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Fucking Aashika Bhatia the T.V actress pt.1- First

Note: This is not a true story. The celeb in this story however exists. 

Hi readers this is Sid with another story for all my readers. I am an athletic boy of 22 with a 6 foot tall frame and 8-pack abs. I also have a huge cock whose measure is 12 inch in length and 3 inch in width.This happened when I was 19. All of my f****y were meeting for a f****y reunion/vacation in Simla which was being hosted by me . I reached there at 12 in the night and had to wait there for an hour for my cousin Aashika Bhatia and her parents while my parents had gone to the hotel to get every room prepared. That is when I saw her. My breath got caught up in my lungs at her sight.Aashika was currently working as an actress in a T.V show 'Parvarish' and played the role of a eighth grade girl. She was a  girl of 15 at that time and was slim and maybe 8 inches shorter than me. She was absolutely gorgeous with her shoulder length hair and brown eyes. She was looking hot in her tee-shirt and denim shorts. The most surprising and amazing aspect of her was the size of her breasts. They were huge for a girl of 15 years of age. I greeted her with a huge smile and said," welcome to Simla Aashika. How are you doing?"  She returned my smile and said," Sid!! Is that you? Oh my god! I forgot how handsome you were." I started blushing and suddenly we were joined by her patents my maternal aunt and uncle. I turned towards them and said," Namaste uncle. Namaste aunty. Hope you had a great journey." They too were elated to see me and said," Sid how are you? Where are your parents? Thank you for this wonderful vacation."  I thanked them and told them that my parents had gone ahead to check all the hotel arrangements. We all hailed a cab and went to our hotel where we were welcomed by my parents. We all had a happy reunion and we discussed the arrangements of the room. I had a room all to myself. All the parents had separate rooms and all the girl cousins had their own room and all the boy cousins had their own. I informed my aunt and uncle that two more families were arriving tomorrow at 8 and I had to go and pick them up at the station. We went to our rooms and slept. In the morning I got up at 7 had a quick bath and was going to the station when I saw Aashika waiting for me in the lobby. She waved at me when she saw me coming. I went towards her and asked," hey what are you doing up so early?" She said she too wanted to come to pick up uncle and aunt . I said," why don't you ask your parents. If they allow I will take you." She said she had already asked and had been allowed. I took a cab and we went to the train station. There we found that the train was half an hour late. Rather than going we decided to wait in the waiting room. It was totally empty. There was a chill in the air and there was not a soul in sight. I told Aashika to sit while I went to buy tea. Unfortunately the tea vendor was closed. I went in the room to relay the bad news to Aashika. She said," oh I wanted something hot to drink. It's so cold here and I am a bit underdressed." What she said was absolutely true as sitting opposite her away from the door I noticed her outfit.  She was wearing a black tank top with a mini skirt. She was sitting in such a way that I could see her pink panties I blushed and looked away but I was not too quick as Aashika saw me looking at her panties. She said," oh you naughty boy!! You are seeing my panties without my permission." I became nervous even as she spread her legs farther to show me her panties more clearly. I noticed she had a camel-toe and realizing this was   wrong I got up and made for the door and found my way blocked by Aashika her chest heaving making her breasts more prominent. She pushed me on the seat she had been sitting on and pulled up near my crotch. She then said," even if there's no tea , it's not a problem. I have your hot cum to drink." She pulled down my pants to reveal my boxers. I said," Aashika it's not right. We are b*****r-s****r."  To which she replied," only by marriage. If your father had married someone else would you not have wanted to fuck me. I started thinking about it even though she had pulled down my boxers to reveal my flaccid cock. I figured she could not be stopped and got excited. But seeing my cock she said in a rather dissapointed way ," oh it's not excited to see me. I think I can change that." Saying this she kissed my cock. She then clutched my cock in her right hand and started jerking it slowly, sensuosly. I was getting more comfortable and in a few more minutes my cock stood in all it's glory 12 inches long, with a pair of gigantic balls hanging below. She gasped seeing my cocks true size and said," is this real or am I dreaming." I said it was very much real and she let out a whoop of joy hearing my reply and started jerking my cock with both her hands, sucking at it. She saw my smiling face and knew this wouldn't make me cum. She spat a mouthful of saliva on my huge mushroom shaped cock head and resumed the handjob spreading and coating the saliva all over my cock. She stopped it abruptly and started deep throating my cock. She was taking in 8 inches of my cock even as I pushed her head further down without any result. Five minutes later she was deep throating 10  inches of my cock. She took it out with a slurp. She then put my cock in her hot, wet mouth slowly taking in 1.....5.......7.......10.......and finally 12 inches of my cock embedded in her mouth. She then slurped my cock out. I said," my god Aashika you are fucking good at this." She replied," I have constant practice. You don't know how many boys these babies attract.", She said pointing to her tits. I did not ask for a size but I knew the number had to be followed by a C atleast.  