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Anyway on Nov 23,2012 after Thanksgiving we always get in big line for shopping on black Friday special here I was by my self standing in line in my sort sundress no bra and lace boy shorts panties high heels boots to my knees around 3am and those 2 black men standing behind me starring my ass trying to flirt with me and when I told them I’m not a female they were surprise with look of mine.
Around 4:00 store was open we went in they were following me picking up stuff starring at me I was standing in line for check out one of them came up ask me if I don’t mind having sex with them at their place after we leave the store I agree to meet them outside parking lot waiting for them around 7:45 am they came out of store took me to their place very ghetto apartment was scare but very friendly they were once we got their they didn’t waist no time get me out of my dress I was on my knees in my panties and high heels boots undo their pants surprise came out very huge thick black meat and other very long meat starring at me I was shock to see how big they were for few seconds I just stare their big black cocks looking at them they were laughing starring down at me very nervous I start sucking their cocks they start getting bigger I really had hard time sucking thick one next thing I know I lost control thick one walk behind me lift my hips got me on knees spank my butts very hard and his buddy long cock in my mouth next word I hear from one of them she sure know how to give head one behind me pulling my panties down to my knees and spit n my asshole stick his cock head in my ass forcing to get in I sure felt him to my thighs getting split open I almost bit the guy with his cock in my mouth I quickly pull it out I look back in pain full face see him going deeper I got very loud one was sitting on couch laughing saying no one will hear you everyone Black Friday shopping guy with thicker cock start going deeper harder other guy just watch him few mins later he tells his friend don’t destroy that one let me have it to when he pull out other get me on my feet walk me to couch make me lay on my back with legs in air
Start pounding harder hitting deeper spot none stop with full speed im screaming louder after several mins later I completely feel dizzy and didn’t know whats going on next thing I know I was getting thicker cock in my ass longer one in my mouth taking turn every few mins pounding the shit out of me some how I end up riding thicker cock I was on top next thing I felt second cock trying to get in my ass at sametime thank god he couldn’t get in I get off the thicker cock other guy got me lay on floor face down start pounding me again thicker cock sitting very close to my face jacking off finally longer cock about to cum he pulls out turn me cum all over my face cover with cums thicker lift my legs place them on his shoulder start pouding me harder I was losing my voice from all screaming butts was all red from spankings was sore from pounding finally he exploded cums all over my body I was out of breath very sore slowly I get back on my feet put on my dress I couldn’t find my panties I barely could walk finally came out of their place hear them laughing and telling each other we destroy that hole good I walk slowly to my car got in left went to my place very sticky from all cums and dress was between my butts ass was sore took shower went to bed all day next day sure felt them when I woke up late evening barely moving sore asshole sure make me realize I was fuck the shit out of me they sure done their job
Lots of time those type sex people think they **** you but honestly few days later u feel like u want again because u feel so sore for few days if your hole made for cock you need one of those sex to tell you get more like those I really hated when I left from their place but few days later I was hungry for one more round like that but honestly didn’t go back to them or anyone
Its was fun black Friday got my shopping and two bbc
I hope you enjoy this story I share that happen to me on Nov 23, 2012 I know it might happen to some of girl or someone maybe not with black who knows standing in line early morning horny or showing ur body to everyone in sexy outfit you gets the attentions
I hope everyone enjoy their shopping and happy holiday to everyone bye

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