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My First Swallow

I am a guy. Back in Junior High, during my early teen's, I had sucked a few cocks, but never tasted cum. At the time, I didn't want them to cum in my mouth. When they got close, I jacked them off, but never tasted it or even considered swallowing. It just wasn't my thing. However … things change.

When I turned 18, I met this guy named Mike. He was a big biker type of guy, a bit rough around the edges and could get very rowdy with his buds. He was good looking and extremely macho. He had tattoos up and down both of his thick arms. He was in his early 30's and the women seemed to cling to him like a magnet. I admired his motorcycle and told him how I love to ride. I had a bicycle back when I was younger. His was a big hog. Most guys don't want another dude on the back of their bike, but Mike didn't seem to mind. He straddled the big engine and told me to get on behind him. I did and he revved up the engine and tore out of the parking lot. Without a sissy bar, I nearly fell off, so I held on to his waist. I heard him chuckle and we rode til we hit a stop sign.

“Here's something you can hold on to.”, he said.

He took my right hand and pulled it from his waist and plopped it right between his legs on his crotch. I gave it a squeeze and he chuckled again before powering up the big hog and taking off. My hand slipped a bit, but put both arms around his stomach. We rode for about thirty minutes until he stopped to get himself some beer. I slipped off and he went inside. A few minutes later he came back with a six pack and put it in the saddle bag. Then we headed back to his place. It was a great ride and I liked it. We went inside and he handed me a beer. He sat down on the couch and had his legs spread.

“Did you like holding on?”, he asked.

“Yeah, you're a crazy man!”, I grinned.

“I'm a horny man. Come suck me off!”

“Don't you have a girlfriend for that?”

“Don't see one here right now, but my balls needs to be drained!”

He was rubbing his crotch and grinning as he swallowed the beer. I was hesitant to do anything, but when he pulled his cock out, I couldn't stop myself. He had a big thick cock. It didn't look too long, but it was meaty. I took a drink of my liquid courage (aka beer) and stepped closer. I got down on my knees and took hold of his big prick. Before I could put my lips around it, he stopped me.

“Here's the deal. You suck me, but you gotta swallow. There is no compromise on this! I don't want to see my cum anywhere! No running to the sink to spit. Got it?”

“Sorry Mike, but I don't do that!”

“Yes you can. I'm tired of having my bitches gag and spit out my load. It's my baby making juice! I want it swallowed! If you won't do it, just forget it. I can jack it myself.”, he said disappointingly.

Damn! I was so ready to suck that man, but not quite ready to take a load of cum in my mouth and swallow. I let go of his cock, but couldn't take my eyes off of him. I took a big deep breath and sat back.

“I need more beer for this.”, I said.

“I got a six pack, but three of them are mine!”

I picked up my beer and slugged it all down. He did the same and handed me the empty. I tossed those and got two more. He was still sitting there with his cock sticking out of his jeans. We drank the second beer and I got us the last ones. I slugged it down quick while he watched me. A slight grin was on his face and he knew he'd get sucked off soon. The beer hit me with a buzz and the courage was there.

“Fine! I'll do it!”, I told him.

Getting back down on my knees, I took his cock by the base and pulled it to my lips. He was thick, but that's what made it nice. I licked around the head of his cock and then slipped it into my mouth. Most of the other cocks I've sucked were smaller, but this one was a real masterpiece! While I slobbered all over his prick, he was groaning slightly and enjoyed the feeling.

“Obviously you know how to suck cock! Keep going buddy!”

He ran his hand through my hair and was thrusting upward a few times. I took it as deep as I could. I really enjoyed sucking that cock, but in the back of my mind I was worried about following through. If I didn't do as he requested, I wasn't sure what he'd do to me. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to ponder the question for too much longer. He sat down his beer and stood up. My mouth never left his cock, but he held the back of my head. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth and then stopped. A grunt escaped from deep down inside and then his cock exploded. Holding my head on his cock, he shot at least four thick streams of cum into my mouth. I started to gag, but held back. I couldn't swallow with his cock so deep in my mouth, so I just held the cum there. It didn't taste bad. Actually, it didn't taste like much to be honest. Just a creamy feeling oozing around that hard prick. My tongue rubbed the underside of his shaft as he continued to ooze out more cum.

