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S&M Experience

I remember my fist masochistic experince, and one of the few I have been the reciever.
It was arounfd the time I celebrated the 10th aniversary of my 25th birthday. At the time I had my best male friend as a roomate. We had a lesbian couple as friends and neigbors.

I had bonded mentally and built the trust of the butch of the lesbian couple. Her and I shared the same mindset on a lot of our kinks and our roles as the Dom/Domme in them. It was with this bonding we had I had full trust in her not to push beond my limits if I my maso side came out. Sure enough about 2 weeks befor my b-day it did come out, and with a vengence.

Now it took almost 3 weeks to convince her that what I wanted was real. I think it was to build her trust to be with a man. I had to assure her that I did not want anything sexual out of the act. This she had trouble comprehending with her past experinces with men. I would have asked my roomate, but knowing him I knew he was not the least bit sadistic.

It finally came to be the weekend after my b-day celebration. She finally gave into her resolve and my almost begging at the time to humor my request.

As per my request my wrist wer bound together. I gave her my cat-of-ninetails. She went into my closet and got an additional three items: my favorite neck tie and two of my belts (one a tight cotton webbing and the other a braided leather.) As my back was to her she blindfolded me with the neck tie. To those who know loosing one sense the others are hightend.

It took me a minnut to realize that there was not just the smell of my cat-of-ninetails in the room, but other leathers as well, one I rembeberd as my belt when I first bought it. From there my hearing had higtend and I could hear the fly buzzing around in the kitchen. Then I heard the swoosing of air as she swung the cat-of-ninetails. The sound alone made the muscles in my back tighten uncontrolably, the sting of the first landing was amazing. She lashed at my back 20 or 25 times and each strike was different in the f***e delivered. I was on euphoric high. Then she grabed the leather belt and deliverd 10 or 15 mor strikes hoeozanally across my back, the shound of the moving air was completly different. Each swing she had deliverd more and more f***e. I guess she underestimated the amount of pain that I was able to withstand. When she saw she was not getting her desired effect she picked up the cotton web belt. Amazing enough I did not hear the wind moving like I did with the previous tow imploments of pain / pleasure, how she held the belt I could not even hear the movement and jingle of the buckle. with the last 10 strikes she left 5 X's on various parts of my back , to include two directly on my shoulder blades. The f***e she deliverd left immediate welts, and drops of bl**d were starting to form minnuts after. These blows nearly drew tears to my eyes.

At the end I was releaved of the blindfold and the restraints. She was amazed for the fact I immidiatly hugged and thanked her. She wanted to rub som lotion on my back to relieve the pain and reduce any swelling, I greatfully denied.

She amidited to me that what I experienced by her had was the hardest that she had ever hit anyone, and that she had a high being able to use all the strength and energy she had to bring me pleasure. She said that she was able to go to sl**p with a smile on her face and her lover did not fully relize what I had don for her. Her lover did not realize what she had done for me, either. We both slept having been fully satisfied through out S&M experience.

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