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Fucking the two hottest Indian T.V stars pt.2- Kav

This happened after a month of the first story when shooting had started for my show featuring Shweta Tiwari and Ragini Khanna. They were both rolling their eyes at me after that wonderful fuck fest a month ago. After that I had been busy and had not been able to meet them. On the set on a Saturday, they both came to me and said," Sid we are having a party at Shweta's place to celebrate our new show. You are invited too". I accepted the invitation and at night I went to Shweta's house and was surprised to see no party but just Shweta and Ragini in bras and panties. They said ," Sid we wanted to have sex with you that is why we told you the lie about the party. We have tried cornering you for the last month but you have been ignoring us." I said ," girls I don't want to ignore you but you know relationships between colleagues is against company rules and we could all lose our jobs." They said," Well what is life without a little risk. Anyway jokes apart we will lose our jobs only if people know about it. Believe us no one will know about what will happen in here tonight." They both made seductive faces at me and my logic was thrown out the window. I went towards Shweta and kissed her deeply on her lips and pulled Ragini close to me and undid her bra to reveal her DD breasts and started massaging them still kissing Shweta. I felt her nipples get erect at my touch. Finally I broke my kiss with Shweta and started kissing Ragini instead. After kissing her for about a minute I put my mouth on her breast and started licking her big, pink nipples. She meanwhile pulled Shweta and started kissing her passionately. She then grabbed Shweta's bra and tore it off of her 38D breasts and kissed her nipples while moaning loudly as she reached her orgasm. Next both me and Ragini started pleasuring Shweta by licking her nipples. She was moaning and in 5 minutes she came. As soon as she orgasmed she lunged at my cock. She took off my pants and underwear to reveal my flaccid cock. She took it in her hand and started jerking and licking it in long tentative strokes making it wet. Ragini came and sat beside her and then Shweta took my cock and put it in Ragini's mouth.  After a minute or so she took it out once more and both the girls started jacking it. After a few minutes my cock sprang up to it's full length of 12 inches. The girls grew excited at the sight off my cock. I asked them," Okay who wants to be fucked first?" Both the girls raised their hands in a school-girlish fashion looking both innocent and horny. Pointing at Shweta I said," it's your house you get the treat first." Saying this I lay her on the bed and Ragini put her pussy on Shweta's face. I put my cock on her pussy lips and gently inserted it into her pussy making her moan as my 3 inch thick cock was put in her pussy. I then started pounding her pussy hard making her moan loudly meanwhile Shweta started eating Ragini's pussy making her moan. After about 10 minutes of fucking when Shweta was on verge of an orgasm I pulled  Ragini towards me and guided her towards Shweta's pussy. Ragini started licking her pussy and within seconds Shweta squirted her load in Ragini's open mouth. I then picked Ragini up and start fucking her standing up facing her away from me towards Shweta. I was ramming her hard and in five minutes she squirted her load into Shweta's mouth with an ear-splitting scream. Both the girls got up and came to me and pushed me into bed and then Ragini mounted my cock and started riding hard meanwhile Shweta fed me her pussy. Both the girls were also playing with each others breasts. I reached for Shweta's breast and started massaging it and playing with her nipples pleasuring her further. In ten minutes both the girls orgasmed and I got a chance to taste Shweta's sweet womanly juices. I then pushed Ragini on the bed and put my cock in her pussy in one swift thrust making her scream. I then started fucking her showing no mercy. She was shouting ," fuck me Sid.  