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Close call.

So the other day me and my girlfriend were home and her mom and b*****r stopped by the house real quick to bring us something for us. Well, when the 3 of them were in the living room I went to me and my girlfriends bedroom to get my phone, let's say I didn't get close to the phone. I was in the mood to fuck and cum on some heels, which I wished I would have had the camera. So while they're still in the living room I dig through our closet and get out the victim: A beautiful 4 inch, Nine West, black leather round toe heel(Yeah I gave the brand and type of heel, gotta make a story great with details)but anyways they are brand new too with that new heel scent. Right out of the box. I pull down my pants and boxers and those heels met my cock. They felt so amazing.

Well, as I was fucking my girlfriends heel I hear her mom talking and hear her getting close to our bedroom door and I'm too far away from the closet so I know I don't have time to run to the closet, put the heel away and pull my pants up. So, I had to think quick so her mom wouldn't see what I was doing so I just put my girlfriends heel down in my boxers and pulled up my jeans, it was a tight fit. I turn to look out the window not facing the door and I what I was thinking was true when her mom entered our bedroom to use the bathroom since my girlfriends b*****r was in the other one, we have 2 bathrooms.

As her mom was in the bathroom and I can't really go anywhere else in the house because I didn't want to chance it by walking out and her b*****r seeing and knowing there's a heel in my pants, that'll be awkward. So decide to take the heel out in the bedroom and right when I get start to undo my jeans my girlfriend walks in the bedroom and she knows what I'm doing. She asks is her mom still in the bathroom and I tell her she was and then she looks at my crotch noticing my pants and tells me "I knew you were playing with my shoes in here". So, I ended up getting the heel out of my jeans and my girlfriend then tells me "Let me see my heel" so I handed her the heel and I thought she was going to put the heel in our closet, but I got a surprise. An amazing surprise.

As I was getting ready to fix my jeans my girlfriend tells me to wait and pulls out my cock, places the heel under it with her left hand and gives me a hand job with her right hand. It didn't take long before I sprayed a huge load into her heels. Of course her mom is still in our bathroom the whole time doing her makeup and right when her mom opens the bathroom door my girlfriend puts the heel on. Her mom asks her what she's doing and my girlfriend tells her they're new heels and she wanted to try them on again. Her mom told her they were cute and they look great, but in my mind I'm telling myself they felt great. Her mom leaves the room and what was hot was when my girlfriend took her heel off and the inside of the heel and her foot was slimed. It was a little close call, but it was by far the most amazing best close call ever happened.

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