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The Ultimate Test

I had been waiting by the phone for weeks to hear from him then one night he shows up at my door. He is so handsome and so much in control of me. Even though I’ve been upset that he hasn’t called me or answered my calls I melt in his arms when I see him. His embarrass is so comforting. He kisses me looks deep in my eyes and tells me to go change clothes, because he has a surprise for me. I ask no questions and immediately do as he has instructed.

He leads me to the car in silence and as he is driving I wonder just where he might be taking me. I have waited so long to see him again I dare not speak unless spoken to in fear he might take it as disrespect and take me back home. He drives into the country where the stars are so bright and the surroundings are so peaceful. Just ahead I see a driveway with a big iron gate. He approaches the speaker and speaks his name. The gate opens. The driveway is made of bricks and lined with these beautiful maple trees.

It is a big estate with a beautiful mansion. Right before we get there he stops the car. He turns to me and tells me if I do as I’m told what I have been waiting for will be given to me. I knew at that very moment this was my test. After this night I will be completely and totally committed to him. He will own me and I will freely give myself to him.

We pull up to the front door and the doorman approaches the car and opens my door. We walk up the stairs and as he is leading me my heart is pounding so hard I feel as if I will pass out. The front door opens and we enter. The inside is breath taking. Coming down the massive stair case is a tall dark and handsome man. He welcomes us and introduces himself to me as Sir Lionel. He summons a lady and tells her to take me and get me ready. I look at my Master he kisses me on the cheek tells me to go and that he will see me soon.

She leads me down the hall and into one of the bedrooms. She tells me to take off my clothes and put on the robe that is lying on the bed. After I have undressed and placed the robe on she places a blindfold over my eyes, then takes my hand and leads me out of the bedroom. I hear men speaking and laughing. She stops and knocks on a door. I hear Sir Lionel say “you may enter”. She takes my hand leads me into the room and gives my hand to Sir Lionel. I know Master is here because I heard his voice as we approached the door. Oh how I wish I could feel his touch. It would comfort me.

Sir Lionel places his hands around my neck and takes off my robe. I’m naked in a room with men I don’t know. I hear them whispering, but I can’t hear their words. My heart is pounding so hard. I hold onto his hand tighter. He laughs and tells me I shouldn’t fear this night, but to embrace it and let this experience set me free of all my emotions. There is so much going through my mind. What could they have planned for me? What will they do to my body? Will I be pleasing to them and to Master? Oh how I don’t want to disappoint them.

As I am standing there the men approach and caress my breasts, then one of them places his fingers inside my vagina. I give out a sigh of pleasure. They continue this for a moment then Sir Lionel tells me to kneel. I kneel and I feel their cocks all around me. They begin one by one placing their big cocks deep inside my mouth and I begin choking. They continue going even deeper until I am no longer choking and I am able to take their cocks freely. I hear Master say “good slave” and I feel him caress the back of my neck. Oh how good it feels to have him close to me. I can only do this knowing he is here with me. They all one by one release their seed down my throat. I lick their cocks clean, because a good slave doesn’t waste a man’s seed.

They pull me up and I feel Sir Lionel’s hand take mine. He tells me it is time for them to see if I can take the pedal. He leads me to a table where he tells me to bend over and lay face down with my arms spread wide. He ties my arms down and then he ties my legs to the legs of the table, so that I can not move. Master has tried to get me ready for this, but I’m still not sure I can do this. As they begin spanking me one stroke right after another, I close my eyes tight and take my thoughts to a place with no pain just like Master taught me. It takes me a few minutes to get there and I begin screaming with pain. Master whispers in my ear “you can do this my slave, just go to that place” at that point I stop screaming and I feel no pain. I’m not sure how long it continued, but when they were done I could hear them complimenting Master on how good I did.

They untie me and place me on a bed where I am tied down again. I hear Sir Lionel tell everyone to leave the room. He wants to be with me alone. He tells me he wants to be inside me first before he lets the other men use me the rest of the night. He caresses my breasts with his hands and then with his lips. I feel his lips as they go down my stomach to my pussy. He licks my clit gently and softly. Then he places his cock inside me. I give out a big sigh of pleasure as he stokes me deeper and deeper with his big cock. Oh my how hard and big his cock is. He knows my body so well and is able to find that spot that has me screaming with pleasure. I begin squirting all over him. I can feel his cock throbbing as he releases his seed inside me. He lets out a sigh of pure pleasure and lies on top of me. He takes my blindfold off looks into my eyes and tells me that Master will be sharing me only with him after tonight. I have to serve the men in the house tonight, but after them there will be no others inside me, but Master and himself.

