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Summer with grandma pt1

Wow! What a life changing vacation. My mom left me with my grandma so she could apply for a job out of state. I was there for a week and tried to view this as a vacation. Grandma was only in her 70's and still got around quite well. The first day I kinda learned her routine and looked forward to our time together. Because she didn't work she could spend the whole day with me doing fun things. Just before lunch she would take her nap and again sometimes just before dinner. She would go to bed about two hours after dinner but said I could stay up a little longer. We had just braked for summer vacation so I had no commitments to school. The second day, Wednesday, there was nothing on the TV when grandma went in for her pre-noon nap so I found myself wondering the house. As I headed for my room I passed grandma's room and heard her grown. Not loud but I feared she might be in pain. I didn't want to disturb her and listened to see if she cried out for help or would be okay. She was breathing heavy and I thought I could hear her radio or TV in the background playing very low. I remembered that her window was on the side of the house and I might be able to look into her room without disturbing her so I made my way there.

I couldn't see in very good but I could see the TV and the lower half of the bed. I could tell she was in bed because I could see her legs and feet.
When I realized what my eyes were taking in I almost fell over! her legs were slightly bent ant the knee and they were shaking. On the TV I saw a group of ladies doing things I had never seen ladies do. Not to each other anyway. I started feeling a tingle as my panties got wet. My hart was pounding so hard I thought the world could hear it. After only about a minute, I had to go back inside from fear of looking suspicious and being reported for looking in windows so I went back to watching TV until it was time for lunch. By the time grandma came out for lunch I had come up with a plain to hide in her closet when she went in for her pre-dinner nap. I wanted to ask her what she did for her nap but how could I? I acted as normal as I could and just before her nap time I asked if I could go to the park while she slept. She reminded me what time dinner was and I was off. Well I opened the door and closed it. Then I found my place in her closet which wasn't easy. The door wasn't closed all the way so it wouldn't look suspicious to leave it cracked after I climbed in. I didn't have to wait long, grandma checked the yard for me and after thinking I was well on my way she came into her room. Again my hart started pumping hard. Grandma turned her TV on but I couldn't see it from where I was. I did have a clear view of the bed and when she came into view she has already removed her paints and was naked from the waist down. She had on a lose blouse and no bra. I saw for the first time that she shaved all but a small patch of hair at the top of her pussy. When she slipped back on the bed and spread her legs I could see everything through the cracked door. I could tell that the movie she was watching was the same one from this morning. Grandma was really going at it before too long and I could tell she was cumming almost only a minute later. She didn't seem to stop for the whole time and I watched has her skin turned beet red. I thought I saw her squirt several times but I had never seen anything like that before so I decided when she left the room I would investigate. I was so wet when she did leave that I knew I would have to change before I "Came Home" from the park. When I checked the bed I saw that she did squirt and there was a big wet spot. I smelled it and it wasn't pee. Then I did something I would never have thought I would do. I tasted it by licking the sheet. To my surprise it was a good taste and I thought I would have time to slip out of the room and pretend to come back from the park until I turned to leave and saw that my grandma was watching me from the doorway. OMG! I am so busted! "Why would you lick my sheets sweety?" she asked when we made eye contact. She didn't sound angry but I was still sure I was in trouble. "I...I wasn't sure what that was and..." I stammered. " I am sure you did know because I didn't see anyone come into my room after I walked out so you must have been in there the whole time honey." I must have looked like I was going to pass out and I felt like I would too. Grandma walked over and sat me down on her bed and sat beside me. She took both my hands in hers and looked me in the eyes and asked "How much did you see sweety?" I was about to start crying but she just said "I don't have a man in my life and I don't think I will ever want one so now I take care of myself the best I can. That is how I do it." "But the movie was with women grandma." I said when I found my voice. "Yes love I know, I think the female body is such a turn on now. Do you think I am crazy?" "No I just never knew women did that." I said still a bit confused at how much I was turned on seeing my grandma. She must have seen the stain I had in my crouch because she said, "I see you found it kinda exciting from the wetness in your paints. Let me see whats doing all that, Take those paints off and I will put them in the wash. Here, I will help you." She then started undoing my paints and had me stand before her. I was too stunned to react at all I just watched her face when my pussy came into view. She smiled up at me and said "Your quite the beauty honey. Soft and pink and new." She said as she rubbed me. I was really feeling turned on and I bent at the knees so she could really rub me. Then she licked her fingers to taste me and told me how sweet I tasted then asked if I liked the way she tasted when I licked the sheets. I told her I did and she took her pants off again and asked if I would like to taste her again. That's how it all started. What a second day. We licked each other the rest of the day and when she took her brake the next day before lunch I was in the room on the bed with her. We watched the movie and did what we saw the girls do. The rest of the week was very educational to me and I realized I would never look at other females the same again.

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