Oh my god ! Oh my god ! Oh my god fuck my pussy ,fuck my pussy hard. Yeah Sid I am your bitch; make me your your bitch. Fuck me like you own me. Oh I'm gonna cum. Oh no I'm almost there" I stopped fucking her and took out my cock put my mouth near her pussy and starting eating her pussy after about 30 seconds she squirted all her juices in my mouth with a loud scream. Next I took Shweta and placed her in doggy style and went near her and instead off putting my cock in her pussy I decided to tear her asshole. I put my cock near her asshole and in one thrust put my whole cock in her tight ass making her scream. I started pounding her ass hard. She was screaming continuously. Meanwhile Ragini put her pussy near Shweta's face and started rubbing it hard. In 15 minutes both the women orgasmed with a loud scream. All the while I was fucking Shweta , Ragini was giving me a horny look. After the last orgasm she got on the bed beside Shweta in doggy style and put her ass high up and showed me her tight, round ass. I went behind her bent low and put my mouth on her pussy and started licking it making her moan with pleasure. She was saying," oh yeah Sid that's the stuff. Lick my cunt. Make me cum." Hearing this I took out my tongue from her pussy and took my penis and put it near her ass hole and after teasing her pussy a little I put my cock in her ass slowly and gently making her moan. After my cock was in her tight ass I took it out inch by inch through her ass and once 11 inches of my cock was out I rammed it into her ass with such a f***e that her head jerked forward into her breasts. I started fucking her hard while my hand was busy playing with Shweta's pussy as I finger-fucked her. Ragini meanwhile was ramming herself onto my cock so fast that my cock was hurting. I grabbed her hair and pulled hoping to reduce the pressure but instead she increased her speed. Her fucking my cock like this was taking me to the edge of my orgasm. Ragini too was about to cum. Suddenly Shweta grabbed my hand and took it out of her pussy kissed my fingers and licked off any juice sticking to it and then walked to the edge of the bed where I was fucking Ragini. She got in between the bed and my legs kneeled down so that her head was now near Ragini's pussy. She took put her long tongue and put it on Ragini's pussy lips. As soon as there was contact of Ragini's sweet, velvety pussy with Shweta's hot soft and wet tongue, a shudder ran down through Ragini's body and she started convulsing all over as her orgasm hit her and she started squirting her juices by the liter into Shweta's mouth. after the orgasm Ragini turned and pulled Shweta towards her and kissed her and drank a little of her own pussy juice and told Shweta," thank you Shweta that last bit was wonderful. I have never orgasmed so intensely." She then came towards my cock and addressing my cock said," I think you deserve some credit too. Shweta had meanwhile given me a taste of Ragini's sweet juice. Then she too went near my cock and both the ladies asked in their most seductive voice," Sid are you near your orgasm because we want to taste your salty thick juice too." they said while slurping my foot long tool and drinking away all the precum dripping from it. They said ," we want to be covered in your love juice" and saying this they clutched my member and pulled it towards themselves. I was literally swept of my feet as they pulled me towards themselves by my cock. They then started jerking my cock while licking it. They were giving a great blowjob both the girls were jerking my cock while licking it with a professional caress also at the same time whirling my balls with their free hands. Slowly steadily I was reaching my orgasm. After 5 minutes of licking. Shweta started double jacking my cock while Ragini put my cock in her hot, wet mouth. After about a minute of this they changed positions so now Ragini was double jacking my cock while Shweta put it in my mouth. Ragini was also licking my balls. They continued doing this while I started moaning. Then Ragini pushed Shweta away and put my cock between her giant breasts and started jacking my cock I picked up Shweta and put her legs around my waist and she put her hands around my neck and then put my cock in her pussy while the titty fuck continued downstairs. I started fucking Shweta hard making her moan after about 5 minutes she was about to cum and she took out my cock from her pussy so that her pussy was suspended in midair. I started finger-fucking her and within seconds she came and all her juices travelled down and coated Ragini's beautiful tits as she continued the tit fuck. Next Shweta went down, licked Ragini's breasts taking in any of her love juice in her mouth ,grabbed my cock and put it upto the hilt in her mouth bobbed her head little and took out my cock with a loud slurp. Ragini did the same while Shweta licked my balls. This was taking me to the point of orgasm. I told both the girls to stop and lie down on the bed while I started masturbating over their bodies. And just in a few strokes I started shooting thread after thread of thick white cum over their bodies. The first two went into both their mouths and I shot all the rest all over both their bodies and after such an intense orgasm I laid down beside them while they cooed at me and took all the cum from each others bodies and drank it all. After about 10 minutes of fooling around we all dozed off.  
