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Romantic Trial

The cunning serpent knew he had crossed a line and had to make right with his true desires and to himself. He decided he would go to the house of the people and make amends to his destructive behavior and make right in front of the woman he had noticed. She was bright and beautiful and full of light as she stood listening to him stagger on about himself to impress his crowd of witness and she wore white which made her seem all the more illumines. What angel was this; he wondered in the very back of his mind while carrying on conversation as well as he could concentrate the two worlds at once. He braided himself an excuse to leave and did which the people saw as strange in his politeness and the bright young one had only wondered who the indifferent assailant was an alien to the f****y at which she was currently in quarrel with her own actions toward them. And there he stood in his own blinding essence toward the life he had been given but admired for chivalry, and she simply dazzled by his presence president. As he disappeared she went back to her stormy weather but with a twinkle in her eye as if she had been set free. He coming to a trusted since of betrayal assumed she was a threat to him if given the chance she would destroy him if she hadn't already in her heart. He later began the conquest to win what ever new adventure had been challenged upon him or against him or toward him or whatever and he again went into his deep dark self and found comfort in the sadness he had found banking. Her f****y, surrounding her always, smothered her without knowing any better and he just having adopted them as his felt naked to them and unreal. so he spent his alone time as much as possible. She would dream a far dream deeper in finding some much needed alone time. So she also had set out to get what she deserved in her desire and she readied for a great mountain to climb.
The brute prince had put the princess in the far reaches of the puddle of imbalance he felt against him and for him and inherited by him and so she also bore the mark of his denial to the people though he even still hid it from himself. He had decided to capture the people each and separately and demonstrate their inability to take advantage of him or even for granted in his arrogance.
The sweet princess almost ignoring the prince had set up simple humiliation to her f****y so that their heart would break and death would surely proceed, taking slight conscience of the vagabond hobo-nomad orphan that stood right in the way of her v******e and had paused the angering wilderness she was accustomed to, while their naked bodies were standing still in awe by the possible technicalities that surely could come from this outsider. And so they drooled by his every moment and he being estranged and less naked was so wild and mysterious.
At the very same time was this eve of demise to come to fruition for the kingdom of the people as both planned and the people were something dumb in their oblivious transparent stupidity to two invisible genius of exacted evil.
The moment came and her mother stood in front of her f****y and smiled at all her c***dren and the girl was simply pleased to be there. The shadow of unnoticed homelessness was burning down his trail to conquer his intensions.
The father soon joined his lovers side and greeted her with love. He rose his glass on this nights meal a feast and thought the supper was always celebrated in the f****y this dinner night was even more special than even villainy could account for. In fact none of the f****y knew but the parenting couple not even the elder parents. The husband and wife had discovered the maturity of pregnancy and that a new addition to the f****y was to join them in happiness as a f****y.
As her que to interrupt what ever boring prayer of good luck would be said came she stood and made a gasp that caught the attention of every one away from her parents spotlight. She opened her mouth to let loose the soul of hate that had been cooked to perfection within her masked skin and exterior and the jungle boy came crashing to an entrance. His stance was that of a super hero. I am sidekick man was written all over his face but his adopting audience's devastation rode on his shoulders. She was set a fire to now her interruption having been interrupted. Her white dress hiding her shattering instant defeat but she stood triumphant to this mans behalf and unchallenged by this unexpected advertisement from his missing world of wonderment. The f****y stood again in awe and even more so by his abrupt arrival to a meal they had long ago invited his presence welcome.
He had trapped them in a life with out an ability to defeat him at any of his own hearts desires. And he was glowing with confidence by the capture of the people and set them free of torment but by this fact only would they find true peace to any possible trespasses they may have had toward any part of him. He turned to find the young woman that wore white and had distracted him to come to this conclusion and realized what he had done to even her as if it effected her differently he would have to spare her from any additional trauma to keep a peaceful environment which may stir unwell feelings toward him for his capitalism.
She only slightly as shocked as the rest of her f****y having her own will that needed to be carried out, began again to blurt her disgusted complaint and ill will towards her f****y when the father and mother blurted out their good news.
Both the outsider little boy and the upset little girl were only demolished even further by the peoples absent minds but ever weary of each next moment as it played catch up in their hits. The neighbor from the forest was unaccomplished by there lack of astonishment and in contrast she now having heard the news of more siblings had gone off the deep end.
She ran to revise her compilation and he too had to escape and they jumped off and near ran the exact same way and hit heads.
When they woke up the whole f****y was giggling above them and both of them were entirely aware that they had lost consciousness but unsure of what might have happened while gone. They were made ambassadors to their condition and were nominated translators to the foreigners concerns about their well being. Comic relief played innocence and mutiny to the seriousness that bore weight to each assailants brow.
Satan made his way to his lair and the girl was laid in her bed for rest. The wound was slight but compared to the initial blow and stress of the complication, this was no phasing or gaping obstacle. The flower dreamt of her justification and vindication filled the demons mind. The desert of sl**p between the lands of dreams had captured their souls and they began to desire to live in this slumber as it was so much better feeling than the nightmare they had fallen asl**p from to find a new, as its starving chill of night and suffocating lack of comfort in sharpened grains of glass to walk of broken dreams of glasses of waters to quench shattered by there emptiness for eternity was even more warming than accepting their humiliation in front of any witness. They both swan those seas for what seemed to be eternity after eternity to balance a revenge to their tormentors.
The now smaller daughter an antagonist of her own came to an idea of utilizing their similarities, and the also belittled son an antagonist of his own came to the idea of keeping his stride in his presumptions of his own safety. He only assumed the female in white was just another c***d born to grow old and die and simply stuck out in her curiosities and that the announcement of another addition was eminent to her lack of personality though he had been struck by her account and distracted by the thought of her.
This is how he came to the idea that he must make right, and this is when she ran away.
He in his cavern of armors and jewelries and crafts and riches and wealths that he had collected of the worlds so very prized possessions from the beginning and he kept them so well hidden as treasure for his own adornment had decided to give his most loved to the f****y as a token of good will towards the living world in difference towards his advent. For he was always alone unless he mattered.
She on her abandonment tread a path of obliterating evasion in the dead of night to capture the pan handling gypsy performer little boy that came from no where to address the f****y of the outside world and who he had been raised by, for her liberty was at steak and the stakes were on her by her own.
the f****y however continued to neglect the terrible and horrible things could be thought but were in limbo of there births in truest hell and heaven fought beside the locking effect in every livening thing as the night folded another day closer and closer to an end. surely all had had to be and simply must must be well or else it wouldn't.
She fled to each shadow as if the giving light was shear flowing lava pouring to an abyss and bottomless pit of infinite darkness falling always to ever die. and this puppet person was to be the lock hole to her key and set her triumphant over her oppressors once and for all. he also in flight created shadow in light like sin and deception but was well with his forwardness. There was no understanding why either of them was doing what they were doing there was no time.
All was perfect in zion.
The Lucifer was the knight to his honor butt the Lilly was the poison to her victim and the shadow of death fled with them and the three of them wore the duty of ghostly past. And the people were never any the wiser.
As the woods thickened and the grasses and weeds rose taller than the crowned lady her dress became damp with the dew that was still present though the day had been and now the cut of night too was hot. He began to dry and came low to the dirt to dry further. They were in complete harmony, and the people were lame.
Every living thing was frozen to their trajectory and the aim was icing on the cake the rehearsal dinner was enjoyed long ago and the banquet was taking place the snow fell a february extra cold the a****ls bore worship in a zero state the same color as the zombies in winter spirited relaxed emotions all covered in snow and viscous puncture.

