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Delightfully Evil, Part Two

The ride seemed to take forever. I squirmed so that I could see the back of his seat. I watched the city lights give way to the highway lights. After awhile, the van slowed down and things got darker. He was definitely taking me out of the city…somewhere, obviously secluded.

My body stopped listening to me. It gave up. I was limp after struggling to turn around. My legs and arms gradually began to relax, to fall to the side, useless. I had strained so hard against the wrist cuffs that my hands were shaking on their own. I was sore. I wanted so badly to stretch, but the cuffs and chains wouldn’t let me.

The gag filled my mouth. I was trying hard not to drool. I closed my eyes, so tired. I pushed against the ball with my tongue. Used the tip to follow the curve. Making little noises. Framing my lips around the gag. Feeling hazy and numb, a bit content…yes, give up, no control, give up, give up, give up and feel warm and cont-

My eyes shot open. What the hell was I thinking!?!?!? Who knows what this asshole is going to do to me!!! I quickly looked up and into the rearview mirror.

He was looking back at me, smirking…


“Such, language, Suzy. We really need to do something about that mouth of yours….”

The van slowed to a stop. It was very dark. I heard him walk around the van, slowly. Lightly tapping the van every few feet. Finally, the panel door opened. He climbed in and kneeled next to me.

He ran one hand down the side of my body. Very slowly. Caressing. Barely touching. Just enough to make me shiver. His hand slid over my waist, onto my bare leg. His hand went to the back of my thigh and came up just under the curve of my bottom. He left it there, thumb gently moving in small circles. Closing my eyes and shivering. Whole body taut. Small whimpers. Feeling so confused…no, please no, oh god cup my cheek, please, oh god why, someone help me, I don’t want to like this…please

My throat started to hitch. I hate myself. I hate the way he’s making me feel. Scared, excited and conflicted.

I screamed “no” into the gag. Clenched my eyes. Expecting the anger of a r****t. Expecting to be hurt. Body convulsing in fear…

His hand is gone. No longer touching me. His voice in my ear, soothing. Stroking my hair. Telling me not to have fear.

I feel the chain loosen, no longer in the makeshift hogtie. The relief was orgasmic. I feel the ankle cuffs fall off. My eyes can’t open. I think…I think I’m going to faint.

His arms are under me, lifting me. I’m like a doll in his arms. I feel his vast chest. My legs just drop over his arm. My head falls into his shoulder. Fading, wanting to fight, but my body won’t listen to me; it’s giving up.

He sets me down on my feet. He has me by the waist and lifts my chin so I look into his face. So tired.

“Suzy…not like your online games and self-bondage routines now is it?”

I shake my head.

“Can you walk?”

I shake my head and my knees give. But he has me, I don’t fall. He caresses my face and suddenly I’m in the air. Over his shoulder. Looking down at the driveway.

I feel the night air for the first time. It feels good. But I’m still groggy, dizzy, tired… I look to the side and see the very large house we are about to enter. I lift my head and look down the driveway, to the street that seems so far away.

My eyes roll back into my head and I pass out.

(an hour later)

I wake up. My jaw hurts and I lift my hands to my mouth. They are cuffed in front of me. Leather cuffs, with felt lining. The gag is gone. I am laying on a divan in a dark room. I can see stone walls. Three walls have a door, the fourth has a stairway going up. Gear and all sorts of items are all over the place. Gags, harnesses, whips, floggers, ropes, chains…everything an equipped dungeon should have.

I sit up and realize thirsty I am. And just as I am thinking of it, he comes down the stairs. Glass in hand.

The bastard is smiling as he hands me the glass of water. I sip at it. Glaring at him.

Eye brow arched and arms crossed, “Now, what do you say, Suzy?”

“Go fuck yourself.”

He chuckles and sits in the chair facing the divan. Crosses his leg and looks at me while I continue to sip from the glass.

“Such a mouth. Anyway, I have a proposition for you. Well, it’s not as if you have a choice, but it is an opportunity.”

“Go. Fuck. Yourself.”

Another chuckle, “Here’s how you will be able to get free: it is now 3am, Saturday morning and if you can last from now until noon on Sunday, I will let you go.”

“And what’s the catch…asshole…”

He coughed into his fist, “I will do my best, without actually having sex, to pleasure you. To give you the pain and pleasure you love to hate and that you so desperately need and want…until you ask me to…be your devoted Master.”

“Lame. Oh, yeah, I forgot…you’re an asshole, too.”

The smile disappeared, “I think you have forgotten the gravity of your position Suzy.”

“That’s not my real name. You know what it is. Use it. Shithead.”

Standing up, returning my glare, “No. Not unless you become my submissive. Only until you give up this c***dish act of yours. You get your real name when you become what you truly are. You can have orgasms, pain, humiliation, whatever you want from me from now until noon on Sunday, but unless you give yourself to me, ask me to be your Master…you are nothing but a shell…is that what you want to be come Sunday?”

Looking up, getting angry, so angry, “You talk like you have breeding, but you’re really just gutter trash! You fucking k**napped me! Let me go you fucking poser! You fucking-“

He slapped the glass out of my hands. I watch it, horrified as it breaks on the stone floor. His hands grab my arms roughly and I bring my hands, palms open. I am jerked to my feet, lifted off the floor, his furious eyes just in front of me. My eyes go wide, my jaw drops, I’m about to say sorry…

He drops back into the chair, taking me with him. I flip in the air and come down on his lap. I feel the ao dai yanked up. I start to turn my head, but he grabs my hair and pulls my head back.


My arms shoot forward, straining against the cuffs, fingers splayed. Eyes roll back, moaning.


Harsh, sharp pain melting into warmth.


I scream.


But I don’t struggle.




Almost burning. It hurts. My mouth is wide open but no sounds are coming out.




He just jerked my head back again.



I can’t take it anymore.




“Stop, oh please-“




Tears in my eyes.





The words just come forward.


I scream.


I can’t hold it in…



“I’M…I’M…I’M BAD!”

He stopped, my ass is so hot, stinging. Trembling.


“I’M B-B-BAD!”

“Suzy, say it all or I keep spanking you.”

I cover my face in my hands.

“Suzy…my hand is raised…”

I clench my fists. Clench my eyes.



Whispering into my ear, “Not quite what I wanted, but good enough. For now.”

Shaking, crying, loving the pain, I can’t stop saying it, “I’m a naughty girl…very naughty…very bad…”

“I know. You are.”

I shake my head, “No, you don’t know how bad I am…”


Tears coming down my face, “ bad, I’m so naughty…”

Stroking my head, speaking softly, “Tell me…”

I nod, and I look to the floor, the pain almost overwhelming.

“Tell me Suzy…tell me why you are bad…”

I bite my lip and whisper, “Because you’re an asshole.”



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