Next day when I was still dozing I felt a little disturbance near my crotch area I opened my eyes a fraction and saw Ragini and Shweta giving me a blow job. I put my hands to each of their cunts and put 4 fingers of each hand into their cunts. They moaned as my hand reached inside. They increased their pace and I neared my orgasm. I too increased my pace and in 5 minutes I came coating both the girls faces in white thick cum. The girls too were reaching orgasm. I stopped finger fucking them and brought my face to Shweta's pussy and in 3 licks she came in my mouth. After that I licked Ragini's pussy. She too came in a few licks. Both the girls sweet juices were in my mouth. I relished the taste and drank their juices. Next we all brushed our teeth, wore our cloths, drank tea and then I went home kissing both the girls before leaving. That days shoot was long and tedious and I returned home and took a leisure bath. After the bath I put on a bath robe and went to my room , sat on my bed and took out my iPad. There was a ring on my iPad and I saw that Shweta was giving me a video call. I accepted the call after connecting it showed Shweta wearing just bra and panties. I started drooling just looking at her body. She said," hey Sid I was feeling lonely and wanted to talk to you. Then I had an idea why don't we have video sex chat." I told her it was a great idea. We started the chat. I said," hey beautiful you are looking absolutely hot in that lingerie. Care to show more of those gorgeous tits." Hearing this she bent forward so low I could see her breasts straining against the bra. My heart skipped a beat. She said," hey I wanna see your cock too. I instantly took out my bathrobe to reveal my flaccid cock. She looked at it with a hungry gaze. I was slowly jerking it and it was gaining in length. In just a few seconds it stood in all it's glory at 12 inches tall. Shweta's eyes widened and her gaze became even hungrier. She started licking her lips. She then took off her bra to show me her 38D tits. My penis gave a wild twitch. Seeing this Shweta added in a naughty tone," Oooh! Somebody likes what it sees." Saying this she started playing with her nipples which became erect in an instant. I too started jerking my cock. She was moaning loudly and was rubbing her thighs together and as a result she came squirting her juices and making her panty extremely wet. I told her," Hey you must be feeling uncomfortable wearing that wet panty why don't you take it off and get comfy. She obliged immediately and took off her panty. After taking it off she did not throw it away immediately ; she first licked all of her pussy juice from it and then threw it away smacking her lips with relish. I was feeling jealous cause I could not taste her sweet juices. I started jerking my cock harder at the same time she started masturbating using her fingers to pound her cunt. In 5 minutes we both came shooting both our juices on ourselves . After our orgasms stopped I said," hey thank you for this new experience. You were great." She replied," you are welcome and mind you it's not a one man activity it takes two people so it was not only me who did good, you did great too." I thanked her for the compliment and disconnected the call, wore my bathrobe again and got ready for sl**p when suddenly there was a door bell. Cursing the idiot who rang the doorbell at this time I went to the door , opened it and was surprised to see Ragini standing on the threshold. She came in closed the door and started kissing me. As she kissed me I noticed her strange outfit; She too was wearing a bathrobe like me. But I had no time to register her appearence as she pushed me into my bedroom and onto the bed. She continued kissing me and then she opened my bathrobe and revealed my naked body. She told me," I was thinking about you when I was bathing and I decided to come over and have a bath with you." I realized what she meant and I got up and led her into the bathroom and got in with her and started kissing her. While kissing her lips I took off her bathrobe and was not surprised that she was nude. I switched on the shower bent low and started licking and sucking her nipples and made them erect. She was moaning. She kissed me and started going down on me till she reached my penis. She said in a slutty voice," Ooh! Looks what's dirty. I think I will have to lick it clean." Saying this she grabbed my cock and licked it from top to bottom taking in a little of my cock in her mouth. She continued doing this until my cock was erect. Then she took my cock and put it into her mouth right till the hilt in one go without choking and started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She then took it out of her mouth with a loud slurping noise and put it in between her wet DD breasts and said," Looks like it's gonna need a good 'scrub'. " As she started the tit fuck. She was bobbing my cock in between her big, beautiful