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Sweaty shorts

We had been at the gym for an hour or so and had more or less finished what we wanted to do. I had been on the bike and Kim had spent sometime on the treadmill.

I loved watching her on the running machine. She's got a lovely arse and whilst she says it's too big, I don't think so. She looks great in her lycra shorts and as it was a warm day I could see the damp patch between her buttocks where she had been sweating.

We walked back to the car to go home and I could feel my cock starting to ooze a drop of precum. Watching Kim's arse in lycra always makes me horny.

As I was driving home, Kim suggested that we should make a detour to one of our favourite outdoor fucking places. I was there in seconds!!

Once we had stopped, Kim put her hand down my shorts and took out my already throbbing cock and began to suck it. I was ready to explode, but I managed to hold back. I lifted her t-shirt and undid her bra releasing her 38" titties. Her nipples were really hard and I tweaked them between my fingers whilst she carried on working on my tool. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and dribbled onto my helmet. When I came, I did my fuck muck into her mouth and onto her gorgeous breasts and she rubbed it into her tits saying that spunk is good for her skin!!

She tucked my cock back into my shorts and pulled her t-shirt down over her tits and said that we should go home and get more comfortable.

When we got in, we went straight to the bedroom. Kim took my t-shirt off and pulled my shorts down. I could see by the damp patch in her shorts that her pussy was dripping with juice.

She went down on me and licked up the remains of my previous cum. I was soon stiff again. I had managed to get Kim's top off and was playing with her tits. I love the feel of her arse in lycra and I was soon rubbing her bum cheeks through her shorts. I went to her special draw and got out her new rabbit toy. I put it on to vibrate and as she lay face down on the bed, I gentle massaged her buttocks with it. She parted her thighs and lifted her bottom off the bed so that I could massage her pussy through her tight shorts. She was leaving a very impressive damp patch and making a gorgeous camal toe in them. My cock was rock hard, again.

I pulled her shorts off and held them up to my face and sniffed the gusset. It was a fantastic combination of sweaty pussy and love juice. I pushed the rabbit into her twat and turned up the speed. She moaned and bucked as I pushed it in and out of her hole and managed to get the vibrating ears onto her clit. It didn't take long for her to come and as she did her spasm pushed the vibe out of her pussy. She stayed on all fours, so I got behind her and pushed my throbbing dick into her from behind. She was soaking wet and we were soon into our rhythm. I had my hand on her hips as I pushed in and out of her. She was getting close to another orgasm and I knew that my own wasn't far off. I didn't want to shoot too early, so I slowed down and Kim put her hand between her ample thighs and began to play with her clit. I pulled out completly as I love to watch her play with herself. As she got closer, I pushed my dick back into her cunt and as she came I shoot my load. I could feel my cock pulse deep inside her lovely body. As I took it out Kim lay back down on her front and I could see some of my spunk drip from her pussy.

Working out at the gym is good for you!!

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