Again they would directly intercept both this time stalling first and ahead of the other like ninja monks who practiced guardianship by judo and had for all time that had ever existed. Clowns they approached each other not guessing anything as to what was expected of the other but further blessed to the result of winning and selfish yet aware. The pressure was binding the whole of the world and yet the people and the a****ls and every thing with a mind were not any more bothered.
the cat in both of them played monkey to the growing things that stood motionless as they moved divinely faster like flames found meaning but at a higher temperature burner in a frighteningly lower density stove yet living luxuriously and the university academic was that of royalty but ruled by the falling of law and f***e as it commits and here stood the cause and the chaos in attempt to manipulate the reigns simultaneously.
They ran head blind into their great and vast momentum and the temple of grace stood its highest against the wave of urgency. They braced for possible repeat of concussion and braked as hard as they could against the coming opponent. Movement flooded as bl**d over the clocks of the living world and even as time stood still flowing bergs of solace lace by and by in the land of sl**p measuring the tick and the tock the century and millennia the week and the month and the year and the season, the minute and second and third but even while the third was weighed.
Their faces realized collision was eminent and they must take venue to a decent land. Emergency was alarm and dessert was prepared for apology in a lateral dimension to eat and to snack on joy over memory bond and food drink and endless supply for what demanded taste and style for the incursion both of their faces landed on one an others eyes and thoughts sway expound to depths over layering and the fought battle was lost yet the captains were taught to level the deck and calm the passenger still while being even sunk.
the anchors to throw ached pulled by body and realm and as they struck mad their pouting lips began to speak and were shut before sound could generalize understanding and they pushed away impact further with all the might they had left but were locked in kissing gaging silence and the angry belching of confrontation could not be heard by either party guilty. Both were at fault and both were so ready to pass justice off as owned by them to the client buying.
For a moment the same happiness of warmth was soothing to them and the land of sl**p began to take them back to safety. they collapsed in embrace and enraged but drowsy to the connectivity between them.
Attraction was plush and bounty seemed pregnant but original decent was debate.
Eyes were open wide and stared into the reflection with intensity of all expiration and the velocity created a one body of the both. Nothing was existent by reality of this event in its absolute occurrence and still the world moved in time only.

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