tits. Making my life heaven. After 10 minutes of tit fuck she stooped, stood up and  and brought me closer to kiss me and said," there your thing is clean but my cunt is very dirty and needs a hardcore cleaning from the inside." I understood her need and pushed her into the wall took her left leg and put it on my shoulder so she was actually in a standing split position. I asked her whether it was painful. She replied," No it's not painful, but I think the next move may hurt though." She said referring to my penis. I then rammed my penis into her cunt making her scream. Then I started fucking her ramming my cock in her pussy hard making her scream. After about 10 strokes she started squirming and then came squirting her pussy juice on my cock. I then asked her to hold the towel stand tightly. She obliged and I grabbed her legs in my arms and pulled her into a horizontal position suspending her in midair with her hands grabbing the towel stand. Then I had an idea; I took the hand shower and kept it near her ass crack. When I inserted my cock in her pussy, I put the hand shower in her ass making her scream. I started pounding her pussy as well as pounding the hand shower into her ass. She was shrieking and was orgasming in every 10 minutes. After half an hour. I stopped and put her on the ground. She just flopped on the floor to weak to stand. I took my penis and put it in her mouth. She started sucking it hard and took it out of her mouth with a slurp and drinking all the pre-cum from my cock. I made her stand and went near her pussy in a kneeling position. I put my mouth on her cunt. I started licking her pussy lips making Ragini moan. I put my tongue in her pussy slowly licking her inside. She was moaning with pleasure and encouraging me to go on. I took my right hand and inserted the fore and middle finger in her pussy and started fingering her slowly. She was moaning and saying,"Oh that's it Sid, that's the stuff. Lick me and make me cum." I put my thumb on her clitoris and started and started rubbing it making her moan louder. I increased the speed of the process making her moan louder and louder and in 2 minutes she came squirting her juices in my mouth. I got up and put it in half of it in her mouth while kissing her. She then knelt on the ground grabbing and jerking my cock. Her wet hands gliding smoothly up and down. She took the cock and put it in her mouth well beyond the oesophagus range and started bobbing her head up and down my huge cock. Her hands were meanwhile busy playing with my balls. She was twirling it around. She was slowly taking me to my orgasm. She then took out the cock and put my cock in her wet DD breasts. She then started gently smacking my cock with her breasts. After about a minute she started the tit fuck jerking my cock with speed. Only half of my cock was visible. She put about 3 inches into her mouth and started jerking my cock hard. I was moaning as I was reaching my orgasm. She stopped the tit fuck and started jerking my cock with one hand and in 5 minutes I came shooting thread after thread of thick white cum all over Ragini's face. My orgasm lasted about 2 minutes after which we both fell on the ground and lay there. Ragini said," That was awesome, thanks Sid." I told her," this is the best sex I have had with just one lady." We kissed and went into the room and did not bother to dress and dozed off in each others arms. 
Next week I was invited to dinner by Ragini and Shweta. They told me the address of the restaurant and told me to meet them there. At the allotted time I reached the restaurant and immediately spotted Shweta who was facing the door. I saw the table and was surprised to see 3 girls instead of 2. The third was sitting with her back to the door and opposite the only empty chair of the table. I sat and greeted the girls. Then I recognized the 3rd beauty was Kavita Kaushik, the actress who played Chandramukhi Chautala in the comedy TV series 'F.I.R'. I greeted her warmly. She was dressed in a black Tee with blue denim jeans. Shweta leaned towards me and told me in my year," Sid Kavita wants to join out night group. You know what I mean , right?" I had understood what she said. And replied," okay she too can come with us to my house later." The girls sighed with relief and we ordered dinner. I felt somebodies foot on my penis while having dinner. I looked around and saw the look on  Shweta's face as she gave me a foot job as she skillfully unzipped my trousers and took out my erect cock from inside my underwear. Her foot was soon joined by Ragini's and Kavita's and I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was being given a foot job by three of the hottest chicks in tinsel town. In 10 minutes I came coating their feet in my cum. After dinner we went for ice-cream. Then we went to my apartment. We went straight to my bedroom. As soon as we were in the bedroom, the girls attacked me. Shweta and Kavita started kissing my lips while Ragini knelt down and  played with my cock through my pant. I meanwhile was playing with Shweta's breast. Ragini had taken my cock out of my pant and was now sucking it slowly, taking it our with a slurp. In a few seconds my cock was at full size and all the 3 ladies kneeled down surrounding it Kavita gasped and exclaimed, looking at it's 12 inch length and 3 inch girth," My god , that is a huge cock. I haven't seen any this big ever." She then started licking it. Taking her example Shweta and Ragini started licking my cock too. I was enjoying this lick attack from 3 of the hottest chicks in India. Then Shweta and Ragini took off their tops and bras to show their big tits.  