She pulled off her top to reveal a black bra. It was a few sizes too small resulting it to be bursting at the seams also showing a little of her breasts just above her gorgeous nipples. She pressed her chest into my penis and started jerking my cock in her bra encased breasts. She then took off her bra to reveal tits of the size every woman want to have and all men crave to suck. They were a cool 38C cups. I wondered if maybe by her 18th birthday it would have turned into D cups. She did not waste any time and started titty fucking my foot long cock. It was the most wonderful feeling. I reached for her breasts while my long , hard and wet stick was being jerked in between two gorgeous buns. It was like a dream come true. I pinched her nipples and a moan escaped her mouth she was truly enjoying doing this as she jerked my cock in her giant breasts. Just thinking about this made me want to cum. I was nearing an orgasm. And sure enough in 10 minutes I came covering Aashika's breast and face with my thick white juice. She drank with relish and said," see hot cum works every time." We got dressed and in 5 minutes 3 of my cousins and their patents arrived.  Aashika was the only teen cousin of my f****y all the others were no bigger than 10 years of age.  We took every one to the hotel room. We went for sight seeing in the afternoon. In the evening two more cousins arrived with their f****y and now that everyone was here the vacation had officially started. At night after dinner we slept in the designated rooms. I was watching  a movie till 1.50 a.m. After the movie i brushed my teeth and was ready to sl**p when suddenly I heard a faint knock on my door. I opened and saw Aashika was standing there in a see through nightie. I saw she was not wearing a bra as her breasts were clearly visible through her see through. She said," Sid I want that cock in me and nothing you say will affect it." I refused point blankly and said,"I cannot take away the virginity of my s****r. Blowjob is fine but intercourse is not even an option." She looked offended at this and said," you don't think I am still a virgin. I have fucked more than 20 guys in the last 2 years." I was surprised and in my moment of weakness she pushed me on the bed,took my finger sucked it and directed it towards her naked pussy. It was the tightest , most amazing pussy I had ever experieced. Even my single finger was immovable inside her pussy. She kept riding my hand and in 5 minutes she squirted her load on my hand. I was surprised and asked her how She had learned to squirt. She was a little ashamed and said ," well I had a fling with Shweta Tiwari , you know the actress who plays my mom on the show. She was the one who taught me how to squirt." I was totally surprised to know that Aashika was not only active in sex but also liked to experiment with the same sex. I kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss with a bit of tongue play. She pulled off the nightie and revealed her huge breasts  and her tight pussy. I grabbed her breasts and started licking them making her nipples erect.  My eyes then traveled down to her well developed pussy completely shaven and currently very wet and her ass 'Oh my God!!' Her round ass was to die for. I licked a finger and directed it towards her ass and inserted it in. Her ass was the tightest I had ever experienced. She grabbed my hand and took it out of her ass and laid on me and kissed me more. She then pushed off my pants and boxers to reveal my cock in full attention. I flipped her over and was now on top of Aashika. She was begging me to fuck her. I slowly entered her extremely tight pussy with loud moans from her. I then asked her," how do I go ahead. Soft or hard." She said," fuck me hard." I pulled my cock through 10 inches of searing hot pussy and rammed it in so hard Aashika shouted her head off. Thank god I had opted for sound proof rooms. I continued this relentless fucking fest and in half a dozen strokes she was shrieking her head off as she was about to cum. I stopped fucking her and started eating her pussy. She moaned and in a minute she squirted her juices in my mouth. I drank her sweet juice with relish. Then I stood up and told her to stand as well. She got up. I kissed her and lifted her up. She grabbed my neck with her hands and my body with her legs. I lowered her onto my cock she moaned a little as her pussy was filled with my penis. I then started fucking her with every ounce of strength in my body pulling out and pushing into her at a furious pace. She bit into my neck so she wouldn't scream. After 10 minutes her pussy was filled