cum as well :).

After cleaning ourselves up (mostly me) I couldn't believe what had just happened. My fantasy finally came true!! This experience inspired me to start cross dressing. I still fantasize about being fucked in the ass again while sucking on a hard cock, but now I want this fantasy to become a reality while I'm all dressed up in sexy lingerie.

I was fortunate enough to play with
Delila a few times after, maybe I can share the next encounters. Unfortunately I never saw Jill again, and ended up losing Delila's email, and number, but she will always be remembered.

I hope you enjoyed!

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