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Her Mom in Law

Her Mom in Law

His mother was consoling, gentle with me.
I was a wreck, her son, my husband and I had just had a major fight.
I was venting with his mother, we had become a close friends.
She was a pretty woman with a melodic voice and I loved her. Most of the time when her son and I disagreed on something she would back me up.

She said, “Baby, you knew he would be unfaithful to you. I told you that and would have to accept it or move on.”

I felt so safe in her arms. She was caressing me, kissing my forehead.
She had told me that even before her son and I got serious but I was too much in love for me to listen to her and he had promised me to be faithful. We had been married two years.

She was wearing a robe and apparently nothing else. She raised my head and gently kissed my lips then resumed consoling me. She accommodated me to her shoulder.
I could see her nipples.

She continued, “There are many around you that would love to have you. Don’t despair. More people than you know love you.”

I snuggled to her; the woman’s nipples were very close to my lips. I sighed and her nipples hardened.
Without giving it a thought I kissed a nipple then told his mother all I had done for him, which included fucking his best friend in a threesome.

“Did you enjoy that?”

I was taken aback by the question and as I thought about it kissed the nipple again.

“Yes, I did, very much so. I wonder if that was what he was so upset about.”

“No. He has always shared his women with others, and some share their women with him.” she said then kissed me softly on the lips. “He wants confirmation from his friends that he has a hot wife, which he does.”

I was vaguely aware the woman was softly caressing my tits but had no intention of stopping her; I loved the caresses. All I wore was a t-shirt and my nipples were straining to get through to her hand.

Silence engulfed us. I kissed her nipples and she caressed my tits.
She kissed my lips then allowed me to resume kissing her nipples although by then they were being surrounded by my lips and being licked by my tongue.
Apparently I had always wanted to do that.

I raised my t-shirt to give my nipples what they wanted. She opened her robe exposing both tits.
She pinched mine softly as I resumed sucking her nipples.

“I was on my way to the shower when you came here. Join me.”

I nodded and followed her to the bathroom. His mother was soon nude and stepped into the shower. Her body was fine although a bit overweight. Her tits were more than fine and so was her ass.

I disrobed and followed her in. We were soon in an embrace and kiss. The mother-in-law then soaped my body as she kissed my shoulders, neck, tits, and pussy.
I returned the favor but my kiss to her pussy was a French kiss, a long French kiss.
She moaned.

We dried each other and went to her bed naked. We embraced and kissed. I felt her hand caressing my ass so I caressed her tits.
The kiss became passionate and my body was soon responding to her finger in my pussy. I slid my own finger into her pussy and we masturbated each other to orgasms.

She was soon kissing her way down my body a centimeter at a time. She made love to my tits as she masturbated me again.
I had an orgasm and another as soon as her tongue caressed my clit. I had two more cums before his mother kissed her way back to my tits.

I slid down and ate the first pussy of my life. She was immediately in a string of orgasms, which made me proud.
Eventually she pushed me away and I kissed my way back up to the lips.
We fucked pussy to pussy.

Several minutes after our last orgasms she asked, “How do you feel about this?”

“I want more. Much more.”

“You may have as much as you want for as long as you want. I was in love with you when we first met. I had hoped my son would marry you so I would have you close to me. This is better than I hoped.”

I thought about for a few moments before she said, “You are right, this is better.”

We kissed then made love again.
I spent the night and the next day with her, neither of us bothered dressing. We kissed and caressed as we did mundane things then stopped at times to make love.

That night after a long session of lovemaking she asked, “Where are you moving to when you move out?”

I was somewhat stunned. I said, “I had not thought about that at all. I have not even decided if I’m leaving him.”

“Stay here this week while you think about it. You might get a few months of faithfulness out of it unless you want another threesome or maybe a swap. Let him think you are doing it for him but let him and them know you enjoyed it. I know for a fact there is one couple interested in a swap with you.”

“Jack and Diane.”

“Hmm, that would be nice.”

A few moments of silence later his mother added, “Did you know I also have another bisexual daughter-in-law?” she asked.
“I have never been in a threesome.”

“Call her now,” I said.

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