They kissed Kavita and removed her top and revealed her pink bra straining from the size of her breasts. I kneeled down too and kissed Kavita full on the mouth kissing her deeply and using my tongue to wrestle her's. While kissing I reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra and out toppled her big size 36D breasts. I was mesmerized by the sight of her beautiful breasts and started licking her nipples immediately. She started moaning as my tongue played with her sensitive nipples. I then got up and all the 3 surrounded my cock with their tits. And started jerking my cock. The triple tit fuck was getting me excited and pleasuring me more than anything. They continued doing this till the time I came in 15 minutes covering all the 3 sets of tits with my thick white juice. The girls drank it from each others tits. The girls pushed me on the bed and started kissing my different parts. Ragini kissed my mouth, Shweta my chest and Kavita was sucking my cock intently. She then started riding my cock hard. Meanwhile Shweta and Ragini turned towards her and started sucking her tits. In 15 minutes she came and squirted her load drenching my cock with a loud scream but continued riding my cock screaming all the while . She rode for another 45 minutes cumming twice in the duration. After that she got up and sat on my face and started jerking my cock hard. I started licking her cunt and in 5 minutes she squirted her juice in my mouth and I got a chance to taste her sweet pussy juice. In 10 minutes I came and drenched her face in my semen. She collected and drank all of it and went forward and kissed Shweta meanwhile Ragini started riding my cock. I reached up and started massaging her right breast while Shweta and Kavita both started licking her other breast. She was moaning hard but did not cum and I kept fucking her for an hour straight during which she came just twice and was  about to reach her orgasm again but then Shweta and Kavita picked her up and started rubbing her pussy and in 10 seconds she squirted her load all over my body. Shweta and Kavita licked my torso so all the pussy juice was in their mouths. Ragini resumed riding while Shweta and Kavita sucked on each of her breasts and fingered each others pussy. In 10 minutes the trio came together squirting their juices on my cock. The three of them started sucking my cock together. I was so overwhelmed that I  came shooting my load in all of their faces. They drank deeply and then Ragini and Kavita started kissing and Ragini led Kavita by the hand to the other side of the bed where they got in 69 position and started moaning while eating each other out. Meanwhile Shweta had taken over my cock and was riding wildly playing with her big tits. I adjusted my position so that on one end Shweta was riding my cock while on the other end I could eat Ragini's pussy. I reached back and grabbed Kavita's big tits and started massaging them and playing with her nipples and also started eating Ragini's pussy. In 20 minutes all the three girls came with screams echoing around the room and I was able to taste Ragini's pussy juice while Ragini drank Kavita's sweet juice. I sat down and continued pumping my cock into Shweta making her scream while the other girls came and played with Shweta's tits. Her screaming was getting louder and louder and in 5 minutes she squirted her juice again drenching my cock. Shweta sat on my lap while the other two girls sucked my cock dry enjoying the taste of Shweta's pussy. Shweta then started riding again while finger-fucking Kavita's and Ragini's pussy who played with each others tits. In 10 minutes Shweta squirted her load again but Ragini and Kavita did not. They covered my face and started finger-fucking their pussies and squirted in my mouth moaning loudly. I was about to cum. I told them to lie on the bed and started jerking my cock fast. In 10 minutes I started shooting thread after thread of my thick cum over all of them covering their faces and breasts with my cum. I fell in between the 3 of them too exhausted and we all dozed off kissing and cuddling each other. 
We all had sex a lot more times after this. Ciao until next time readers. 

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