“Swallow it, boy!”, he ordered.

I pulled back so just the head was between my lips and swallowed his spunk. Then I took his cock back in deep and milked out every last drop he had to offer. Never in my life would I have imagined I could do that, but I just did! It was one hell of a turn on! I slurped on his sensitive prick and drained it good. When he was done, he pulled out of my sucking lips and looked down at me. His hand was on the top of my head as he grinned.

“I knew you could do it! Now you're one of my cock sucking bitches! Actually, the best of the group! Maybe you could teach them a few things!”

Mike was a horny bastard and loved having his cock sucked. Twice since then, I've sucked and swallowed. He can pack a big load and loves feeding it to me. One afternoon, I stopped over at his place. He was sitting back watching some football game with a young girl of about 21. He was wearing shorts and was trying to talk her into sucking him off. He gave her the same speech about swallowing and she just smiled. I couldn't believe it, but she actually got up and knelt between his legs while I watched. She was a pretty little thing.

She started out okay, but was obviously inexperienced. A few times she got him with her teeth and he let out a yelp. After nearly ten minutes, he pushed her away.

“Okay! That's enough! You got too many teeth and I don't want it chewed up!”, he growled.

“I'm sorry. I've only done it once before and he wasn't nearly as big as you!”, she said whining.

“You need practice, bitch!”

She reached for his cock again and was jacking it for him. He pushed her hand away and looked at me.

“Do you think you could do better than she can?”, he asked.

“Most likely!”, I grinned.

“Get down here then!”

The girl looked at me and her eyes got big. I don't think she was expecting this at all. She slowly got up and moved aside. I moved over and took his big cock in my hand. I gripped the base of his prick and went down on him. I heard her gasp as his cock disappeared into my mouth. He leaned back and enjoyed the blowjob.

“He could teach you a few things!”, he told her. “Watch and learn!”

I was too busy to offer a class in cock sucking. Instead, I just did what I like to do and manged to get him to cum about five minutes later. Gobbling down his sperm was a treat now and I loved doing it. He got a little wild at the end and held my head down on his prick while it shot off in my mouth. I was sure it was for her benefit as he was showing off.

“Fuck yeah! Take it! Damn! That's hot!”, he growled.

When I finally came off his cock, I stood up and not a drop of cum was to be seen. He looked at the young bitch and grunted.

“Now that's how you suck dick! Try sucking him now and see if you can do it right!”, he told her.

I really didn't want her to suck me, but she felt obligated. I whipped mine out. It's not quite as thick as Mike's, but it's a big cock. I sat back and she started licking it and slipped it into her mouth. Within a minute, she got me with her teeth. I jumped.

“Damn! Watch it!”, I yelled.


She tried again and it was good for about a minute. When she nipped it again, I stopped her. Standing up, I shoved my cock back into my pants and told her I was done. She sat on the couch depressed, but I didn't care. It was hurting more than it felt good. I couldn't have taught her anything. She just needed practice on a smaller cock. I was surprised that she didn't freak out when I sucked him off, but it wouldn't have mattered. She just got up, shrugged her shoulders and picked up her purse and left. Mike looked at me and smiled.

“You're still the best cocksucker I know! Thanks man!”

“You're welcome. I'm glad you like it.”

“If you really like doing it, I could hook you up with my buddies. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you did it for them.”

“Let me think on that one.”

“Sure. It's cool.”

Two days later, I was sucking him and two of his buddies! Damn! I guess I turned into a cum loving slut! That was more than a few years ago... and I'm still swallowing cum!

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