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A Horny Old Man

Melba hadn't been gone ten minutes when here came Pearl. My wife Melba has her own place and she spends most weekends with me.
I started to pull on some denim shorts but decided to hell with it and stayed with just my silk thong on. Pearl didn't pay any attention, she came in and sat down, she was wearing a cotton shirt with big arm holes, you could see her unfettered pendulous breasts every time she moved. She took off her shoes and pushed her jeans off, she was wearing only a little thong under the jeans which wasn't unusual. Pearl is Melba's friend and she's here about every day, sometimes just a couple hours or she may sl**p over. I haven't said anything to Melba about Pearl being here when she's not home because I'll admit I liked having her around. She's an exhibitionist, admittedly bi-sexual. Pearl is married to Gary and he's strictly gay. A marriage of convenience I guess.
Pearl has a really big back end, wide flared out hips with a big "booty". My daughter says she's had it augmented but why would anybody with a back porch that big have it made bigger. Anyhow; I like it. Pearl has big muscular thighs and heavy veined calves all of which turn me on. Pearl gets up and moves around for no apparent reason, her ass goes in every direction at once with her booty bouncing up and down. I'm enjoying every bit of it and the exhibition is giving me a hardon. It does every time, Pearl finally calmed down, she's so aroused when she gets here that she can't help herself. Hazel, Pearl and Melba's friend doesn't come over as often as Pearl does and she didn't show up that evening. Pearl had enough at about 20:00 and went home. I just kicked back, my testes were swollen some but I wasn't erect at all. I slipped off the silk thong and pulled on a little short mini dress. I'm not truly a cross dresser but the little skirts are somewhat arousing. I was thinking about Pearl's thighs and I was getting a little atwitch, I want to work her lower body, it really excites me. I'm not all that interested in banging her but I'd dearly love to wrap those huge thighs around my ears and hang onto that ass while I go down on her. I'm getting some intense erotic sensations right now, I'm really swollen and I'm watering heavily.
Enough of that I had about 15 minutes of autoerotica (no masturbation).
Pearl was over again the next day and it was pretty much the same thing, damn that woman turns me on.
Hazel not so much, Hazel is quite plain, very quiet. Her redeeming feature is her great big breasts. I have no idea what size she is but she's enormous. She's been coming over, Pearl, Melba and I running around almost naked and she would just sit back and watch. It turns out Hazel was sitting there quietly cumming. One afternoon I was there alone sort of waiting to see if Kay our mail lady was going to stop by and Hazel pulled in. She hadn't been by for a few days and I was actually glad to see her. She hadn't been there long when I noticed she was showing a whole bunch of cleavage. She still had a bra of sorts on but she was really bulging out of it. I tried not to gape but damn she's got some bubbas on her. I made some smart crack in fun and Hazel asked if she could sit out in the sun. I of course said sure and did she ever sit out. I wasn't paying any attention until there she was, nude except for a thong> Ladies and Gentlemen Hazel has a set of tits like you may have never seen. She's enormous, heavily veined with huge areolea. I thought to myself these women must think I'm made of stone. After Hazel left I had another little autoerotic session. Not as intense as behind Pearl but it was good.
Kay won't come by if anybody besides Melba is here. I don't know the full story on Kay but she has some serious needs. Kay is a compulsive cock sucker, she achieves multi-orgasms while sucking me off. If Melba's there we go in the bedroom. Kay wants to be naked and she strips before starting, she has a pudgy little body with some decent sized tits.
I was still in bed nursing some tender testes when I heard Pearl, it was Saturday morning and Melba was there. I pulled on a thong and went out into the living room. For the first time in weeks Melba was wearing just a thong. Pearl had on a halter top and a thong. We all spoke and I went and got my juice to take my medication. When I came back Melba was sitting on the floor between Pearl's legs and Pearl was massaging Melba's breasts. Nothing that I minded watching, it turned me on some. They got to a point, Melba was swollen, her nipples jutted out and taut. She rotated around, lifted Pearl's legs and went down on her. They wound up doing each other and I liked that. My testes were swollen tight and I was again getting intense erotic surges. The feeling is more intense than any I've had from coitus or blow jobs in a long time. We had a real marathon that weekend, Hazel came over and I nursed until my jaws ached. The women nurse on Hazel also and she nurses on them. Pearl sucked me off a couple times, it felt good and she needed it.
Even when the ladies aren't there I'm getting some tremendous sensations from autoerotica. I;d love to be able to suck myself off but I can't reach.

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