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Massage Studio

This is a true story. It took place several years ago.

I was dating a woman much older than I. Her name was "Marge". She was a widow and felt that marriage had kept her from experiencing the range of sexual activities that she desired. We had been enjoying sex for some time and she seemed open to anything that I suggested.

I had been to an oriental massage studio in Santa Monica CA. The hostess and girls there were very friendly and spoke enough English to get by. On my last visit I had been treated to a great massage by a pretty, naked oriental girl. The massage ended with her giving me a memorable blow job.

A few weeks later I asked Marge if she would be interested in going to a massage parlor that I had heard about. I explained that there would be sex involved. She said she was a little nervous about going to a strange place for sex but that she wanted to try it as long as she didn't have to have sex with another woman. I assured her that she would not have to do anything with which she was uncomfortable.

We planned an early dinner and then on to the studio, both events to take place a few nights later. I was very excited as the time approached. She asked what she should wear for the event. I suggested she wear a slinky red dress which she looked very sexy in sans panties and bra. She laughed and said "that's easy".

On the appointed day we went to dinner and were both so excited we could hardly eat. She confessed to being a bit scared but that she had become increasingly horny as she thought about the adventure. She said that her pussy was "drenched" due to the sexual excitement. My own briefs were wet with precum as we headed for the studio.

When we entered the hostess greeted us warmly, collected the money from me and asked us to have a seat while a room was prepared for us. Two guys were in the waiting room but did not engage in conversation with us. Presently the hostess appeared and invited us to follow her into another part of the building. She walked between us with her arms about our wastes. As we walked she put her hand on my very stiff cock and her other hand on the part of Marge's dress covering her vulva. The hostess laughed and said "you likee?" Both Marge and I reached over and fondled her tits. She led us to a room with lockers and told us to put our clothes in them. She pointed to a shower at the end of he room and gave us towels and terry cloth robes. We showered and put on robes and she led us to a small room with a large mattress covered with clean, silken sheets. The lighting was low but enough to make out details. In one corner was an ornate piece of furniture upon which there were several bottles of oil, towels and a basin. The walls of the room displayed oriental art , pictures of flowers, birds and trees. The hostess bid us to lie down on the mattress and said "you havee good time" and with a big smile left the room closing the door behind her.

Presently the door opened slowly and three petite, lovely oriental girls entered smiling and giggling. They were dressed in short skirts and tank tops. They came to us and removed the robes we were wearing leaving us both naked. They giggled some more and directed us to lie on our stomachs. They spoke to each other in a language unknown to us. One of the girls brought over some of the bottles of oil. They poured fragrant oil on our back and began the massage treatment. Marge and I were facing each other and she said "this is really nice and very relaxing". The girls all removed their tops. The third girls whose tits were bigger than the others knelt at our heads and began to fondle her tits. She got close to us and said "you like?" and moved our hands to her breasts. Marge said, "Wow, she has lovely breasts!" as she continued to fondle one of the tits. Marge whispered to me "you wouldn't think that I am a lesbian if I put one of those babies in my mouth, would you?" I told her to go ahead and I would do the same. We both began to suck on those magnificent boobs as the girl let out soft moans.

Meanwhile the massage continued as the hands moved down to our asses. Marge let out a soft "Ohhh" as her girl moved her hand between her legs and massaged her asshole. My girl was doing likewise and had moved her other hand to my balls. Suddenly the massage stopped and the three girls stood up and removed their short skirts revealing nicely trimmed pussies. The third girl got on her knees above us and began to play with her cunt as she let out soft moans of joy. She held out her finger to me and I licked the her sweet juices off. Marge said "This is so hot! I can't believe I'm doing this!" The girl was now thrusting her finger in and out of her cunt and we could smell the intoxicating aroma of her sex. Once again she proffered a wet finger, this time to Marge. Without hesitation Marge licked it and sucked it as I had done. Marge said to me, Mmm, that wasn't bad. In fact it was damn good. Don't you dare tell anyone what I have just done".

One of the girls directed us to roll over on our backs. Marge's girl began to massage Marge's ample tits. Then she began to suck them and at the same time was finger fucking Marge's very wet cunt. Marge said, "Ohhhhh, I didn't know it would be sooo gooood. I am very close to cumming". My girl was now oiling my cock and jacking me off. The third girl was furiously finger fucking herself with low moans of delight. She squatted down over Marge's face and before I knew it Marge was eating her cunt with loud slurps. Meanwhile Marge's girl had moved down and was licking her pussy as she moved her finger in and out of Marge's love-hole. My girl had moved her mouth to my engorged, hard cock and was bobbing up and down on it. Marge managed to say rather loudly "I'm cumming" as she continued to eat third girl's pussy. Suddenly, third girl leaned forward and took over from the other girl and she and Marge were doing a sixty-nine. I couldn't take any more and shot a big load of jizz into my girl's mouth and Marge's girl came over to get some love juice from my prick. Marge and third girl were writhing around and cumming again and again with deep moans of joy.

All too soon the girls were cleaning us up with scented, warm, wet towels and then we got dressed. I gave each girl a sizable tip and we left.

On the way home Marge told me that she had really enjoyed the taste of another woman's cunt; that it was a pleasant experience that she would like to have again. She then said "that doesn't make me a lesbian does it?". I assured her that it did not make her a lesbian. She said she was still very horny and wanted me to fuck her when we reached her apartment. I did and was glad to oblige.

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