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House Remodel

It was the summer after my final year of high school. My buddy Tom and I were trying to find something to make money at. My mom knew a woman whos husband was out of the country and she needed some remodel work done at her house. We went over and started to work. This woman seemed happy to have us there and had alot of work. Only problem was is that she was a major penny pincher and a real bitch.
The first couple of days were not too bad. We worked hard and late into the night. This woman would start drinking wine at around five and by about eight she would be really toasted, the more toasted she got the more she would nit pick at our work. This woman was named Connie and she was in her late fifties. She was about five foot tall, not very heavy. She had short dark hair and a pumpkin head. She was not very attractive and seemed to be pretty unhappy. I decided to flirt with her and she liked it and flirted back.
The fourth afternoon we were working and she was really nit picking. Connie was hitting the bottle pretty hard and was starting to slur her words. Tom was painting in one of the rooms and I went to the kitchen to check on Connie. She and I got to talking, I was flirting pretty hard and she was way d***k. I had Connie blushing and I started thinkin that she does not get alot of attention or flirted with alot. I started thinking that I might be able to fuck Connie if I played my cards right. I figured Connie was so uptight because she needed a good fucking and being a k** I thought I could do the job.
I told Connie that I thought she was pretty hot and that I would give her fifty dollars to see her naked and threw my money on the counter. Connie being d***k and all grab my money and then took her top off and then dropped her shorts. For her age she was not too bad. Her tits were on the small side. Her skin was pale. Her bush was thick and untrimmed and her ass was flat. She danced around making sure I could get a good look at everything. She stumbled and fell but I caught her. I laid her on the floor and she blushed some more and said that she could not believe she let me talk her into this. Then she stated that she was d***k and I better not take advantage of her. Those words were music to my ears. I told her that I bet she had alot of boyfriends in her past and she answered that she had only slept with two men her whole life and had not had alot of men show interest in her. I told her she had a hot body and leaned over and kissed her. Then she pushed me away and I offered her another fifty dollars if she would let me play with her pussy for a couple of minutes. She agreed and I started to search for her clit.
I found her clit and also that her pussy was dripping wet. I was working her over pretty good and thought I should eat her out. The minute my tounge hit her clit she freaked out. Connie started to buck and thrash about. I jambed two fingers up her cunt as I ate her and this pushed her into her first orgasim. Her pussy smelled and tasted great! Now was my chance, I pushed my shorts down and allowed my cock to spring fourth and pulled myself up so that my cock head was just inside her pussy lips. Connie told me we needed to stop, she was married. I told her not to worry and pushed my cock half way into her tight wet pussy and pulled all the way out and then slammed it all the way into her. She screamed out "it feels so good!" and she held me tight. I decided not to wait and proceeded to start pounding her pussy good and hard. She was breathing heavy and moaning. I felt like a porn star as my cock was rock hard and I was no where near blowing my load. I showed no mercy to Connie's sweet pussy.
Then I noticed Tom was standing over us stroking his cock. I just kept going deep into Connie's old hairy pussy. My balls started to boil and knew I was getting ready to blow. I made a few more hard deep thrust into Connie and then buried my cock deep in her and drained my balls. Connie yelled out yes as I flooded her dusty womb with my young sperm. I pulled back from her and could see my cum inside her gaping cunt.
Then out of nowhere Tom flew in and planted his hard cock in Connie's pussy. Tom started to grudge fuck her and Connie yelled out. The sloppy sound made by Tom's cock thrusting into Connie's cum filled pussy was so cool. Tom lasted only a minute or two then drained his balls deep inside Connie's pussy also.
Tom pulled his limp cock out of Connie allowing me to see her gooey cunt. Cum was all in her bush and her cunt was gapping open. Connie was in a daze and said that she had never had two guys at once and again told us she was married and should not be doing this. My cock was now hard again and I moved over and planted it inside Connie. I fucked her hard for several minutes before filling her pussy again with my man sauce. Then Tom took his second time with her.
We stayed the night and took turns fucking Connie. The next morning was different as Connie was not d***k anymore. She was not happy that we fucked her but then she seemed to like having us fuck her as we did it several more times that day. For an ugly old crabby woman she sure liked being fucked by us and we continued to fuck her for many years.

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