with her pussy juice which had drenched my cock. I put her on the floor where she licked my cock clean and then she went and lay on the bed in doggy position. I went behind her and kissed her pussy and licked any of the pussy juice on it. I then put my cock near her ass hole. Then I used my hand to pry open the ass hole. When opened I inserted my finger into it and started fingering her again. Then I put my cock into it inch by inch. She held her breath as my cock went in her ass and expanded it and after it was in her extremely tight ass I took it out inch by inch and when half of my penis was out I rammed it into her ass  so hard she orgasmed right then. I continued fucking her ass for 20 minutes during which she was screaming her head off and had orgasmed thrice. When I took out my cock from her ass she just dropped into bed exhausted and out of breath, clutching her chest. She came to me and kissed me with all the passion she had for me. I kissed back and then she grabbed my cock and started jerking it hard and licking my balls. She then put my cock in between her gorgeous breasts and started jerking it fast. I was still a long time from cumming and she figured it out in a few minutes. Then she pushed me onto the bed and came to me. She kissed me for about 5 minutes and then went near my cock. She licked it, sucked it and deep throated it and after about 5 minutes she sat on my thighs and started jerking my cock again. I told her," this won't help. I'm a long time away from orgasm." Looking intrigued she asked me," how much time does it take for you to cum?" I said," well it depends, if its someone as hot as you 40-50 minutes. Otherwise more than an hour." She said," what an hour. Most of the boys I've been with can't last 15 minutes. Let's see if this helps you cum quicker." She then lifted her great buns in the air and brought it onto my cock , she starting to take in my cock bit by bit into her pussy. After 4 inches were inside she rammed her ass down screaming while she did it. Then she started riding my cock at breakneck speed while I too grabbed her ass and helped her plow her pussy on my cock. She was leaking like a faucet 5 minutes in. Her speed was reducing. I grabbed her body took out my penis got up, placed her in doggy style again and started fucking her pussy at the same speed she was riding me. Also I started spanking her hot ass to encourage her to fuck my cock. In half an hour she had a sore pussy which was leaking pussy juices by the liter, an ass with my handprint on it and a look of ultimate satisfaction on her face. I bent down and licked her pussy to drink any juice sticking to her pussy juice. She started convulsing all over and squirted a lot of pussy juice in my mouth. She turned towards me and started jerking my cock again. She then put the whole cock in her hot mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it while twirling and playing with my balls and in 5 minutes I started shooting spray after spray of my hot cum in her mouth. My cum dripped from her mouth onto her tits. She massaged it and made her tits wet with my cum. She twirled and twisted her own nipples and tried to lick it all up. We lay  side to side and she kissed me and said," oh my god Sid that was amazing. You are the best I have ever had.I have been wanting to do this since a long time." I asked her how long had she wanted to fuck me. She did not answer but kissed me, got dressed and left the room. I watched her go bewildered about how the night had turned out. 
I was the first at the breakfast table as I had not slept at all last night reliving last night in my thoughts. Suddenly Aashika entered she signaled me to bring her my ear. She whispered into my ear," Sid I'm not gonna be having breakfast now. I want to give you a blowjob. I have already told my cousins living with me that I'm not feeling hungry and will be roaming in the hotel grounds and would be eating a little later." Saying this she lifted the table cloth and went under the table. She clutched my pants just as my parents and cousins and aunts and uncles arrived. I got nervous and stood a little so that I would not reveal Aashika under the table and the fact that I was now in my underwear. We started eating. Fortunately nobody asked where Aashika was. She meanwhile was jerking my cock and sucking it hard. She put it in her mouth bobbing her head up and down my penis. I felt her put my cock in between her breasts when the worst I feared happened. My mother asked Aashika's mother," hey where is Aashika." One of the cousins sharing room with Aashika said," she said she was not hungry and would be eating a bit later." I sighed with relief while Aashika was giving me a titty fuck. After 5 minutes I shot rope after rope of thick white cum all over her face which she swallowed with relish. She helped me pull up my pants and she escaped there from under my seat. She came back 10 minutes later with a clean face and sat down to eat. Her father asked her ,"where were you?"  She winked at me as she said," I was taking a load off   ."
We fucked 4 more times on the trip but this was the first of many times I fucked her. Stay tuned for the next part. 

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