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The best married man ;-)

So in september i was following around with a woman from north bay. She was amazing and we always had fun. I always drove out there to see her. One day she said she had a gift for me. I was thinking a toy or out fit something like that. but when i got to her appartment i found a great looking guy sitting there waiting for me. He said mandy ask him to meet me here. I was shocked. He stood up and touch me. I got wet just like that. He was tall handsome and built ;-) he took his shirt off and had rock hard abs. As i was stareing at him, he took off his jeans. there was no boxers just cock. "chris" took his cock in one hand and started jerking it. thats when i seen his wedding band. i didnt care. i rushed to take my clothes off. i got naked and kneeled before him taking his rock hard cock in my mouth. i sucked lips and jerked it. chris grab me by my hair and fucked my mouth with his cock. i slow rubbed his balls and started to rub that little spot between his balls and asshole. he loved it. telling me not to stop. we went on like that forever. chris never cumed or came close to it. at one point he just stop lifted me up on to the coffee table and started eating me out. i was soaking wet before he even started. I tried my best not to cum be that man had skill. he knew how to work my clit. i licked and sucked and bit i was cuming. he looked up at me a smiled and went back down on me. this time fingering me two in my dripping wet pussy and two in my ass. I got off almost right away. I remember screaming and shaking. chris just kept going. It was just one orgsam after another. I almost past out at one point. chris stop and ask me if i wanted his cock as he jerked it again. I jumped to my feet and came up to kiss him. he lifted me up and slide me down on to his cock. my legs over his shoulders. he was pounding me stand up. i was amazed. i am no small girl. he was just pounding my lil pussy as we kissed. he bit my lower lip and i was cumming. he started to kiss and lick my ear and i was cumming again. he wasnt stoping just pounding me long hard deep pushes. it was amazing. All i could feel was cum driping out of me. chris fucked me like that forever. i remember at point rubbing my tits againest his chest and we are both covered in sweat. I have never cummed like that before from a man. chris stop looked at me and said now make me cum. I was like ok. thinking a blow job didnt make him cum and my pussy didnt maybe my ass. I told me to sit down on the floor. He did crossing his legs. i slow sat down on him push my asshole around his cock. not knowing that with crossed leg he wouldnt cum lol i fucked his brains out. but i was the only one to cum as chris rubed my clit. i squirted cum all over him as a screamed. he laughed at me and said make me cum care bear lol i hoped off him push him down and started licking his asshole to his balls jerking him at the same time. it must have took me over a hour bt i found the spot. half way in between his asshole and balls. i rubed it with my fingers has i sucked on him. he blasted the biggest load of cum in my mouth. i couldnt keep it all in my mouth. cum was running down my face on to my tits. i swallowed what i could and licked the rest up. Chris told me thank you for a great day. I never noticed but we were fucking for over 6 hours. i got dressed and texted mandy saying thank you for my gift. Mandy never talked to me again because chris told her i was a better fuck then she was. I guess she couldnt make him cum like I did ;-)

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