He places the blindfold back over my eyes and calls the others back in. He tells them to use me all night and they can do whatever they wish with me. Master comes over to me and kisses me. He whispers in my ear “do well my slave and the reward will be great”. At that moment I felt released of all my worries and doubts of my future with Master. I’m at peace within myself for once in my life I know my future will be what I have always thought it would be.

They used me all night releasing their seed all over my body. At one point they stopped stroking me with their big cocks and I thought they were going to allow me to rest for awhile, but little did I know they had other things in mind to do to me for their pleasure. They began pouring hot wax all over my body especially my breasts and pussy. I’ve always enjoyed this when Master would do this to me, but tonight it was so much hotter. I had to catch my breath several times it was really intense. They were definitely getting pleasure from seeing me move about trying to get away and hearing me shout out.

After they are finished with the wax I feel them spreading my legs very wide. They are whispering and I can’t hear what they are planning next. Two of the men hold my legs down really tight. One of them says “let’s see how much pain that shaven white pussy can take”. My heart starts racing. They are about to beat my pussy. I start struggling a little in anticipation of the pain that is about to be inflected on me. I feel it coming oh Master I don’t know if I can take this. After the first strike I shout out and by the tenth strike I am screaming from the pain. I kept hoping if I screamed louder that Master would come in and stop them, but he didn’t. The next day Master told me how hard it was for him to hear me scream and not be able to come comfort me. They continued for so long that I passed out from the pain.

I wake when I feel them place me in a bath of cool water. The cool water feels so smoothing to my body. They leave and I feel Master stroke my breast letting me know he was there. He takes off my blindfold leans in and kisses me on my forehead then tells me to relax for a little bit he would be back to bathe me. I close my eyes and try my best to relax, but the pain of what has been done to me is almost too much for me to bear. I begin to cry. I was crying so hard that I didn’t hear Master come back into the room.

Master kneels beside the bath and takes me in his arms holding me very softly. He tells me that I had been a very good slave tonight and that he is very proud of me. He bathes me, helps me out of the tub and dries me off. He gives me a robe and leads me into the bedroom. We lie down on the bed. He holds me close and tells me to rest. The pain goes away with the touch of his body close to mine. I’m where I belong. I’m with the Master that was meant for me. I melt with every word that comes from his lips and from his touch. I’m His slave and I belong to him. I feel completed when I am with him.

He wakes me with the touch of his lips against the back of my neck. I can feel him stroking my wounds. He turns me over and views what they did to my pussy. He touches my pussy softly and I shy from the pain, but also because when he touches me I get aroused. He lets out a little laugh and says “so your pussy still gets wet for its Master even when it’s in pain. That’s a good slave”. He smiles then leans down and kisses my belly. I love the soft side of Master. I feel his love all around me at this moment.

Sir Lionel knocks on the bedroom door and Master tells him to enter. He says good morning and asked us to join him for brunch. We get dressed and walk down the hall towards the dining room. Sir Lionel meets us and asked us to join him on the back patio. The food is laid out and looks so delicious. Master tells me to have a sit and he will prepare my plate. I sit very slowly because I am still very sore from last night. The patio looks out over the garden. It is very peaceful here.

As we are eating Master and Sir Lionel are talking about work. I sit in silence not speaking unless spoken to. Sir Lionel takes my hand and tells me I was a very good slave last night. Master tells me that I will no longer serve anyone else but them. I will be theirs only. Sir Lionel tells me I will no longer need to work and I will be moving to the mansion with him and Master. Master hands me a box that is so beautifully wrapped that I didn’t want to open it. I smile and look up at Master. He tells me to open it. Inside is a diamond and ruby filled collar. I begin to cry. I have been waiting so long to be collared by Master. At this moment I feel so free from all my emotions and fears. Master stands up behind me and places the collar around my neck. Sir Lionel takes my hand kisses it and tells me “We will love you forever as long as you serve us well”.

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